Dawson's Creek/Heartwarming

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  • A friend of Jen repeatedly tells her that Jack's homosexuality is a sin and she shouldn't be friends with him, which annoys Jen to no end. Then the so-called friend asks Jen's religious grandmother for her opinion. Both him and Jen obviously think she will say the Bible disapproves homosexuality or something like that, but she just says only God has the right to judge Jack, or him, or anybody. The atheist Jen is pleased.
  • Abby's mother asks Andie to say something nice about Abby at her burial. Andie doesn't dare refusing because Abby's mom is a nice person but she just doesn't know what to say because Abby was, well, Abby. She doesn’t want to lie either. Finally, she says that Abby's "challenging personality" made her stronger.