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David Beale

David is one of the least antagonistic characters. He is shown to be very open and joking, having many friends. However, he has also been shown to have a dark side, such as in Episode 8 when he is forced to kill off any other college students in his immediate area, doing so without showing much remorse. Regardless he is a kind and courageous character who takes hunting very seriously.

His partner is Coronamon.


David's Digimon Partner, he has a calm disposition and likes to taunt David about girls. He is wiser than he looks, and has the vibe he knows as much as Sorcerermon and Apemon about hunting, as shown when David debutes his Battle Digivolution in Episode 08

Through Battle Digivolution, he can become Firamon.

Zhane Tracer

Zhane is David's best friend, who Contracted after a near-fatal motorcycling accident. He values heroism, and is happy to help people with his power.

His Partner is Kumamon.


Chases Wolves

Chase is an American Indian Hunter partnered with Apemon, who's primary colour motif is green, the same as that of Book I itself. Word of God holds that Chase and Hikari are the stars of Book I, and that it is "Chase's Story". He's the oldest hunter introduced, in terms of the length of time he's been Hunting.


Chase's partner Digimon, it is currently unknown how their paths crossed. He and Chase seem to have the relationship of old war veterens; Fitting that, Apemon is also very strong.

His Ultimate form is confirmed as Gokuwmon, but how he reaches this form hasn't been revealed yet.

Hikari Akarui


Deep Beale


Alison Kingsley


Kyle Roberts


Kaoru Arakawa

A highly antagonistic Japanese young man. He has been shown to be cold and aloof, but also extremely violent and easily angered (such as episode 11). He is known not to eat or do much other than hunting, and it has been shown that his violent ways have made him semi-famous amongst other Hunters.

His partner is Tsukaimon.


Eliot Takashi


The Contractor

San Chikara

A trio of hunters, who, according to Word of God are coposed of the No.2, No.3 and No.5 Penultima Kilo in the world. Not much info is known, yet.