Death Note the Abridged Series (Team Dattebayo)

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L: I believe Kira's in Japan, so I'll be asking for your assistance.
Soichiro: And why Japan?
L: Because all anime characters come from Japan. Don't be a stupid asshole.

A popular Death Note Abridged Series was created by Team Dattebayo. It features popular abridgers such as Lanipator and Hbi 2 k in some of their episodes. One of the Voice Actors was even featured in an episode of Hbi2k's Gantz The Abridged Series.

In this series, rather than trying to kill all the criminals in the world, Light is killing off other anime characters, in order to become the most popular. Meanwhile, the taskforce thinks Matsuda is Kira.

Tropes used in Death Note the Abridged Series (Team Dattebayo) include:

Rem (to Gelus): I think we should just be friends.

Matsuda: Heh, look at him, pretending not to be Kira. He's probably trying to kill me with his mind, right now.

  • Butt Monkey: Matsuda
  • Captain Obvious: "Fun Fact: The Death Note can be used to kill people!"
  • Christmas Special
  • Clueless Detective: L flat out states that he bases his assumptions on absolutely nothing, and decides who to suspect on a whim. If Light is to be believed, at one point L was convinced that Kira was a bowl of rainbow sherbet. He only announces that Light is a suspect to have an excuse to get closer to him, and later to punish him for not answering his text messages.
  • Comedic Sociopathy:

L: Hey Light, you all right? We remembered to feed him, right guys?

L: (to Light) * cough* "last night" * cough*

  • Double Standard Abuse (Female on Male): "Aizawa, your wife hits you? This is serious." Actually, this seems more like an subversion to this trope because when Mr. Yagami said the previous quote, he sounded concerned about Aizawa. Also, none of the abuse Aizawa gets from his wife is portrayed as comedic or justified. It's pretty obvious that she's not a nice person, especially when she verbally abuses him in front of their children. Furthermore, Aizawa uses the "She hits me because she loves me/it's my fault" excuse that people in abusive relationships often use.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:

Ryuk (to Light): You're a monster, you know that?

L [to Aizawa]: Ukita died two minutes ago. You need to move on.

Souichiro: You bastards'll never bring me down! (cut to confinement scene)... shit.

L: Mello, what are you doing out of the basement?!

Light: It's OK, dad. The important thing is you tried.

Ryuk: Is this really the best idea? Burrying the notebook in the forest?
Light: Of course it's the best idea, or I wouldn't have had it.

Light: What are you, are you a detective?! Or are you just a faggot?
L: Why do I have to choose?

Matsuda: Can I have my phone back, please?
L: I think you know the answer to that.

Taylor (while having a heart attack): Urgh, like, oh no!

L: Oh it was just Matsuda, something about jackhammering your sister, know anything about that?
Light: What the fuck! I'LL KILL THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!
Matsuda: Oh boy.

Raye: OMG did you just kill that guy?
Light: Uh... yeah...

Raye: We're here to censor you. American kids can't handle all this killing. Let's see take out all the killings, rework the plot (that goes without saying), insert some friendship speeches...