Debbie Does Dallas

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Debbie Does Dallas is a 1978 pornographic film starring Bambi Woods and directed by Jim Clark.

The film follows Debbie Benton, the captain of her high school cheerleading squad, who has been accepted to try out for the "Texas Cowgirls." Her parents disapprove, though, and refuse to pay the fare to Texas. In a bid to help Debbie, her cheerleader friends Lisa, Roberta, Tammy, Pat and Annie decide to get jobs to help her get the money. Through the magic of porn plot, they discover that A) Legit jobs won't get the money fast enough and B) having sex for money will.

Pornography ensues.

Something of a pop cultural icon, Debbie Does Dallas spawned several direct sequels and practically invented the "cheerleader porn" subgenre and the "Need to earn money for X" plot. Not to mention it's the codifier (if not the outright Maker) of several Porn Tropes in addition to the "X Does Y" school of porn titles.. It remains one of the best known porn films of all time, even if most only know of it via Pop Cultural Osmosis. It even had a short-lived indy comic book adaptation (not Comics Code approved, obviously) in 1992, and a Off-Broadway musical adaptation (with no sex and considerably less nudity) premiered in 2002.

The movie has lapsed into the public domain in the USA. A copy is available on Wikimedia Commons, which we will not be copying to a Source page on this wiki because of our Terms of Service.

Tropes used in Debbie Does Dallas include: