Death Note Abridged (Dogface 701)

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Light: Ryuk, I don't get it. I didn't even write her name down yet.
Ryuk: That was the most f__ed up thing I've ever seen... and I'm a Death God!

Is another Abridged Series (7 episodes) based upon Death Note. It was created by Dogface701

Tropes used in Death Note Abridged (Dogface 701) include:

Ryuk: Whatever happened to that Yuri chick you were dating?

Post-traumatic flashback effect

Yuri: Flowers... and [++ NO CHOCOLATE!!!!++ ]

end post-traumatic flashback

Ryuk: Did you just piss yourself?
Light: Shut up Ryuk! At least I like women!

Sachiko: I hope you get hit by a * bleep* ing car you * bleep* .
Light: Love you too, mom.

Chief Yagami: I'm Chief Yagami and this is my band of idiots.
Matsuda: Ha ha Mogi, he just called you an idiot.

Mr. Yagami: Anytime Matsuda says over three words we slap him, all in favor?
Matsuda: Wait, that's not fair! *Slap*

Ryuk: Oh, great idea, waste a whole sheet of paper on one name. Way to save the environment! Do you know how much paper costs in the Shinigami Realm... A LOT because there are no f_ing trees!

Ryuk: Hey Light, there's this big, ugly, scary lookin' guy following you.
Light: Ryuk, for the last time I know you're there!
Ryuk: No, not me!

L: I'm so high right now, I'm having YOUR hallucinations.

Light: You see how long I have?
Ryuk: Yep!

  • Shinigami vision* Light Yagami- 37 episodes

Raye Penber: I'm dying! Somebody help me!
Random Pedestrian 1: Shut up Emo!
Random Pedestrian 2: We have problems too, you know.

Mogi: We have determined that Kira is your son, Light, and he's killing with a magical notebook.
Souichiro: Not now, Mogi. The adults are talking.

    • Later when introducing themselves:

Mogi: Hi my name is Mogi and Kira is Light Yagami.
L: That's not a fun fact Mogi.

Ryuk: ...told you s-

Light: ...and that, Sayu, is how I kill people.
Sayu: Awesome! Can I have a Death Note too?
Light: No, you ignorant child. And if you ever get kidnapped by a gay blonde man, I will kill you.

Crack addict: You're right! I won't steal anymore because stealing is morally wrong. Do you want to be my friend because friendship is teh best...

Light: ...the only way this day could get any worse is if an evil notebook fell from the sky!

L: There are too many people here. Everyone that's ever been abducted by aliens... leave...
Soichiro: I thought for sure the aliens would have taken you, Matsuda.
Matsuda: * Sniff* They didn't want me.