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Authors, and Websites


  • Recommended by Malky Top
  • Synopsis: Besides a few one shots, icequeenkitty has an ongoing series completely AU and rather gritty. There are a few grammatical and spelling errors, but somehow, it doesn't detract from the (really awesome) stories.

General Fics

Darkwing Duck Returns by Scyphi and the sequel The New Adventures of Darkwing Duck

  • Recommended by bookwormgal
  • Synopsis:Darkwing Duck has been missing for over seven years, and is presumed dead by most, if not all. But that might change when Gosalyn finds a clue that indicates otherwise...
  • Pairings: None really in the first story, but there is some romance of varying degrees in the sequel for Darkwing, Gosalyn, Launchpad...
  • Comments: The series was started far before Darkwing's return in comic form was ever considered, so all the events and ideas are based off the television show alone. The first story is mostly about Darkwing's return and laying down the groundwork, but the second one is set up like an on-going series with each chapter acting as an entire episode with overlapping major story arcs to tie it all together. Currently, The New Adventures of Darkwing Duck has over eighty chapters and 1,000,000 words. And while new characters are introduced over the course of the story, they all seem to fit into the universe seamlessly. And old characters, like the Fearsome Five or the members of SHUSH, receive plenty of character development over the course of the series. One of the larger issues earlier in the series is exploring how Gosalyn and later, Honker, handle the responsibility of gaining a larger, crime-fighting role and how Darkwing deals with that particular situation. Action and characterization are always held in equal importance. The last story arc finished before the current pause in posting (which the writer referred to as a seasonal break, like for a television show) just dealt with Negaduck taking over all of St. Canard with most of the population, including Darkwing himself, under mind control. Scyphi has a habit of creating REAL challenges for the Masked Mallard and leaving readers on the edge of their seats.
  • This writer does their research. Not only do they go into detail of the mechanics of just about any piece of technology that is brought into the series. They also seem to enjoy the possibilities of the multi-verse. Not only is the Negaverse explored in greater depth (introducing more of the normal character's alter-egos), but other possible universes are explored in a way reminicent of the comic arc "Crisis of Infinite Darkwings" (but Scyphi started this long before the Darkwing Duck comic came into existence). Some time travel is also brought into the story and even a few pieces of technology that draw inspiration from Stargate SG-1 make an appearance. Essentially, anything that could possibly fit within the scientific laws established by the television series or, at least, doesn't break any of those laws, has a strong possibility of being addressed eventually.
  • Overall, a brilliant piece of work that will keep you occupied for a long time.

Total Reboot by Rowena Zahnrei

  • Recommended by Fyrewyre
  • Synopsis: When a brilliant Duckburg scientist and her revolutionary new super fuel are snatched by F.O.W.L. agents, Darkwing and GizmoDuck are on the case. Can they put aside their egos long enough to get her back? And how is this scientist connected to Megavolt?
  • Pairing(s): None, actually.
  • Comments: This is a really great fic, expanding a bit on Megavolt's past and saying that maybe it isn't completely hopeless for him. There's a bit of a Downer Ending, but it is very much still worth the read.

Origins of the Friendly Four by Cheezey

  • Recommended by Ironic Mouse
  • Synopsis: After Darkwing's brief stint in the Negaverse, the world is looking a bit better, but still has a long way to go. During dinner one night, Nega-Gosalyn asks about the Friendly Four's pasts, and a night of stories commences.
  • Pairing(s): Bushroot/Dr. Dendren, Ham String/Preena Lot
  • Comments: This story delves into the background of the Negaverse's versions of the Fearsome Five, the Friendly Four, and the reasons that they became heroes, rather than villains. The author not only fleshes out these characters, but takes the time to create alternate versions of other characters as well. It's currently unfinished and approaching a Dead Fic, but it's a still a rather good read.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.