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Sam: "Let's keep this tongue free, okay?"

  • It's somewhat rare, but it does happen on occasion, more often than you might think. For an example, in "Eye for an Eye" when Vlad is running for mayor, Jack hopes to be his second man, saying this line:

Jack: He told me that whenever he thinks of number two, he thinks of me.

    • Isn't that just a poop joke? This show is considerably darker than The Fairly Oddparents, but c'mon. It is Butch Hartman.
    • Yeah, and considering that was in season three, it's not too surprising for Toilet Humor to be employed here.
  • In "Memory Blank" there's a montage when Danny gets his memory back. It shows a photo of him using his invisibility to sneak out of the girl's locker room twice. Both times he had a content look on his face.
  • Arguably, if you heard the full "Remember" It sounds like she's talking about having a one night stand, and the guy not remembering her the next day: "To you I did surrender/ Two weeks you did not call".
    • The second verse includes the lines "Like dead trees in cold December/ Nothing but ashes remain", which some of the more dedicated fans believe is a euphemism for committing suicide by setting herself on fire.
  • In Ember's debut episode, "Fanning the Flames", in one of her fight scenes with Danny she hits him with an energy attack that conveniently sends him flying into a giant Ember cardboard cutout. Nothing is wrong with that until you see where he lands, right between the cutout's legs.
  • From the first episode, Tucker's Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking moment.
  • Jack: "Danny and Valerie have been up in Danny's room. Alone. For hours."
    • Sam dropping her teacup in shock didn't help.
  • Danny: No problem, I've overshadowed Tucker before. I'll just slip inside and...(Beat) Get inside his dream. Heh. No sweat.
    • Same episode, this sequence of events:

Sam wakes up screaming, and Danny flies out of her.
Tucker: "That must have been some dream."
Danny crawls towards Sam, still on Sam's bed. They look at each other, and simultaneously look away, blush, and make excuses.

  • "Maternal Instinct": Jazz decides to go out, with Jack telling her to watch out for teenage boys ("They're like wild animals!") and she opens the door to find... a monstrous rabbit. Jack instantly leaps to her defence yelling, "Back off! She's a minor!"
  • From "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale"

Tucker: Wow! You have access to the latest technology after hours?
Delivery Girl: Yep!
Tucker: What else can you do after hours?
Delivery Girl: Just sign the voucher, sir.

  • And from Reign Storm, after using the ectosuit (still incomplete, consisting of the lower half at the time,) Jack is worn out and starting to faint...

Maddie: Vlad! Help me get these pants off Jack!
Vlad: Nope, sorry--that's ALL you.

  • Now that this troper thinks about it, they managed to get an absolutely epic amount of pants-dropping jokes past the radar in the second episode.

Sam: (in reference to Tucker trying to get a date to the dance) Does he have to take off his pants and act like a dweeb, or will either one do?

Danny: *frowns*


Danny: So, uh, would you...go to the dance with me?
Paulina: Well, you are really cute, and, uh, have great taste in underwear...


Sam: Promise me you'll keep your pants up?

Danny: *grins* I'll do my best.

  • One of the most blatantly obvious examples in the series: when Tucker and Danny phase through the girl's locker room in "What You Want", a frilly bra lands on Tucker's head.
  • In the Halloween special, Danny triggers one of those falling-axe traps and it catches his arm. He puts his hand to the cut and when he pulls it away it's covered with ectoplasm. Essentially, they got away with showing blood on a Nick show.
  • In Secret Weapons Jack slyly notes to Maddie with his hands on her shoulders, that with Danny out Skulking and Jazz in Wisconsin, they have the house all to themselves. He then motions to get the checkerboard. Maddie's somewhat angry, disappointed glare towards her husband suggests that she was hoping for... something a tad more grown up for two adults with available privacy to perform.