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Authors and Websites

Gemini Star01

  • Recommended by Ananonymuscat
  • Gemini Star is one of the better writers out there, and his/her fics are just amazing. Some of them contain Yaoi, or Twincest though, so don't say I didn't warn you.

Lord Archive's Librium (Lemon, Explicit Content, Dark Fic)

  • Recommended by Stratagemini
  • Pairing(s): Many and varied ranging from Kari/T.K. to Davis/Anything That Moves
  • Lord Archive has a wide range of stories, but he really shines in treating the psychological and sexual implications of the Digidestined being isolated from society by their experiences and what happens as they reach puberty, as seen in his Diaries Series. His Neo-Digital War series is also extremely dark. All of the stories are well written.
    • Seconded by Wildwest666. He, in the first chapter of his Diaries series, wrote that "The one thing I can't stand as an intellectual pervert are lemons with no plot." And he makes sure that his lemons have plot.

The Works of Chris McFeely

  • Recommended by Gatomon41
  • Chris McFeely is well known for his website the Digimon Encyclopedia, which serve d as THE source for Digimon information before the advent of The Other Wiki. Chris wrote a series of fanfics, some serious (like the AU story Ascension). But his most well known works were parodies involving the Digimon cast (both humans and Digimon), as well as several Fox Kids executives (including a trio on inept Censors and Jeff Nimoy) in bizarre situations. Eventually, the whole gang ends up traveling the Multiverse, starting hilarious crossovers with Star Trek, Power Rangers, Transformers Robots in Disguise, Happy Days, and even Pokémon. Sadly, most of the fics were erased due to being scriptfics on Fanfiction.net. Luckily, McFeely reposted the stories to his website.


  • Recommended by Zim'sMostLoyalServant
  • The author of the "Digimon Omnibus" series, an AU series that blends elements and characters from all over the Digimon franchise. So far only two stories (of a planned six) have been published, and the second one has been suffering from repeated Schedule Slips, but what is there is very much worth a read.


  • Recommended by Aragorn
  • Hedgi has written 6 stories about Digimon: 2 one shots, a series of one-shots, completed two multi-chaptered stories and a in progress multi-chaptered story. The stories are very interesting, and have well used plot twists.

Digimon Reboot

  • Recommended by The Otaku Ninja
  • An original series utilizing its own universe and original characters to tell an engrossing story that could serve as its own season. There's a whole bunch of background information, and the character images are well-drawn, and feel like something out of the TV show.
    • I don't agree on the images (they could use work) but I find the series enjoyable.

UltraSonic007, xXxTheBeastxXx, Sliver1, goggleboy4444


  • Recommended by Keyseeker
  • Crazyeight has written a lot of Digimon fanfictions and most of them are pretty good. They come up with some interesting storylines and are great at fulfilling their potential. They wrote the "Fourth Wall" series as well as the "Tamers Requiem" series.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

What They Didn't show Us by Starcatcher AD

  • Recommended by Wildtail16 (Who is editing for the first time, so don't blame this troper for sloppiness)
  • Synopsis. "What They Didn't Show Us" What really happened while the others were in Malo Myotismon's illusion world? The truth is stranger—and funnier—than initially believed. Because annoying the bad guy is in the hero's job description. Contains dialogue, random humor, and general silliness. (quote on quote summary from author).
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: Just a small one-shot speculation on what was happening to Davis/Daisuke while the other Digidestined were trapped in Malo Myotismon's illusion. Needs more love, so this troper finally decided to log on and add it.

Tamers--The Colony by D Jsapien

  • Recommended by Gr3mlinify
  • Synopsis."Digimon Tamers the Colony" At the start of the summer before University; Takato, Rika, and Henry return to the Digital World to rescue Jeri from a newly reanimated Leomon and the evil entity, Thanatos. The group finds a colony of trapped Tamers and realize that Jeri may not let them leave.(mostly copied from the FF.net summary).
  • Status: Indefinite Hiatus

Salva Nos by Ajora

  • Recommended by lettergirlmj
  • Synopsis: In the year 2000, something went wrong and changed history as we know it. 15 years later, Takeru and Daisuke must search for a way to fix things. AU, all season crossover (except Xros Wars because it just came out)
  • Comments: This is possibly the best all-seasons crossover I have seen in the Digimon fandom. Nearly all the major characters get their time in the spotlight, although Takeru and Daisuke remain the main focus throughout the story. The characterization is phenomenal, and the amount of research that went into making the fic believable is astounding. However, people unfamiliar with the games may not recognize a few characters important to the story (but as long as they know who Ryo and Milleniummon are, they are fine). The only bad thing about the fic is that it has been on hiatus for a long time (although the author has promised to finish it someday). Nevertheless, this world Ajora has created is so amazing that it is definately worth exploring.

Digimon Adventure Remix 02 by Marheavenangel

  • Recommended by clockwork11
  • Synopsis: Takes place 2 years after the events of Digimon Adventure, things start to get weird again, and the original digidestined have nightmares of an evil shadow stealing the power of their crest virtues, destroying their digivices. New enemies have captured the Digimon Sovereigns, they call the original 8 back to save the digital world, as well as the new digidestineds, Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken. Pairings: Tai/Sora, Matt/Mimi, Davis/Kari and TK/Yolei, as well as some other ship teases.

Manzanar by Gemini Star00

  • Recommended by Ananonymuscat
  • Synopsis: (Shamelessly copied from Fanfiction.net) Kouji and Kouichi find themselves in a Japanese-American interment camp in World War 2 California. They're certain that the Digimon have something to do with their coming here, but to what end?
  • Comments: The story surprisingly believable, and the OCs are done well, right down to Takuya's Identical Grandfather.

Final Hope By KH Lost Empress

  • Recommended by Serenityrose
  • Synopsis: A few years after the ending of Adventure 02, Takeru(who has been living in France with his mother) returns to Japan- and his friends. At first things seem to be going well, but a strange prophecy spells doom, Darkness is lurking, and disaster is about to strike.

Digimon Burst Dimensions, by Valkyrie15

  • Recommended by miltrebornhoj
  • Pairings: OC,
  • Synopsis: "Digimon Burst Dimensions" is an OC story that is heavily based off the anime seasons of Digimon. Here, eight people are transported into the world of Digimon, where they have adventures, and eventually uncover a discovery that could lead to the end of the Digital World.

My Brother hosted by Taiki Matsuki

  • Recommended by Keyseeker
  • Synopsis: What would have happened if Osamu had lived through the car accident that took his life instead of being dead before the series began? What would he be like as a Chosen Child? What would this do to Ken's fragile psyche? This story attempts to answer all of these questions and more, and so far has done a great job of doing so.
  • Pairing(s): N/A, slight hints of Foe Yay in later chapters, but no pairings
  • Tags: AU, humor, really dark humor on the part of Osamu, Currently In-Progress

Inner Demons Phase One: Rising Shadow by Infinity Blade

  • Recommended by Comartemis
  • Synopsis: An AU of Tamers that shows what might have happened if Takato's partner had been Impmon.

Tamers Unlimited by rgm0005/Ryuugi

  • Recommended by Aarik
  • Synopsis: An AU of Tamers that also has Impmon as Takato's partner, but also has him and the other tamers hired by Hypnos as anti-Digimon fighters. Currently a bit short and in progress, but both the detailed fight scenes and an interesting take on the personalities of the main characters has me riveted to the story.

The Connection by arpulver (Dub-based. AU, but only by the strictest definition.)

  • Alternate Links: Level 1: Worlds, Level 2: Children, Level 3: Experiments
  • Recommended by Legiondude
  • Synopsis: What's the connection between the various seasons of Digimon? The answer lies in a government conspiracy and an amazing advancement in computers. Takes place after the 02 epilogue and Tamers.

Zero 2: A Revision by Ultra Sonic 007 (Mainly uses the dub names and terms, with a few exceptions. Essentially turns the original timeline into an AU.)

  • Recommended by Legiondude
  • Synopsis: Digimon Adventure 02. You thought you knew it. But not this one. This is a revision. A restart. A whole new look at the series...and one that will change everything...

A Grain of Sand: Adventure 03 by Apocalypsering (It uses the dub names and terms)

  • Recommended by Apocalypsering. Hopefully someone else will shortly.
  • Synopsis: Set shortly after the events of 02, the arrival of a new Digidestined sets off a chain of events that nearly end in catastrophe. As the crest of Light finally collides with its polar opposite, the Chosen Children must use any help they can get to fend off the encroaching darkness.
  • Comments: The narrator changes every chapter. Each main character including the digimon and the fan-made characters is used at least once. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the narrator at first. The story tries to hold to the spirit of the original Adventure while deviating occasionally into more abstract ideas about fate.

Digital Shuffle by Famira Damaris

  • Recommended by Catch The Sun
  • Synopsis: Barely days before the Juggernaught's activation, it is hacked into and taken over by a rogue Digimon. At the same time, Takato is kidnapped by another Digimon, this time of the Shape Shifter variety. And after that... it gets worse...

Dream Fever by SilvorMoon

  • Recommended by Catch The Sun
  • Synopsis: One day, the Digidestined receive an e-mail from Gennai calling for them to come to the Digital World. There, they learn that Gennai has taken deathly ill from the titular Dream Fever, a disease native to his home dimmension.

See The Sky Again by Jehuty42

  • Recommended by Gatomon41
  • Synopsis: Set after Digimon Adventure 02, the Digidestined must face strange occurrences affecting the Digital World.

Eternal Memories, Pain and Love By The Forgotten Dragon (Completed)

  • Recommended by Anonymous738
  • Synopsis: Why was Veemon sealed away? So he may be released at a time of crisis and when he is needed? Or was it fear? Of something else? What if Veemon wasn't alone? What if, he was sealed away, for a much better reason? Past entwines with the present and darkness was soon to follow.

"Yang Yin" by Akino Ame

  • Recommended by Lady Iapetus
  • Plot: Remember those four kids from episodes 40 and 41 of Digimon Frontier, the ones hanging around with Angemon? What if they had the Spirits of the other Four Legendary Warriors? And what if the five kids picked by Lady Ophanimon weren't out to save the Digital World, but destroy it?

Tamers Requiem: Book 0, Book 1, Book 2. Book 3, Book 4, and Book5 all by Crazyeight.

  • Recommended by Life of Pi
  • Plot: In book one, Hazard's Sorrow, the plot is kicked off when a Lucemon bio-emerges into the real world and deletes Guilmon as retribution for the damage he had caused to the digital world as Megidramon. In desperation, Takato rescans his drawing... What follows is an epic story where numerous factions, such as X-Digimon, Lucemon, a mysterious being named Oni, the Royal Knights and, worst of all, Milleniummon all fight among each other for their own goals, with the Tamers caught in the middle.
  • Comments: The Tamers' Requiem Series reflected the canon anime characters nigh-perfectly and develops them constantly throughout the series, although it can tend to drag a bit. The science used by Hypnos seems to fit perfectly with the technology used on the show. All the various Digital Worlds are also knit together nearly perfectly, by using the Quadrants' mentioned in the Sovereigns flavor text as standing for the different digital worlds.

Digimon Arcadia by The King Of Dastards

  • Recommended by M.W.Midnight
  • Synopsis: In the 22nd Century, the Digimon and Human Worlds have collided and united, with the super-city of Arcadia, ruled by Rehnquist Enterprises and other companies, acting as the powerful nexus in the center of their interaction. After four young teenagers go to get their digimon partners, an anti-digimon terrorist attack results in violent, demonic digimon attacking the human world, unleashing a host of government experiments into the world. With some of these monsters as their partners, and a new type of digivice called the D-Soul, a new generation of Chosen Children must shed light on the shadows behind the government's dark dealings, not to mention those behind the truth of the last generation of Chosen...
  • Comments: Not based on any canon season but rather an original entry into the series itself, Digimon Arcadia is a gripping story of the darker consequences of a victory for the Chosen Children. This fanfic's still rather new, but it's updated regularly and is excellently written.

Wira Digital by Alforce Zero

  • Recommended by Bob Greenlake
  • Synopsis: A team of children from Malaysia are drawn into a conflict with an ancient enemt. Basically it's like the plot of season 1, but with a lot of deviation once you get past the first 10 chapters or so.
  • Comments: Probably one of the best Digimon ElsewhereFics this troper has read. It's pretty gripping and a lot of scenes from it can be pretty awesome. Plus it can really enlighten people about the culture and customs of Malaysia for those not from it, since the creator is Malaysian and this is considered his best work.
    • It also breaks Infant Immortality by having an evil Digimon kill one of the main characters in cold blood. They don't get better.

What Comes Next by Starshone

  • Recommended by nighttrainfm
  • Synopsis: Tamers, post-series. Life doesn't flip back to normal as seamlessly as it did in the last episode, and the kids have to deal with the aftermath of saving the world naked on national television.
  • Comments: It's funny, believable, and gets pretty meta by the end: the main three meet their own voice actors and Jenyra discovers the horrors of bad fan-fiction.

Digimon Genesis by the-magna-angel

  • Recommended by mydoctor93
  • Synopsis: "Five humans are unwillingly sent into the Digital World, aided only by the power of being able to transform into Digimon. Can they defeat the ghastly evil that rules there?", the official summary goes.
  • Comments: A Darker and Edgier version of Digimon, remniscient of Digimon Frontier. The summary, strictly speaking, applies from the twenty-third chapter; the previous twenty-two describes how the humans got the powers in the first place. The story completely captivated this troper who always preferred Pokemon over Digimon. Deals with original Digimon. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in months.

The Meeting Of The Goggle Boys by "Ori" Uploaded by Taiki_Matsuki with permission

  • Recommended by siotle
  • Synopsis: The goggle boys from the first four seasons meet to discuss the possibility that one of the seasons will get a sequel.

Reboot by Schnickledooger

  • Recommended by lettergirlmj
  • Synopsis: After an accident in the Digital World that takes Tai's memories away, the other Digidestined return there to put an end to the digimon that attacked and forced them to face their inner demons. A story of friendship and forgiveness. Tai-Matt-Sora centric.

The Alternative Factor by Schnickledooger

  • Recommended by The Violent Tomboy
  • Synopsis: AU Season 01. In a world that has co-existed with Digimon for the past twenty years, humans and their partners battle against the Virus type Nightmare Soldiers set on casting the world into darkness. Eight kids will help reshape the future.

Devil's Advocate by rgm0005/Ryuugi

  • Recommended by Devkyu, Aarik, Zulaq, Keyseeker
  • Synopsis: Takato thought it was all a game. Lucemon played upon that belief. And the Digital World trembled, as that smiling boy walked. Things would never be the same again.
  • Comments: Set in Tamers where Takato essentially believes he's won the chance to beta test a new game (aka, Digimon Adventure 02) and Lucemon is his ever-increasingly sadistic guide NPC. Gloriously plays with all the sadistic things people do as gamers. Words cannot express just how damn good this is.

Don't fall asleep by The Fallen Starmaster

  • Recommended by: soundlessMion
  • Synopsis: From Fan Fiction.net - Tai falls asleep, but things are not the same when he wakes up.

Following the Footsteps of Destiny by Broken Angel01 [1]

  • Recommended by: Keyseeker
  • Synopsis: It's been 25 years since the end of 02 and the Digidestined have all grown up and had kids. The gate to the Digital World closed 15 years ago and the Digidestined have gone on with their lives while keeping the Digital World a secret from their kids. Until, that is, the kids recieve Digivices of their own...
  • Pairings Takari, Mimato, Taiora, and Kenyako but they're all background pairings. The focus is on the kids.

The Digimon Apocalypse Trilogy: Apocalypse, Gog, Magog by Fruitloop Trooper

Digimon Revolutions series Saga 1, Intermission, Saga 2 by Yggdrasil_Rk

  • Recommended by Demongodofchaos 2
  • Synopsis: Basically, it is a Redux of the The First series to start, but adds elements from a lot of Digimon Scources through Digimon Savers, though since it started in 2008, it is not known if any Digimon Xros Wars elements will appear.

Radiant Sacrifice, by MechaUltimaZero

Apology by Higuchimon

  • Recommended by Dave The Analyzer
  • Synopsis: Ken decides it's time he apologized for some of what he did, and he decides to start with Taichi and Agumon.

A Captive Light by Hedgi

  • Recommended by Ellowenna.
  • Synopsis: Set just after episode 8, Ken plots his revenge. He realizes that the DigiDestined's greatest strength is also a weakness- they are loyal to a fault and would do anything for a friend. He plots to kidnap one of them to use as a hostage. However, his minions fail and only manage to capture Gatomon. Emotions run high as the kids try to rescue their friend, while Kari is convinced that history is repeating and something terrible is coming. She's right.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Digimon Dark Journey, by Corim/Leo Half Bauncho

  • Recommended by Corben C
  • Pairings: Rika/Takato, Patamon/Gatomon, Kairi/Davis, Ken/Yolie, Henry/OC,
  • Synopsis: Introducing Digimon Dark Journey, Finally, the Mystery of the Dark Area, revealed. And just who were the five original digi-Destined? Ever wanted to see all the digiworlds combine? Witness it, finally. Digimon Adventure 02, with guest appearances by the cast of Adventure. All includes main characters from Tamers, Frontier, and Savers! And several original characters, human and digimon, combined into one grand Journey through the dark area!

Fighting by SilvorMoon

  • Recommended by Malchus
  • Synopsis: The impossible has happened: Ruki has lost a fistfight. What she decides to do about it will change her life.
  • Pairing: Jenrya/Ruki (Henry/Rika)

Challenge of Fatherhood by Foxzet

  • Recommended by Krer
  • Synopsis: Gatomon dies after giving birth to the child of Patamon and her. Patamon is forced to raise the baby on his own until Gatomon reborns. However, life isn't easy even after Gatomon comes back.
  • Pairings: Patamon/Tailmon (Patamon/Gatomon)

It Might Be You by Tears

  • Recommended by juniebug
  • Synopsis: Takuya and Izumi are opposites with nothing in common. After a fateful incident, they still have nothing in common. But an attraction- that's new...
  • Pairings: Takumi (Takuya/Izumi) (Takuya/Zoe)
  • Comments: Funny, smart, and full of irony, this story is one every Takuya/Izumi fan should read; it's one of the best Takuya/Izumi fics if not the best. Some of the characters are OOC and Takuya gets a new family, but it goes with the story.

Crossover Fics

Bitter Like Regret by Amarielah

  • Recommended by Odafangirl
  • Fandoms: ×××HOLiC, Digimon
  • Synopsis: "Ken says his memories of being the Kaiser are fuzzy. This is a possible reason why. One-shot crossover with xxxHolic."
  • Comments: A wonderful explanation of Ken's personality post-breakdown, with every characters written flawlessly. It is predictable, no question, and you can pretty much tell what happens by reading the summary. Still, it is wonderfully told, and makes for a fantastic little one-shot.

Balance by Gemini Star00 (Warnings:implied KouKou)

  • Recommended by Ananonymus cat
  • Fandoms: Loveless, Digimon
  • Synopsis: The new kids, the twins, are different. Takuya knows this, he's seen them, watched them. But he never expected how different they really are...nor how much of an effect they are going to have on his life.
  • Comments: A very well done fusion fic, that incorporates, not only characters from Frontier, but also other seasons.

Digimon Fusion Kai by Kanius (uses dub terms, but utilizes some terms from the original JP version. This is an AU universe that follows the Dragonball storyline, but does preserve the Digimon spirit)

  • Recommended by SoulEaterHaruhis0s
  • Fandoms: Digimon, Dragonball Z
  • Synopsis: A (third) revision of an old fanfic series written faaaar back in the early 2000s. It starts with Digimon Adventure, but after Myotismon's defeat, follows the DBZ storyline (but WITHOUT any DB character; not even cameos). Instead, it utilizes the plot and incorporates story elements from the series. This is a refreshed version with cleaned-up and revised writing. Word of God says he plans to extend past 100 chapters overall. The first season (adapting the Saiyan and Freeza arcs) is complete with 54 chapters. The 02 Time Skip (adapting the Artificial Human and Cell arcs) is finish up till chapter 98. Season 2.5 has started which adapt a 'pseudo' tamers arc. Season 3 is coming this year, which will adapt the Majin Buu arc. A sequel called Cross Generations is coming next year, which will adapt Dragonball GT with characters from Data Squad and Xros Wars. It will be co-authored by AnimatedFord.

Harry Potter and the Digimon Frontier by Gemini Star00 (has a sequel, Yin)

  • Recommended by Ananonymuscat
  • Fandoms: Harry Potter, Digimon Frontier,
  • Synopsis: For five years, the kids of Frontier have been training as Japanese wizards. Now they've got the chance to study abroad, in England of all places. But there are some odd things happening. Digimon...at Hogwarts?
  • Comments: Don't let the title fool you, inspired by The Best Defense, this is one of the most thought out crossovers you are likely to find, everyone is in character, and the plot makes perfect sense.


  • Recommended by Gatomon41
  • Synopsis: Digimon meets Bolo. That's right, Keith Laumer's Supertanks face off against a horde of evil Digimon. Awesomeness ensues.

The DigiCross Series by Patrick O'Shea

  • Recommended by Retro7
  • Fandoms: Digimon, Pokémon
  • Synopsis: A series of fics that believably clash the worlds of the Digimon and Pokemon worlds together. The "OVA" and the "TV Series" are generally an alternate take on season 2 of Digimon when a stranger from the Pokemon world gets tossed into the Digimon world and set a whole chain of events that alter the course of both worlds. There are also stories based on Digimon Tamers and Digimon Frontier as well as a few originals.