Death Comes to Town

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A Kids in The Hall miniseries. Lasted from January to March, 2010. A total of 8 episodes.

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Tropes used in Death Comes to Town include:
  • Afterlife Express: The bus.
  • Bad Liar: This bit between news anchorwoman Corrinda Gablechuck (played by Mark) and a policeman (played by Bruce):

Mark: Officer, tell us about the leads in this case. What's developing?
Bruce: Well we're following our leads and we're gonna find some breaks in this case.
Mark: ...could you be more specific?
Bruce: Well things are going forward in a forwardly direction.
Mark: don't have anything, do you.
Bruce: [hangs head in shame]

  • The Cameo: The Kids in The Hall regular characters Chicken Lady and Paul Bellini.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Everyone, especially Rampop.
  • Death Takes a Holiday: A major plot point is that on Death's previous visit to Shuckton, he slept in and missed Ricky's abortion. When he returns to Shuckton, Death hopes Ricky will die, even if he has to do the job himself.
  • Eccentric Townsfolk
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Averted.
  • The Grim Reaper: Mark McKinney's Death, from Death Comes to Town, is a humorous-yet-effectively-terrifying (at least until the end) version.
  • I Have Boobs - You Must Obey! - Subverted, one night while shopping for liquor Marilyn Bowman (played by Dave Foley) finds she's left the house without her purse, and offers to make up for it by showing the checkout clerk "these beauties," and she does -- prompting the clerk to beg her to put them back in hiding.

Marilyn: Fine. Should've seen them when I was 40, you little shit.

  • Lady Drunk: Marilyn Bowman, the mayor's wife in Death Comes to Town, to the point where a breathalyzer is installed in her car as part of the ignition.

Marilyn: I gotta go, I can... hear the blender crying...