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Since they're in Canada, maybe they should get married! More seriously, the Ho Yay in Degrassi focuses on characters who are either homosexuals themselves or Those Two Guys. Or Sean. Fanfic favors Spinner and Marco or Peter and Riley most of all though.

  • JT. Toby. Looking at porn. You know what guys do when they look at porn.
    • And their parents made them look at more porn, including gay porn!
    • Spinner, Jimmy, and Marco look at porn. Not only that, but Marco runs around trying to do the Heimlich maneuver on Spinner, and Spinner acts like Marco's raping him.
    • A magazine Tracker and Sean look at looks like porn, especially with Tracker's dialogue.
  • In the season 1 finale, JT brought ecstasy to a party with Sean and Toby.
  • Sean risks his life to save Craig's. In season 4, he'll do the same with Emma, making Emma/Sean shippers squee with delight.
    • Sean also invites Craig to stay with him in season 4. Later in the season, he'll do the same with Ellie, making Ellie/Sean shippers squee with delight.
  • Craig invites Sean to run away with him to BC. When Sean refuses, Craig attempts suicide, though it was banned by the-n.
  • This conversation:

Craig: You know what? I love you guys.
Sean: What? Are you going to kiss us now?
Marco: Shut up, Sean.

  • Sean then tackles Marco after Marco makes Sean make a prank phone call.
  • In the first Marco-heavy episode Marco's Male Gaze is directed at Sean. It's actually a bit creepy when Marco licks his lips.
  • Jay's intro is warning Marco about Dylan.
  • Sean is practically Jay's only friend. Or at least Jay acts like it. And Alex is Sean's Distaff Counterpart...
  • Craig stays with Sean for a night at the start of season 4. Sean's just wearing his boxers.
  • Then there's the part where Marco kisses Craig.
  • JT, Craig, penis pump. Nuff said.
    • And with JT, Toby, and Danny in the stall together.
  • Toby and Rick. Everything about Toby and Rick.
  • Danny had a man-crush on JT and even pantsed him, leading to A-Cup Angst.
  • Jay convinces Hazel that now that Palex are an item, people will see Les Yay between her and Paige. Jay failed to realize that people already saw massive amounts of Foe Yay between Paige and Manny, Paige and Ellie, and Paige and Ashley.
  • Paige, Alex, and Hazel have a fight with whipped cream. Palex becomes canon.
  • In the comic books, there's a guy who harasses Ellie and she makes a comment "or maybe a little bi-curious". Maybe it's just me, but he looks an awful lot like Nagisa Kaoru.
  • Peter had a man-crush on Sean in season 6.
  • It's a common Fanon that Sean was raped in prison.
  • "Who are you gonna vote for: The freak, or the queer? By the way, I'm the freak."
  • Riley and Peter wrestling. Doubles as Fetish Fuel.
    • Riley and Peter KISSING also does that.
    • In season 10, Riley talks to Anya about all the guys he's had crushes on and mentions that he's still not 100% certain Peter is straight.
  • Paige and Ellie kiss in season 7 though Paige makes it more than obvious she doesn't enjoy it.
  • Paige and Darcy kiss in Party Etiquette 2.
  • In season 8, Mia kisses a girl at a party much to Leia's shock.
  • When Alli tries out for cheer leading, she overhears Chantay talking about how the cheerleaders have an auction each year where they get people to bid on dates with them. Alli says, "I would TOTALLY bid on all of you...if I was a guy." This earns a strange look from Chantay.
  • Some fans would say that the way Fiona completely shifts her emotional dependency from Declan onto Holly J in season 10 causes their relationship to border on Les Yay, especially when they start holding hands and walking each other to class.
    • And some fans would be right.