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  • In the episode where the kids get cereal-box decoder rings, Dee Dee says, "Your club is for IDKSC!" After de-coding the word, Dexter threatens to tell his mother.
    • And then there's that whip scene in the movie. Seriously how the heck did they slip that past the censors?
      • Also from the film, we have a scene where we see Mom and Dad's various limbs up in the air, while they're grunting and saying that "it's not going to fit". Then the camera zooms out. They're playing Twister.
      • That's not the only time Mom and Dad have been playing a harmless game that leads to implications. In one episode, they're having a friendly quarrel over a game of Scrabble, but to Dexter and Dee Dee (who are standing on the other side of the door) it sounds like they're accusing each other of infidelity.
      • The infamous banned episode of Dial M For Monkey "Barbequor" features an Ambiguously Gay villain entitled "The Silver Spooner" as well as Krunk getting intoxicated. The episode was pulled after the first season's original run and was since replaced with "Dexter's Lab: A Story". The episode isn't available on DVD or iTunes, either.
      • Dexter's gym teacher saying "What's this crap" stirred up a little controversy which caused the dialogue to be muted in reruns.
    • And there's this...
    • "You spend so much time in your room doing who knows what!"
    • Let's not forget the monster in the original final episode, Badaxtra.
    • There's also the short in the older cartoons where Dexter goes through the mail until he finds a package for him, excitedly declaring "It's here!" He then rushes through the house, to his lab, then to a mini-submarine that goes who knows how many miles underwater. He then checks to see if he's totally alone, and only then does he open the package and take out a magazine, which he turns sideways to let the pages fall. His eyes get wide and he says, "Ohhhh, sweet mama...." While we hear him whistle, we see that he's looking at a wrench taking up the entire three pages, something reminiscent to a lady on Playboy Magazine.
    • Almost all of the episode Momdark. Holy Christ.
      • The "mandatory suiting up scene" (to quote Mandark) should've been enough to bring the censors a-running all by itself. Then again, considering how often they got away with showing Dexter stark naked...
      • And what about that hands-on approach to mom's feature?
    • Those smugglers are definitely smuggling flour and not something else that's white and powdery.
      • "I assure you it is 100% pure." Uhhhh...
    • Plus, after Dexter has gotten rid of Dee-Dee but finds himself desiring company in the lab, he actually interviews various girls to fill the role of the new Dee-Dee. His eventual (instant) choice: a woman at least 10-20 years older than him of supermodel quality. While none of their interactions in the lab suggest anything squick-y, the way Dexter utter nothing but an entranced "perfect" upon viewing the woman is a bit more adult than one would expect.
    • In the episode "Nuclear Confusion" Dexter has to play Dee Dee's treasure hunt because the object he must find will cause a meltdown if not contained in time. The next clue is with Dexter's neighbor who sports some very noticeable Hartman Hips. The neighbor offers him cookies, but drops one and bends to pick it up, showing the next clue is painted on the seat of her pants. Oh, and what does the clue say? Dad's Trophy.
    • That time Dee Dee switched bodies with Mom and Dad was feeling frisky. She refuses him and its implied their parents' sex life is dead. ("So what else is new?")
    • Dee-Dee: "I've got style, pizzazz, and can kick serious...well, you know.
    • Dexter and Douglas are sitting on the bus listening to a tape and snickering at it. Dee Dee rips their headphones off and we hear "...Chapter 8: Reproduction"; Dee Dee says something to the effect of "Eww! You guys shouldn't be listening to that!", to which another kid on the bus responds...
  • There's an episode where Dexter's brain apparently "overheats" and is "shut down". During said episode, he goes completely crazy, runs around with his hair up and only his underwear on, puts a live fish down in his underwear (which the camera uncomfortably felt inclined to view FROM ABOVE), and then he wraps it up by putting on lipstick and kissing a live goose's butt.
  • The pilot episode has Dexter facing off with his sister turned into a giant. When he ponders doing something about it, he imagines a supermodel woman in only a bikini running up to him and kissing him, causing him to perk up (in more ways than 1 probably). Also, near the end of the episode, his robot is beaten and he lands in DeeDee's hand. She then tells him, she wants to play "Dress up" with him. Dexter begins shouting NO! and how he hates dress up (implying she'd forced him into it before). All while she slowly strips him. Imagine if this was reversed. Unfortunate Implications abound!