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  • Naruto hyperventilating and fainting like a pushover when he discovers that pretty much everyone is ready to kill Sasuke. And Kishimoto expects us to be understanding towards this Failure Hero and agree with him? That. Is. It. I'm done with Naruto.
  • We got a flashback to the struggle with the Kyuubi. We see Kakashi, Gai, Asuma and Kurenai when they were younger, being told to stay behind. Kurenai is specifically told to stay behind so that she can have loads of grandchildren for her father, because she's a woman. He actually says that. No consideration for her choice, just 'you are a woman, have children.' On top of every other sexist thing in this manga this was where I snapped.
  • Sakura's Character Derailment. She seemed to be doing well enough for her character before, reacting as one would probably expect for her position, but then the Kage Summit happens and she blows it all to pieces. First, she tries to trick Naruto into stopping his search for Sasuke, which he doesn't fall for and just makes him angry. Second, she then decides to search for him herself, putting her teammates in harms way for her own justified, but still selfish goals. Third, she actually thinks she can trick him once the two finally meet up. Fourth, after almost getting killed by Sasuke for the second time in the course of the story, she stops herself before stabbing him with a kunai because she still can't wrap her head around what he's done. I could imagine maybe unconsciously missing, that would be a good way to write it, but full-on stopping? Bullcrap. And then finally, after Sasuke leaves, she outright states that she can't do anything anymore and has to leave it up to Naruto and Sasuke. In that one fell swoop, aside from her new abilities established at the beginning of Part 2, all her development over nearly 500 chapters is flushed down the toilet. This is why you don't give the distinction of the "embodiment of the weakness of the human heart" to the female lead, Kishimoto.
  • The third Naruto movie has this one scene that pisses me off. Similar to the "Arthur's Big Hit" example on the Western Animation page, Naruto finally has it with Hikaru. After one too many insults, Naruto finally grabs the little brat and knocks him on the head. This was a small bop, and the kid starts crying bloody murder. Sakura hears this and uppercuts Naruto. Even though the brat was asking for it, everyone looks at Naruto like he's the bad guy. Naruto is tied up and starved until he apologizes. And just to add insult to injury, Sakura taunts Naruto by holding the food in front of him and eating it. This is especially hypocritical of Sakura since she herself has shown no problems when striking children (Konohamaru, anyone?).
  • The Konoha Sports Festival "special". It's basically a long poop joke involving Naruto trying and failing to use the toilet. Shino is uncharacteristically vindictive to Naruto and Chouji is disgusting, rolling through a set of port-a-johns with his jutsu. And the less said about Naruto taking a relay baton up the poop chute, the better. And how does it end? With Naruto finally giving up and pooping himself in front of all his friends. Seriously.
  • The Great Snake Escape. Let's run through the checklist: Killing off my favorite Akatsuki character not named Pain? Check. Having him die pointlessly? Check. Having him lose to Sasuke? Check. Having Sasuke win by breaking the established rules of canon and pulling off something that shouldn't be possible for even the Fourth Hokage? Check.
  • One word Izanami in Itachi's skillset and power. Kishimoto officially made him a God Mode Sue and sucked any and all tension out of the Sasuke and Itachi vs Kabuto fight, as well as reduced Kabuto, who was outsmarting and outgambitting TOBI of all people look like a blithery moron. Even worse now that how Izanami works has been explained.


  • Even in the parody Spin-Off of Naruto, Studio Pierrot manages to fuck up the fillers. Episode 6 of Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth was a Sports Festival episode. During the scavenger hunt, it started off hilarious enough (Lee summoning a demon, Neji looking for a ghost), but they completely ruin it by Naruto's turn, where it was implied that he had to take Sakura's panties. First off, Sakura, being her flandirized filler counterpart, completely ignored that it was beyond Naruto's control and still struck him. Second, the next scene where it shows her healing him and then saying it was the lottery's fault was completely contradictory. Finally, Tsunade was sadistic enough to put Naruto in that type of situation? Fuck Studio Pierrot! Fuck their character derailment! Fuck their fillers! They can't even get a comical spoof such as the Rock Lee series right without making such Wall Bangers!