DC Super Friends

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An original animated short released on a DVD packed as a bonus with some of Fisher-Price's Imaginext DC Super Friends toys.

When the DC Super Friends renovate the Hall of Justice, The Joker infiltrates it and takes over, leaving Superman and Batman trapped inside a holographic training program. The remaining DC Superfriends, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman and Cyborg must find a way to rescue the World's Finest, but Joker has called on Gorilla Grodd and Mr. Freeze for backup.

For a 17-minute short aimed primarily at ages 3 to 5, it is surprisingly entertaining, featuring plenty of action, quirky characters and good humor. It wonderfully apes on the classic Superfriends cartoon, and has found its fair share of enthusiasts in the adult fandom.

It can be viewed on Fisher-Price's official YouTube channel.

Tropes used in DC Super Friends include: