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Authors, and Websites


  • Recommended by Alexlayer
  • Pairings: Anything!
  • Laryna's fics are different that most for one reason, an extremist in-sight on every characters' mind which expands and adds deep to the characters. She's got several one-shots, collections of drabbles and even long stories, and explored almost every character up to Devil May Cry 3.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Renegades [dead link] by ghost-who-walks

  • Recommended by Unlimited_Archer
  • Synopsis: Fenrir and Hantu are a pair of demons who at one point were under the legendary knght himself. Following his change of heart, they followed as well. The duo hid in the human world, keeping away from the prying eyes of the demon world. However, something or another always seems to pull them back into conflict with the demons. Pre DMC3 for the most part. No word on shipping's yet.

Arrested Ancestry by riversrunthroughme

  • Recommended by Arktos
  • Synopsis: Nero didn't sign up to be interrelated to Sparda's psychotic Wonder Twins. Just his luck: They won't leave him the hell alone. Evil abounds, Vergil raises s'more hell, and Kyrie takes up swearing. Dante just can't believe this crap keeps happening to him. Post-DMC4, hints between Nero andKyrie but really more of a Gen Fic than anything.

The Iscariot Seal by Mistah K

  • Recommended by Gretch
  • Synopsis: Dante and the gang have to prevent the end of the world as we know it.
  • Pairings: Dante/Lady. Not the focus of the story.
  • Comments: It's a good read, with a decent plot, tons of action scenes and suspenseful parts.

This Emptiness is so Real by Night Companion

  • Recommended by eagle 108
  • Synopsis: Post DMC4, Dante heads back to Fortuna on an impulse to check up on Nero, if only because of the possibility that Nero is the only blood relative he has left and to ease his own loneliness.
  • Comments: Somewhat narmy summary aside, it's quite well written. Night Companion plays on the teasing hints of Nero's relationship to Dante, and portrays Dante strongly in the Big Brother Mentor, emphasis on "big brother". Granted, it's only two chapters, but it's a good introspection piece with some action.

Its Own Sort of Elegance by Bakageta

  • Recommended by eagle108
  • Pairing: Nero/Kyrie, but not the main focus.
  • Synopsis: Kyrie deals with grief, thinks about the Devil Bringer, and begins anew.
  • Comments: This is one of those "quiet" fics, where it's introspection, and Bakageta does it beautifully. This piece focuses on Kyrie's thoughts regarding Nero's Devil Bringer post-DMC4, and the simple beauty on the description of his arm, as well how they're both handling their grief.

Like Father, Like Son by Rhiw

  • Recommended by eagle108
  • Synopsis: To wit, "The first time Dante met his son, the runt stole his pizza. The second time he had half the police force of Capulet East after him. The third time he saved the Kid's life and got a kick to the face. This time, he was determined to introduce himself."

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

The Passage of Time by Celestially

  • Recommended by Arktos
  • Pairing: Dante/Lady
  • Synopsis: Lady put up walls. It wasn't that she hated his demonic heritage—not anymore—she simply refused to let him in. It had fascinated and frustrated him ever since they met in Temen-ni-gru, but Dante knew she'd cave eventually. He would just have to wait.
  • Comments: This story, and its companion fic Ephemerality (which focuses on Lady's point of view instead of Dante's), focus again of the interaction between Dante and Lady during DMC 3...with the added benefit of seeing their on-and-off oddball relationship progresses through the years and various other games, past the second game when Dante leaves for hell. Definitely worth a look.

Killing Moon by ShyAnon (AU, M/F sex)

  • Recommended by Charcoal
  • Pairing: Vergil/Lady, mild Dante/Lady
  • Synopsis: The story is set after the first game. After Vergil returns from Hell, Lady reluctantly agrees to help him recover his demonic powers. It's told mostly from Lady's point of view, as she struggles with her feelings for the twins.
  • Comments: It's an immersive story, pretty well written. The pairing is well developed, and the characters aren't OOC.

Consanguinity by auntarctica

  • Recommended by Eldresh
  • Pairing: Dante/Vergil
  • Warnings: yaoi, incest, twincest, mature story
  • Synopsis: Sometimes I think we are like Wrath, o my Brother; stubbornly holding on to a heavy and precarious hatred that will ultimately destroy us both.
  • Comments: If the thought of incest doesn't immediately turn you off from this story, I highly reccomend giving it a shot. Absolutely my favorite depection of Vergil I've seen in a fanfiction so far, and I think they do wonders with the story and the writing. If you don't do a lot of reading, you may want to keep a dictionary on hand for a few chapters, but the wording is beautifully done and the story is excellent.

Crossover Fics

DEVIL MAY CRY: Deviant Bedlam by (Le loup de Kaiser)

  • Recommended by 4seasons
  • Synopsis: Even devils cry. The red trenchcoat wearing anti-hero knows this well. But what makes Dante the person he is? Who knows? But one thing is for sure…as long as there are demons plaguing our society, he'll be there, guns blazing and swords swinging while he wreaks mayhem upon them in style. For the stylish hunter for hire, the words 'chaos' and 'an army of demons' ring only one thing in mind…jackpot!
  • Comments: A well-written Multi-crossover fanfic with five titles, Devil May Cry, Shugo Chara, Zettai Kareshi, Negima, and Rosario + Vampire that I highly recommended.

Dark Defense by Kyugan

  • Recommended by highvalour
  • Synopsis: Before Fudge can appoint Dolores Umbridge as the new DADA Professor, Dumbledore seeks out a candidate of his own. And after all, the best tutors against the Dark Arts are those who are Dark themselves... 5th Year.

Dead or Alive 4: The Devil Factor by Damon Black

  • Recommended by Omega Mega Zord
  • Synopsis: Crossover with Dead or Alive. Dante gets hired for a job by the head of a certain company...
  • Pairings: For DMC characters there's Dante/Lady, Dante/Helena, and Dante/Christie while DOA has Ryu/Kasumi(teased), Ayame/Eliot, and pretty much every DOA character has a chance to be paired with someone.

Of Wizards and Demons: Hogsmeade's Devil Hunter by FaeryMage

  • Recommended by eagle108
  • Synopsis: Dante has more than one famous relative - his great-uncle is Albus Dumbledore, and a "pest control" job request from his grandfather Aberforth and Snape has him headed to England. 7th year.