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Fridge Horror

  • In one episode it's mentioned that they've tried and failed to give Megavolt the chair. This is just meant to be a little joke, but in order for him to get the chair wouldn't he have had to commit murder?
    • Considering how this show has no qualms about directly referencing death, that was probably intentional.
    • Treason is also punishable by death, so maybe Megavolt was a double agent for an enemy government.
    • Another example: in one episode, it's revealed that a certain video game's main character is created by having a person actually teleported into the game. Of course, later in that episode, Darkwing is accidentally teleported in, and promptly discovers that even if it is a game, he can be injured and feel pain. What does the poor main character go through whenever the player loses?
    • "Extinct Possibility": Darkwing is encased in amber after being send to the age of Dinosaurs, encased with his eyes wide open
  • Splatter Phoenix has the ability to bring paintings to life. When she dies, she melts like the other paintings. Maybe this isn't the real Splatter Phoenix, and the original was actually murdered by the painting of herself and she took her place.

Fridge Logic

  • "When you're Drake Mallard, what kind of job do you have?" "Yeah, how do you pay your bills?"
    • How about "How can you manage to hold down a (presumably) eight-hour-a-day job and a (presumably) eight-hour-a-night crimefighting gig while also getting (presumably) eight hours of sleep (at some point?) and raising a ten-year-old kid??"
    • Seeing as how DW is routinely shown testing out gadgets and weapons supplied by SHUSH, it's likely he's "officially" listed as a professional gadget-tester, and paid accordingly.
      • It's pretty much confirmed in the comic series--Drake and Gosalyn had been living off of Darkwing's SHUSH stipend, and when it ran out, Drake got a full time job at Quackwerks.
  • Launchpad lives with Drake, and is seen with him constantly in public. Then as Darkwing, he's still there as his sidekick (and Launchpad doesn't wear a mask or disguise). Yet no one seems to have put two and two together. As of Comic #3, NegaDuck FINALLY put two and two together after noticing Launchpad coming out of a laundromat with two different pairs of Darkwing's clothes...

NegaDuck: And that got me thinking... That was the loose end I needed to untangle everything. Now I can ENJOY ripping your life to SHREDS.

    • But as a Evil counterpart from a Mirror Universe, shouldn't he already know this?
      • Not necessarily. There may have been Nega versions of Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker that NegaDuck tried to make as his own "family" that didn't work out so well from that old episode, but they never knew who NegaDuck really was. And besides, he DID say that he was watching the Mallard household for months after he saw Launchpad, presumably to make sure he was on to something.
      • But that still doesn't make sense. NegaDuck apparently lived in the same house as Drake in the Negaverse, which either means "Drake Mallard" isn't just an identity but truly who they are outside of the mask, or...it's just an amazing coincidence of epic proportions. And he even used Canard Tower as a base of operations, didn't he? Seriously, the fact he didn't know just doesn't make sense at all.
        • Negaduck didn't use his real identity at all, so he didn't think Darkwing bothered with it either. When he realizes this isn't the case, he zeroes in on the Mallard house almost immediately and watches for months.
          • Yeah, but you'd think he would at least check on that little possibility. Especially since Darkwing headed for the very house he lives in, in his own dimension, which is occupied by Good Gosalyn in the Negaverse...who is explicitly said to be Negaduck's ward. Plus, Evil Launchpad heads there as well, so...yeah. Still a plot hole.
          • It's just being assumed that the Nega-Audubon Bay Bridge tower is Negaduck's actual base. It might be more of a private getaway and prison for those times when you want your enemies tortured to death in a quiet intimate gathering instead of the usual big productions in the castle downtown. Especially if he wanted Nega-Gosalyn to have that as the last thing she sees while suffocating to death in the same room as the horribly-mutilated corpse of the good version of himself. As far as the Avian Way address? Sounds reasonable that he'd have at least Nega-Launchpad there ... and picked it out for its neighbourhood, especially given who lives next door. (Which makes you wonder why Darkwing picked the house he did. I'm working on explaining that; keep an eye on a favoured Fan Fiction site, of course!)
              • "Drake Mallard" was DW original identity before becoming Darkwing; as DW's Mirror Universe double Negaduck's original identity should be Drake Mallard as well.
  • In the second part of "Just Us Justice Ducks", Negaduck says that the Fearsome Four can run the city and in exchange he will keep the the stolen money. When they get mad and question him on why he gets to keep all of the money, he threatens them with an active chainsaw. The others being afraid make sense, but why was Liquidator scared of a chainsaw considering that his entire body is made of water?
    • Because Negaduck is just that scary.
      • The fanfiction "Tension Convention" poses a theory that the chainsaw wasn't directed at Liquidator personally, but at his two sons.
      • He probably didn't want Negaduck to think too hard about how to hurt him. In one fanfic, set around the time Gosalyn is 16, Negaduck is betrayed by the Liquidator and responds by killing him with a nuclear warhead. Disturbingly creative and slightly overkill, but it does prove a point. Do not give Negaduck reasons to get creative when he wants to hurt you.

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