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Demonic Spiders: Proving that adventure is over-rated since the invention of video games.

  • Pretty much any enemy in Lightning Warrior Raidy that has either a magical or fire breath attack, because armor doesn't reduce the damage they incur. Adding to the annoyance is the fact that you can only restore health with potions, meaning that you can survive the battle and still hurt your long-term game plan because you took so much damage beating them.
  • The title monster in D/Generation is a dark, shapeshifting humanoid that will hide as a file cabinet or fire extinguisher until you walk close--at which point it will chase and decapitate you even if it has to follow you onto another map. If you don't have any grenades, or if you (very likely) waste them all thanks to the fact you can only fire in four rigid directions, the only way to kill it is to run through some environmental hazards and hope that it gets hit and you don't.
  • The fairly-obscure Puzzle Platformer Game Boy game Dexterity plays with an overhead view. You need to flip over all of the tiles on the level to advance (which is sped up by sandwiching blank tiles between them). Anyway, the Demonic Spiders are Humphreys, a fast, erratically-moving enemy that can create wall tiles and if you let them do it in the wrong place, they'll wall off tiles that you need to flip. A level late in the game has two Humphreys, making it That One Level.