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  • In Digimon Adventure, Ogremon's only desire is to duke it out with Leomon, and he visibly tears up when Leomon passes away.
    • Jeff Nimoy (the writer, story editor and director for the English translation) has stated (joked?) that he wrote Izzy and Tentomon's dialogue together as if they were gay lovers.
    • Then there's Sora and Mimi, who were awfully...eager to strip off and shower together in one episode.
    • Tai[chi] and Matt (Yamato). Wrestle-to-the-ground fistfights, hand-holding, and head-cradling have all been seen--the Japanese version even includes a scene where they yank Joe's towel off at a hot springs bath.
      • And the freaking angelic "arrows of love," with an explicit "like Cupid" comparison, combined with manful hand-holding before their first digimon warp digivolve to Mega level in "Prophecy."
      • Ahem.
    • Tai[chi] and Izzy (Koushiro) have a lot of moments too, particularly when Matt's not around.
  • Adventure 02: When a young Chosen/Digidestined girl begins flirting with Ken, Wormmon becomes very jealous.
    • Ken and Daisuke/Davis have their moments, too.
    • Nothing about Miyako? The blanant, Utena-inspired flowery fantasies of Mimi, then there's her and Hikari...
    • Hell, there's even some who see Ho Yay between Takeru and Iori (who are 11 and 9, respectively). Then again, given the "synchronize our hearts" nature of Jogress evolution/DNA-Digivolution, I guess the Ho Yay was completely inevitable.
    • What about TK (Takeru) and Ken? In one episode (the one where TK Takes a Level In Badass and rips Ken a new one), this troper sensed a bit of flirting in TK's words, and the fact that they make Ken so flustered.
    • Oikawa's entire motivation is his suspiciously obsessive friendship with Hiroki Hida.
  • Digimon Tamers: Henry/Jenrya/Jianliang/WHATEVER to Takato, after talking about their differences in their way of doing things: "...That must be why I like you so much." Oh, and... every single frame of the episode "Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure," a Filler episode starring Those Two Guys.
    • Fans also like to interpret Renamon's absolute devotion to Rika and their entire relationship as a whole as Les Yay. Even JesuOtaku pointed out in her Digimon retrospective that their way of interacting with one another is reminiscent of lovers.
  • In Digimon Frontier, the amount of hints of Ho Yay for Takuya/Kouji in the series is shocking. Especially once you read between the lines.
  • Marcus/Masaru and Thomas/Touma from Digimon Savers.
    • Kouki is also very keen on defeating Masaru, to say the least. It doesn't help that his colleagues Nanami and Ivan have blatant attractions to Touma and Yoshino respectively.
    • That's to say nothing of the amount of Les Yay between Yoshino and her partner, Lalamon.
  • Digimon Xros Wars: Kiriha really wants Taiki as his underling. The opening screen of one episode even had him looking at drawing of Taiki with "My Taiki" above it.
    • Then there's Nene and Akari, from episode 23 and beyond. Akari is even the one who gets Nene to first open up and smile. In the manga, we also have this scene between the two of them.