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    Deletionism is a term used to describe tropers that favor relatively strict standards for accepting articles, templates or other pages to the encyclopedia. Conversely, tropers who have beliefs ranging from less strict to no standards barring an article from ATT are said to subscribe to inclusionism. Few editors would explicitly describe themselves as "deletionists", rather the term is often applied as a slur, as self-deprecating humor, or simply used to expose contrast with people describing themselves as inclusionists.

    Tropers who subscribe to a conservative inclusion philosophy are likely to request removal of an article they believe does not meet standards as trope or work page (or related subpages).

    The narrower viewpoint on inclusion does not usually insist that useful information should be deleted. Rather, the decision to keep or eliminate an article is viewed by many as a tool for organizing the information that the project retains. Most often, people promoting the deletion of an article support moving the most important information from that article into a larger parent article on the subject and leaving a redirect to the relevant section.