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    David Spade (1964-) is an American comedian and actor who was famous for starring on Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1996, and starring on sitcoms like Just Shoot Me, 8 Simple Rules (after John Ritter died), and Rules of Engagement.

    He was part of the "Bad Boys of SNL" in the early 90s, along with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Chris Rock, and Rob Schneider. While most of his castmates were fired and/or quit by 1995 due to pressure Lorne Michaels received from NBC to either revamp SNL after its disappointingly unfunny 20th season or let the show end, he stayed on to help the new cast settle in (then left after his airtime decreased in favor of the new cast).

    Some of his SNL characters included a rude flight attendant who'd tell departing passengers "Buh-Bye", a receptionist for Dick Clark who would ask people "And you are?", one of the Gap Girls with Sandler and Farley, and Karl from the "Karl's Videos" sketches. He also did the "Hollywood Minute" sketch as part of Weekend Update, in which he'd make Take Thats to Hollywood stars.

    He was close with Chris Farley, frequently doing sketches together, and starring together in Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. After Farley's sudden death in 1997, Spade notably did not attend his funeral, saying "I just couldn't have gone into a room where Chris was in a box.".

    He also appeared in a series of Capital One credit card commercials as a phone operator who would answer "No" to everything.

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