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Memes associated with or originating from Deltarune.

Spoilers for Undertale and Deltarune ahead.

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    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.


These are memes with origins mostly derived from the real world.

  • Rice Krispies/Krispy Kreme [2]

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

  • GOD FUCKING dammit KRIS where the FUCK are we[11]

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  1. Like this.
  2. This meme is derived from the fact that the protagonist's name is "Kris", and both Rice Krispies and Krispy Kreme spell the "crisp" part of their brand names with a "k".
  3. A joke post by Reddit user TheRealRasenDan in which Kris calls Susie a Barney the Dinosaur look-alike. It... doesn't end well for Kris.
  4. The meme itself originated long before Deltarune, but thanks to a post by (now suspended) Twitter user @Kardiamente, it has since become associated with the character Rouxls Kaard.
  5. A skit made by YouTuber Revtrosity, in which Rouxls eschews his usual Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe schtick in favor of criticizing everyone's culinary skills à la Gordon Ramsay. It, of course, ends with Rouxls screaming "I'M MAKING F*CKING MAC AND CHEESE AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME".
  6. During the epilogue of Chapter 1, Sans will be standing outside the local convenience store. Speak to him and bring up the topic of friends, and he'll ask who he should be friends with first. Say "My Mom", and Sans will jokingly mention having already "befriended" Toriel last night. Judging by Sans's close friendship with Toriel in Undertale and the fact that the word "befriended" is in quotes, this has led many to believe that Sans, *ahem*... did the do the night before. Naturally, the fandom has taken this joke and ran with it.
  7. At the end of Chapter 1, Kris tears out their SOUL and brandishes a knife while staring at the player. People jokingly theorized that Kris had simply wanted to eat Toriel's pie without the player's interference. And they were proven right; at the beginning of Chapter 2, Toriel walks into Kris's room with an annoyed expression on her face and a pie tin in her hands. Instead of a delicious butterscotch-cinnamon pie, however, the tin contains a knife that is explicitly noted to belong to Kris, no doubt the same knife they brandished at the end of Chapter 1. Whether a brilliant case of Throw It In or Toby's intention all along, it's an Ascended Meme either way.
  8. During a driving sequence, Queen will ask Kris to grab a banana in the middle of the road. There's another banana in the Acid Tunnel of Love.
  9. Queen exclaims this if you Get The Banana.
  10. One of the darker memes. The player must keep choosing "proceed" or similar dialogue options to stay on the Weird Route.
  11. Originated as a post by Twitter user @cherryfowl, purporting to be a Chapter 3 leak. Obviously, this is a joke, and what we get instead is Kris and Susie trapped in a Minecraft world, with Susie demanding that Kris explain where they are. Whether or not this becomes an Ascended Meme like the aforementioned "pie joke" remains to be seen.