Dexter/Tear Jerker

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A show about a man keeping his urge to kill a secret is bound to have some of these.

  • At the end of season one, when Dexter is weeping in the corner after sliting his brothers throat, waiting for him to die
  • The end of Season 4, Dexter kills the Trinity Killer and comes home to finding Rita dead in her bathtub, the entire bathroom covered in her blood with Harrison crying whilst sitting in the blood. Dexter instantly grabs Harrison and runs outside, the expression of grief on his face sells it.
  • In the first episode of Season 5, when Dexter realises just how much he misses Rita, and turns up to her funeral - shellshocked and late - to give a heartbreaking speech about how much she meant to him.
  • In season 5, when Lumen says goodbye to Dexter. One of the few times beyond his brothers death in season 1 that Dexter has nearly teared up