Dance in the Vampire Bund/Analysis

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Infamously, this manga (along with Chu-Bra and Kodomo No Jikan) was involved in the first "Weeaboo-apocalypse" of 2010: A Troll went after several big name anime and manga news/database/hosting sites, demanding they remove all mention (yet alone hosting) of the offending titles, as well as a blanket removal of anything tagged 'Shotacon,' 'Lolicon,' 'Ecchi,' 'Yuri,' 'Yaoi,' 'Shonen Ai' and 'Shoujo Ai.'

When the troll was ignored, he instead went after the advertisers, using photoshopped images and out of context screenshots to complain to Google and companies like Disney, who were ending up on banners on the anime and manga sites. It worked—Bund, Chu, and Jikan are no longer welcome on most anime and manga hosting websites (most don't even acknowledge that it exists), and almost all of the major sites such as One Manga and Manga Fox were forced to spend several months adjusting their content in order to appease Google. (Baka Updates, on the other hand, chose to instead start on a donations based system rather than censor their database.) Luckily, this seems to have died down, and the series is starting to appear on manga hosting sites again. As well, the incident has not stopped the series from seeing hard publication on Western shores.