Darkest Dungeon/Memes

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  • Several of the Ancestor's lines are memetic:
    • "Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer."
      • Explanation: The universal response to a player's luck suddenly taking a turn for the worse. (See also, "How quickly the tide turns!")
    • "Begone, THOT!"
      • Explanation: The original line is "Begone, fiend!" but some meme videos edit in the word "thought" from another line. ("THOT" is slang for "that ho over there".)
    • "Soothed...Sedated..."
      • Explanation: One of the lines that the Ancestor will use when the player used a healing skill. Players generally don't find it very soothing or sedating.
  • "<whistles>"
    • Explanation: Reynauld, the starting Crusader, always comes with the "Kleptomania" trait, which means he has a chance to steal an item of loot before the player can put it in their inventory. There are several things he can say when this trait activates, but "<whistles>" is by far the most "popular" with players.
  • CRIT! Heal 0 Bleed
    • The Occultist's "Wyrd Reconstruction" skill has a chance to heal zero hit points, and also has a chance to inflict bleed on the recipient of the heal. After a they gain a couple of levels, most heroes have enough bleed resist where it's not a big deal, but of course the "heal zero bleed" always seems to happen at the worst possible moment...