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    Horrorcore supergroup consisting of Psychopathic Records' Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Dark Lotus' lyrics revolve around the occult, the supernatural, murder and insanity. In other words, they're a Darker and Edgier variant on the Psychopathic artists' normal lyrical content, although these artists were pretty grim to begin with. They were active from 1998 to 2017.

    The group originally consisted solely of ICP and Twiztid; their first single, "Echo Side", debuted on ICP's The Amazing Jeckel Brothers; Blaze Ya Dead Homie was added to the line-up and it was announced that a sixth member was yet to be revealed. It was Esham, who had signed to Psychopathic, and planned to release a solo album with the label during this time, but he left following a disagreement with the label, and his position in Dark Lotus was first filled by professional wrestler Vampiro, who unlike Esham, actually recorded a song for the group, and then Marz (Zlatko Hukic), a former guitarist for Ministry and current solo Rap Metal artist (who nowadays is minus the metal). Conflict between Marz and Violent J eventually led to Marz being booted out of the group, and being replaced by Anybody Killa. Reactions from Juggalos was less than favorable, as Dark Lotus fans preferred Marz' ultra-messed up raps and harsh delivery. Of course, opposition to ABK's presence in the group would not have been as strong if Violent J had not decided to pull the original version of Tales from the Lotus Pod from stores and replace it with a remixed version that contained new ABK vocals and a Take That towards Marz.

    After Anybody Killa left Psychopathic, it was decided to retain a permanent five-member line-up, and Dark Lotus released what some consider to be their Magnum Opus: The Opaque Brotherhood.

    • Tales From The Lotus Pod
      • Tales From The Lotus Pod Revisited (Basically, the original album minus Marz and plus ABK.)
    • Black Rain
    • The Opaque Brotherhood
    Dark Lotus provides examples of the following tropes:

    "I got visions of nuns being raped with the barrels of guns, a young lamb, crucified for the fuck of it."

    • Gallows Humor: Particularly in "Hurt Myself" and "And We Danced"
    • Harsh Vocals: Marz had a very gravelly vocal style.
    • Horrorcore
    • Subliminal Seduction: "Echo Side" features a backmasked message which when reversed is actually an anti-Satanic message: Fuck the devil, fuck that shit, we believe in life legit. If you hearin' what we say, why you throw your soul away?.
    • Revolving Door Band: Switched between four sixth members: Esham, Vampiro, Marz, and Anybody Killa; has since consisted of "five lotus petals".
    • Take That: "Marz, you ain't Lotus and you know this, bitch!"
    • Updated Rerelease: Tales From The Lotus Pod. Depending on who you talk to, the new version is usually described as inferior to the original.
      • The Opaque Brotherhood had a reissue, with bonus tracks.
    • Wicked Witch: "Witch Trapped in This Song"