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Authors and Websites

Silent Elegy

  • Recommended by Donteatacowman.
  • Pairings: None.
  • Wrote an entire series of 21 fanfics all sticking to their own canon. Essentially another season of DP with a twist. She explores Danny's reactions to some OC villains and anti-heroes, various plots with new settings (including a chilling crossover with The Suffering), and some clever Mary Sue parodies. Her last few fics are a little harder to read, but her intricacies, attention to detail, vivid storytelling, and creativity makes her work a pleasure to read.


  • Recommended by Donteatacowman, Jackie Daniel Stark
  • Pairings: Various.
  • An awesome writer with a wide range of genres under her belt, Cordria is one of the most popular Danny Phantom fanfic writers there is.


  • Recommended by Eddy 1215
  • Pairings: Danny & Sam.
  • One of few writers who have captured the essence of the series. He has created a series of stories that take place following the Grand Finale. Fans will truly enjoy how he handles Danny and Sam's Relationship Upgrade following the end. Among the many plotlines he's brought into play, he has done something entirely unique with Sam, which makes her more than just Danny's new girlfriend, but also his new partner. Many fanfict readers agree that this would be how to do the fourth season.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

The Soul Sepulcher by Sholay

  • Recommended by: Sweece
  • Synopsis: Something dark is stirring in Amity. It begins with a strange ghost attack on the museum; soon Danny's problems are multiplying faster than he can handle: haywire powers, murder, school, Vlad... Now Clockwork arrives bearing a mysterious glowing stone…
  • Comments: A well written and engaging story though the author does not update regularly.

Livin' Larger by bluemoonalto

  • Recommended by: Anthiens
  • Synopsis: A reimagining of Livin' Large. The Fentons have their house and everything in it bought for a very high price-but can that price be too high? Danny, suspicious and unhappy with their newfound riches, decides to investigate and finds a plot which he now must stop...
  • Comments: Do you think you could write better than the third season material? Well, Blue did and put the money where their mouth is-Livin' Large, with the aims of generally doing it better-increasing and deepening exchanges between main cast, changing the moral from "riches make Fentons jerks" to "money can't make them any happier than they already are" and to improve continuity. She succeeded, after a three year hiatus it is finished.

Running Blind by Dejah Thoris of Mars

  • Recommended by Nimhrodell
  • Synopsis: A one-shot crossover with CSI. Something supernatural is killing people in Las Vegas... and it all seems to lead back to a fifteen year old runaway named Danny Fenton.

Checkmate by pearl84 (AU)

  • Recommended by Hedgi
  • Synopsis: Vlad once again takes upon himself to create a Batman Gambit, and for once... it works. He toys with Danny's mind, goes even further to get his We Can Rule Together speech in, and goes as far as to break Danny to get what he wants and make it easier to toy with Danny's mind. Several Not So Different moments occur. And in the end, Danny reluctantly leaves his home and heads off for Vlad's mansion.
  • Comments: Checkmate is written amazingly, with an original plot. The fanfiction is still in progress and has been going on for almost two years now, which is quite amazing, especially since it's not on hiatus.

Anathemas Abode by Twisted Creampuff (AU)

  • Recommended by knife 23
  • Synopsis: Ghost hunters are fight a losing war of resistance against Pariah Dark's ghost army. Through chance, resistance fighter Sam manages to come in contact with Danny, who is a recluse ghost with a mysterious past.

Phantom's Sketchbook (AU)

  • Recommended by Extraintrovert
  • Synopsis: Mr. Lancer discovers Danny Phantom's sketchbook, and in the process learns some surprising things about his City of Adventure's resident protector.
  • Comments: Simply put, one of the most fantastic explorations of a minor character any fandom has ever produced. Seriously. Read it.

My Grandfather's Ghost by Alex Schira

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: Danny died when his son was four years old. Many years later, his (non-powered) son and twin granddaughters are sell-outs, and no ghosts have been seen for many years. His grandson Alan, an ex-boxer, doesn't buy it at all until he becomes a halfa himself by accident. Now, ghosts mistake him for Danny, and a still-living Vlad is digging around.
  • Comments: Much love for boxing and detective work. This work is a far cry from the usual "next generation" stories and has dry wit to match its originality. Highly recommended. Most unfortunately a Dead Fic.

Disclosures by Nonny The Anon One

  • Recommended by Assassin
  • Synopsis: Danny is critically injured in a fight with Valerie, his secret is out, and now as he hovers between life and death, the people in his life reflect on their fear of losing him, while devising a plot to save him, with each chapter alternating in 1st person POV.
  • Comments: This is very much a Tear Jerker. So please get ready to get water every few chapters. All the characters act very real, with each perspective added a new depth and a unique emotional response to the events which progressed throughout the story. Very well written and it fleshes out the characters considerably, while still somewhat maintaining their original personalities.
    • Please enter into this fic with the understanding that it is a character, not plot driven concept fic.

Daniel Masters by Ryuuko1 (AU, character death)

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: Danny's family died. Now, years later, Danny isn't a pure ghost, but Vlad's adopted son, and he isn't all that pure anymore. He then gets transported to a reality where Clockwork saved his family, and he finds out that he was sent there for a reason.
  • Comments: The writer does an excellent job in writing a more than slightly cracked up Danny-who-isn't-quite-Danny and getting it to make sense, which is really hard.

Anathema by Firefury Amahira

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: The story of The Ultimate Enemy from the mouth of the monster himself.
  • Comments: Connecting a number of missing pieces and unwritten history, this is first of a quartology, no joke. Most notably, it touches on why Dan has such an interest in killing Valerie and his misadventures in the Ghost Zone and attacks on Amity Park. Even more notable is the other three works that accompany it, which include Valerie's story, a story that focuses on the psychological implications that make up Dan and Dan being returned to his own time. Has influenced Fanon as well.

All's Well that Ends Well by Esme Phantom (AU)

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: When a field trip goes horribly wrong, Lancer becomes a halfa.
  • Comments: This fic has single-handedly inspired Fanon for many fans, and it's entertaining as hell to read. Lancer gets a rare, positive spotlight and is better for it.

Ticking by Shibby-One (AU)

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: What if Danny had merely been killed by the portal? Clockwork watches it unfold accompanied by the sounds of ticking.
  • Comments: Very poignant, very respectful, with a singular ray of hope.

Empyreal by Shibby-One (AU)

  • Recommended By Blood Plum
  • Synopsis: What if, instead of a human becoming a ghost, a ghost... became human?
  • Comments: Being told in first person, it's an absolutely brilliant twist on the series as Phantom tries to move through human life. It was declared a dead fic, but after a two year hiatus it twitched it's way back to life with an update.

Boredom by Baronofbeefdip

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: Vlad is playing host to other villains from the show... and it's driving him insane.
  • Comments: How long would it take for villains to get bored, anyway? Absolutely hilarious.

Smokescreen by Nylah

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: The hero having amnesia is totally overdone... but what if everything only seems to be normal? After a concussion, Danny's having problems remembering the oddest things... only that's not what is wrong. His powers are going weird the more he uses them... and so, a visit to Vlad finds something far worse than a concussion going on.
  • Comments: Paranoia Fuel. Who's to say that you aren't you, but somebody else? It also has a real world scientific explanation for Dani being a girl.

HIVE Minded by Slayer Anderson

  • Recommended by Helltanz 98
  • Pairings: Danny/Jinx
  • Synopsis Danny Fenton gets an acceptance notification from a school that he never applied to. I know what you're thinking…green ink, owls, and a castle, right? Sorry, not this time.

A Secret Uncovered by Darth Frodo

  • Recommended by Michael JJ
  • Synopsis: Thanks to a snooping reporter, Danny's secret is out. Now, he has to deal with being the center of attention, mending a bridge with Valerie, and tracking down the ghost that sold him out.
  • Comments: A plot used rather often, Darth Frodo takes it and turns it into a truly great fic. The first time through I read it all in one night, very excellent. Currently ongoing, takes place instead of Reality Trip.

Plasmius: The Orgins of Vlad! by wafische

  • Recommended by Michael JJ
  • Synopsis: The full story of Vlad, from the accident that gave him his powers to his first contact with Danny.
  • Comments: Very well written, with little contradiction. Written before season three, so none of the Character Derailment Vlad from that season. Complete.

Mars by Jade Rabbyt (character death)

  • Recommended by Captain Planette
  • Synopsis: After an explosive disaster, Danny finds himself alone. Old dreams mingle with new obsessions, drawing him inexplicably skyward.
  • Comments: The way Danny finds himself coping after Sam and Tucker have died is the most realistic reaction I have ever seen in fanfiction. Life goes on for Danny, and everyone else, and his life takes a detour that is certainly interesting. A shame it was never continued, but what is there is stunning.

Take a Look in the Mirror by Halacanno (AU)

  • Recommended by Gorsecloud
  • Synopsis: After a ghost battle gone awry leaves Tucker and Sam in the emergency room, the latter with possible brain damage, Danny cracks under the pressure and runs away for fear that his presence is putting his family and friends in danger. Five years later, swearing never to use his powers again and reforging himself with the new identity of Alex Maphton, Danny/Alex's new world as a loner college sophmore is turned upside down when Sam arrives as a new student, alive and well. Not only that, but the two form a fast friendship, even though she doesn't recognize him. This slowly leads him into a chain of events that slowly force Danny back out of the shadows he's tried so hard to hide in.

The Return of Dani Phantom by R.tistiC

  • Recommended by Jcogginsa
  • Synopsis: Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Comments: It's easily the best Danny Phantom fic I've ever read. It's very thoughtful and really fleshes out Dani's character.

Ghosts in the Closet by MyAibou

  • Recommended by Gorsecloud
  • Pairings: Danny/Sam, Tucker/Valerie, Jazz/OC
  • Synopsis: It's Christmas Eve, nearly ten years after the events of Phantom Planet, and all's not well. Danny's gone, Sam's expecting, and the Guys in White and their supporters are on the rampage. Danny's family and friends are divided in more ways than one, and it's taking its toll on everyone. Bit by bit, this story reveals pieces of the puzzle that answer one simple question: "What happened?" Then it drives forward to it's conclusion to answer a second: "What will happen?"

Bloody Childhood by WTF Wonder

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: While chasing Spectra, Danny gets stuck in another world and meets the No-Life King... in the eighties and gets stuck there.
  • Comments: A messed up, sadly deadfic after four chapters. What is is there is rather excellent.

Deathday Revelations by Angel Baby1

Laughing Gas by Catalyst Of The Soul

  • Recommended by Donteatacowman
  • Synopsis: Danny's feeling a bit nervous about his upcoming trip to the dentist. Scared? He should be.
  • Comments: Chilling and ironic, with quite a bit of suspense. As you read about the seemingly normal dentist visit, you get the eerie sense that something isn't quite right...

Catalyst by Dan Phantom Crush (AU)

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: Who is Clockwork? A friend to Danny, or a master manipulator? Sam makes a drastic sacrifice to preserve Danny's world but ultimately only puts off the inevitable. And no one escapes unchanged; her family, Danny's family, even Vlad.
  • Comments: Sam leaves Amity Park, convinced that it's for Danny's own good during Spring Break. The story does a good job with a number of plot elements, the best is how Vlad's character is handled. Though part of the story is a bit implausible Phantom not being a Magnificent Bastard? Really? but the writer just utterly sells it.

Lost by Nylah

  • Recommended by Donteatacowman
  • Synopsis: Danny wakes up in an abandoned cabin with no memory of how he got there, or anything at all for that matter. He finds his emotions constantly in turmoil as he struggles to survive in the slums of Amity Park. When he's eventually claimed by a strange family called the Fentons, who tell him that he is the only survivor of a camping trip with Tucker Foley and Sam Manson gone awry, Danny struggles with guilt, alcohol addiction, and his own mental darkness.

Teh Soopr Gost Gurl by Lady-Valiant and Smexy Phantom

  • Recommended by Violet Aura 1009
  • Synopsis: Danny Phantom and friends are about to face their greatest challenge so far...a Mary Sue fanfic written by the insufferable Smexy Phantom!
  • Comments: The Mary Sue fic is horrible and contrasts well with the author's good sense of humor and spot-on characterization. It's absolutely hilarious, and the author makes it a very interactive experience by letting fans send flames to 'Smexy Phantom'. Highly recommended. The author's updates are a bit slow, but it's well worth the wait.

Intangible Trust by DP-shrine-in-closet-girl

  • Recommended by Captain Planette
  • Synopsis: AU "You may not be afraid of me, but I am." Danny has just moved to Amity Park a year after gaining his powers. He's had to deal with his secret alone all this time. Can he let Sam and Tucker into his life? What happens when they find out the truth?
  • Comments: A very interesting look at the sort of person Danny would be if he didn't have Sam and Tucker to back him up throughout his early ghost adventures, and what would happen if he met them only after establishing himself as a hero. There are a few spelling and grammatical mistakes, but not enough to detract from the story. Also, it brings in the argument of "is ghost hunting ethical" now and then.

Haunted Destiny by Funkatron

  • Recommended by Duder-Skanks
  • Synopsis: A crossover with Teen Titans. What if the main trio + Jazz had been exploring the Ghost Zone during "The End"? Painful reminders of TUE flaring up, cut to nearly one year later as he's adopted a cold personality while trying to protect his friends through shunning them. All this is disturbed, however, as Fenton Works recieves a call from Jump City's resident gaurdians...

Floursack by Yami-chan and Unrealistic

  • Recommended by Jackie Daniel Stark
  • Synopsis: By UR. Lilith has lived in the Ghost Zone for most of her life. She barely remembers her mother and never knew her father. Now fourteen years old, things she thought were fact begin to question themselves and life becomes decidedly more complicated.

The Luckiest Girl in the World by imekitty.

  • Recommended by Frank 15
  • Synopsis: Paulina is in love with the Ghost Boy, and has realized that Danny, Tucker, and Sam seem to know the Ghost Boy. A mischievous genie ghost grants her the opportunity to switch lives with Sam for a week, and maybe learn something about the Ghost Boy, and about herself.
  • Commments: It's all about Paulina, her selfishness, and some growth, too. Or Paulina in Sam's life for a week, at least. It's great at showing her growth, though, when she's forced to be nice to "losers" Danny and Tucker, to find out information about Danny Phantom, though she may not need to pretend forever....

"Domination" by Nimrod the Writer

  • Recommended by lizoftheinfinite, Anthiens
  • "Pairings:" Vlad/Danny (sort of . . . ) but since this is not exactly the main focus, I'm putting it under General Fics.
  • "Synopsis:" Post PP. Vlad doesn't lose, especially to a giant rock. With the disasteriod gone and the world in his clutches, he's free to do what ever he wants. Unfortunately for the Fentons, what ever he wants usually doesn't work out in their favor. Pompous Pep! (Horribly one-sided Pompous Pep at that).

Mount Ivory by MoonrockBlink1772

  • Recommended by: Dec
  • Synopsis: Much to the GIW's disappointment, Danny's human half labels him as 'special' and prevents him from being given to them when he is exposed. But he still has to go somewhere, and ends up at the Mt. Ivory holding facility. Is his life over? You bet.

A Ghostly Field Trip by A Writer's Right to Write

  • Recommended by: Tropereader 4200
  • Synopsis: When a field trip is planned to the Ghost Zone by the mayor, Team Phantom has no choice but to go along with it. But, the trip and their secrets aren't the only thing to be concerned about when something is going on in the Human Zone.
  • Comments: An ongoing fic that updates regularly and it takes everything to a Darker and Edgier feel. The action can only be described in one word: Epic. It takes the typical field trip fic and cranks everything up to keep you on the edge of the seat. Overall, it's a great read and keeps going!

The Little Ghost Boy by Extant

  • Recommended by: Kaoru Sailor Z
  • Synopsis: Began as a fusion of DP and The Little Mermaid, but has totally wandered off into original plot. AU, obviously. D x S.
  • Comments: A wonderful fanfiction that fuses The Little Mermaid and DP. Don't take it the wrong way. It takes TLM to a political and theological level. The philosophy is seemlessly woven into the story and gives it a coming-of-age feel to it. A Dark Fic which the author wants and the lines from the movie just fits. I highly recommend it.

Isolated by Lynse

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: The day promises to be absolute hell for Danny when he gets dragged to a Ghost Hunting convention-it's about to get a whole lot worse.
  • Just starting out but starting out strong.

Complications, Exceptions and Hopes by Hidden Author

  • Recommended by zara 2148
  • Synopsis: Danny Fenton's already complicated life is about to get even worse. First, his powers are going through a rapid increase, leaving him constantly fighting for control. Next, an old "ghostly" friend shows up, demanding he attend an audience before the Ghost Council. Then, to top things off, the mayor issues a fifty thousand dollar bounty, payable to the first person to capture the infamous ghost-boy. Between evil puberty, ghost politics, and his parents' constant patrols, will Danny survive with secret and sanity intact?

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8068980/1/Danny_Phantom_Confessions_of_an_ALister by Saberhawk

  • Recommended by: CMR Rosa
  • Pairings: Danny/Star
  • Synopsis: While on a field trip to a cave an earthquake traps Danny and Star. While there Star has some confessions she'd like to make.
  • Comments: Great story, Saberhawk made an shallow and uninteresting character like Star into someone I like to read about.

The Book of Love by Yami-chan and Unrealistic

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Pairings: Too many to list; none yaoi
  • Synopsis: Over a school break, Danny is thrown into all sorts of love situations and Hilarity Ensues. A song-fic.
  • Comments: Pure comedy gold. It even has a Ship Tease.

The Crack Series by Tavalya Ra (slash, mpreg)

  • Recommended by Neo Yi
  • Pairings: Vlad/Danny (so it's yaoi)
  • Synopsis: A crushing tale of a consequence Danny (unintentionally) inflicts on Vlad that alters the nature of their relationship. Through the years, the two struggle with that incident and its heavy repercussions while developing a dysfunctional romance with one another.

Narcissim by WTF Wonder

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Pairings: Dark Danny/Danny
  • Synopsis: "Huh, I guess this makes me a sadist, a sociopath AND a narcissist." Not work safe!
  • Comments: Quite probably a Stealth Parody of Shipping fics, this is an extremely well written, utterly in-character story about possibly the most disturbing ship. The thing to watch for here is the bits going on in the backround-Clockwork's gambit to eventually rescue Danny being interesting and the coolest origin of Spectra ever. It's extremely disturbing... but if you want to see the most horrific deconstruction of a pairing ever, this is your stop. It is not mutual, it is extremely horrifying to even A Clockwork Orange levels and yet, it's really, really good. Even the Dog Is Ashamed by this fic.

How Feelings Change by Dirty Thoughts of Bliss.

  • Recommended by Hopeless Romance
  • Pairings: Danny/Sam
  • Synopsis: Danny and Sam finally get together after they graduate from high school and are planning on attending the same college. Then Danny finds a mysterious pendant while cleaning his room which kicks off a series of events.
  • Comments: It's very well written albeit a bit long compared to most fanfics, but well worth a read if you're a Danny/Sam fan. Warning though, some chapters are NSFW.

Time Tampering by Kimurasato

  • Recommended by Anthiens
  • Pairings: Danny/Vlad, Maddie/Jack
  • Synopsis: Danny accidentally gets thrown into the 80's and gets to know Vlad before the accident. Unfortunately, he's stuck there and ends up... well... Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Comments: Somewhat known and written some time before, it contains cross dressing due to a bet. It's well written and finished, which some good old fics tend not to be. There's some cameos from two ghosts I was not expecting and it actually dodges some of the pitfalls of time travel fic.

Impasse by BJA Fan

  • Recommended by Donteatacowman
  • Pairings: Raven/Danny
  • Synopsis: Crossover with Teen Titans. Raven thinks that her curse of immortality completely isolates her from humanity, until she meets a boy who has exactly the same problem.
  • Comments: The fairy-tale-esque, distanced but emotional language BJA Fan uses to word this is beautiful and packs a huge impact.

Lilacs by Blue Myst 19 (AU)

  • Recommended By Sterling Silver Grl
  • Pairings: Danny/Sam, small Tucker/Jazz
  • Synopsis: 'It seemed like the classic tale of love, intrigue, and murder most foul. Prince Daniel was a rebellious prince with a secret he hid from the world. Princess Samantha was to be the love of his life, but her own secret could tear them apart.'
  • Comments: It's well written, the chapters can get pretty long, and its full of suspense and romance between Danny and Sam.

Adversus Adverto by Nimrod the Writer

  • Recommended by Purple Bouncy Ball
  • Pairing: Danny/Vlad (so, yes, it is slash. Very much so.)
  • Synopsis: "Vlad is not an irrational man. He makes plans and he follows those plans. Unless, of course, Danny Fenton is involved."
  • Comments: The story is brilliantly thought out and executed, with everyone delightfully in-character and, of course, going to increasing lengths to keep this whole thing a secret under the adults' very noses. It picks up in the middle of the series, during the Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World episodes - you know, they kind where it doesn't matter if you watch them in order. Updates are slow, but it's not Dead Fic, and be forewarned: this fic very much deserves the M rating it has on FF.net.

Symphony of Tears by Griff Valdez

  • Recommended by Frodo Goofball Co TV
  • Pairings: Ember x Danny
  • Synopsis: The ghosts haven't been acting up lately, so Danny is bored. Looking for trouble, he finds Ember in tears with her guitar in the trash.
  • Comments: Unfortunately, only the first chapter is really worth reading.

I Loved You Too Much by The-Other-Ghostwriter

  • Recommended by zara2148
  • Pairing: Clockwork/Danny (so slash warning)
  • Synopsis: Set after Phantom Planet. Clockwork muses on Danny and his feelings for the ghost child, and suffers the consequences because of it.
  • Comments: Just... wow. This author has taken an extremely implausible pairing and has made it work beautifully. Warning: it ends in Character Death

Just Five Minutes by Elle Aitch

  • Recommended by Gracie Geek
  • Pairing: Danny/Val, hints of Danny/Sam.
  • Synopsis: In an attempt to make money, Tucker and Danny decide to charge twenty bucks for a date with Danny Phantom. The last thing they expected, however, was for Valerie to take them up on their offer, or for her start falling for him. Slight AU. (Still in-progress.)
  • Comments: This is a character-driven fic that balances some comedy with fluff with a dose of angst, and is Better Than It Sounds. Whilst ultimately, the focus will be Danny/Val, the author has so far given five minutes in the spotlight (uh, literally) to Paulina, Dash and Kwan and actually treated them like human beings (shallow / slight jerky human beings, but nonetheless). It also addressed the Danny/Sam tension without playing Sam off as the jerk.