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4 0 s e c o n d s by calysto-antonsen

Another Life by Roses of Sharon

  • Recommended by Mew 24 ever
  • Status:
  • Synopis: In another world, in another life, maybe they could have been friends. A fic about L and Light.

Death and His Shadow by sugarswirls

  • Recommended by Ellamew
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Raito/L with some Mikami/Raito and Matt/Mello/Near
  • Synopsis: Raito Yagami is your typical star student. That is, until one night when he catches a deadly fever and L, a bored god of death, phases through his bedroom window to take his soul away. But how can he steal the soul of someone who won't die?
  • Tags: Slash Fic, Psychopomps, Not-So-Imaginary Friend, The Grim Reaper, illness, A God Am I

Death Eraser by Greyliliy

The End Is Near by Tierfal

The Faceless by Disguise of Carnivorism

Fever Dreams by Sashocirrione

Genius is a Curse by Bloodshot Eyes (AU)

  • Recommended by Zashiki-Warashi
  • Status:
  • Synopsis: If Light had never touched the Death Note, would he ever have found an escape from the depression and boredom that plagued him? Would he have had a future at all?
  • Tags: Alternate Universe Fic, depression

Justice and Vengeance by theonlyone101

  • Recommended by Theweirdwarrior
  • Status:
  • Synopsis: An AU retelling of the first 3 manga volumes, only Naomi isn't killed by Light and gets to meet and work alongside L.It retells the early chapters (where L tries long-distance surveillance), but makes just enough small changes early on to create a major ripple effect that ultimately leads to a very different climax and ending. Vaguely has some shipping-type moments between Naomi and L, but not enough for it to be a shipping fic.

Low Light by Dragonrider4000

Markings Of The Mind by Ratt9

The Monsters Who Always Lie by Rubygirl283

New World Without End by CameoAmalthea

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairing(s): Light/Mikami
  • Synopsis: AU, Mikami works to atone for his mistakes and Light says good-bye to his old life at the dawning of the New World.
  • Tags: Slash Fic, Alternate Universe Fic, WAFF, Lemon

Paladin by PlannedbyReaperLight

The Prince by Neverending Odyssey

Reflect Fail by XxHeartlessKissxX

Shadow of the Valley by Disguise of Carnivorism

Shattered By Tori-Color-Baastia

  • Recommended by Color Lawliet
  • Status: Ongoing, updates sort of weekly
  • Pairings: L x Light, yaoi OCxOC
  • Synopsis: A boy named Khol goes to Winchester on vacation and is possessed by "Light" and "Kira". He is sucked into the world of the paranormal and has a lot of trouble coping.

Speechless by [Sjezza]

  • Recommended by Shimmer712
  • Synopsis: Light loses his voice in an incident that alters his views regarding criminals. He discovers a strange notebook one day but it soon goes missing. Light is now plagued by shivers whenever the serial killer named "Kira" strikes.
  • Comments: This troper higher recommends this fic.

Spira Mirabilis by Nilah Dante

  • Recommended by Envie, feral
  • Status: Apparently dead
  • Synopsis: Sayu, worried about her brother, decides to sneak into his room to steal his diary, triggering the explosion that causes her death and Light's serious injury. With a scar and no memories of the Death Note, how will Yagami Light's life unfold?
  • Tags: Alternate Universe Fic, The Atoner, Detective Drama

This Black Lamb by Chance XIII

To Break a Path by NightOfAThousandDreams

War Without End by lyrainthedark

Xanatos by CelticKawaii

  • Recommended by Stoogebie
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Characters: L, Light, Mello, Near, Matt, Linda
  • Synopsis: AU, episode 24; L fakes his death, and sets in motion a plan to catch Kira; but when Mello and Near don't cooperate, he enlists Matt, in hopes that the latter can convince Mello and Near to get along.
  • Comments: Definitely worth reading, with moments of both intensity and hilarity. Quite a few Plot Twists even with only twelve chapters, and some minor characters are greatly expanded upon.