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Authors and Websites

Taiki Matsuki

  • Recommended by RRM
  • This author focuses mostly on Slash pairings (Takato and Henry being the most common), has many engaging stories with lots of comedy, which range from drabbles to long, novel-size stories; His specialty are the Curtain Fics and WAFF. As a general rule, the newest fanfics are deeper and more complex, but all of his fics are worth checking out even if you're not into Slash, because they tend to be hilarious.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

What If? by Bookworm Gal

  • Recommended by: Lightshade
  • Synopsis: Based off the Marvel comics idea of What If, this series of six different ideas revolving mainly around Impmon and how the decisions he made changed the course of the Tamers story time and again. Each chapter is entitled with a different question, such as What if they missed the Ark? or What if Jeri took his hand?
  • Comments: Simply put, this series was a real gem to find. Many Digimon authors often forget about the ensemble cast that makes up the universe, no matter what season they focus on, and focus on one or two characters. This author, while focusing on Impmon, also keeps a firm grasp on how small changes would affect the entire cast as a whole. Jeri in particular is written spot on, maintaining her depression without turning into an OOC-wangst fest at any point. The stories range in tone from a Fix-It Fic that manages to resurrect Leomon without breaking canon and an extremely dark fic where the D-Reaper wins.

Digital Prey by Orca1_9904

  • Recommended by: Orca1_9904
  • Synopsis: An adaptation of The Most Dangerous Game set between episodes 18 and 22 of the series. Renamon's tamer is taken hostage by a powerful digimon who desires to hunt Renamon for sport.
  • Comments: My first fan fiction set in the Digimon series; it has gotten mostly positive reviews from readers on deviantArt.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast. Tamers Forever Series, by Daneel Rush.

  • Recommended by: Lunacorva
  • Synopsis: Tamers Forever, is a five book epic that begins as an informal romantic centreing around protagonist Takato Matsuki developing a crush on female tamer Rika Nonaka and the hilarious lengths he is prepared to go to for her sake.

From the second book onwards however, Tamers forever begins to grow darker and more epic in scope:
During his travels to find the Tamers' old Digimon, Takato receives a powerful Digivice known as the Omnivice, along with the Omnivice's sarcastic AI (which he names Ruki). The mysterious "Triad" who gifted Takato with the Omnivice inform him of a prophecy that predicts the destruction of all things within the near future. As one of the Six "Enlightened Ones", Takato is destined to play an instrumental role in the coming war. But this knowledge does not remain a secret. Soon, powerful Digimon begin crossing over into Shinjuku, seeking the power of the "Omni-Tamer" for themselves. Takato's skill as a Tamer is pushed to the limit as he struggles to fight off what promises to be only the beginning of a bloody and dangerous conflict.

But Takato is special for an entirely different reason; he possesses within him a terrible destructive power, a power that manifests during times of great fury and grief. A power that could be the key to the world's salvation...

... or the instrument of its destruction.

  • Pairing(s):Rika/Takato
  • Comments: Don't let the awkwardly cheesy first chapter throw you off, this is a highly engaging and incredibly well written series. Shipping Bed Death and Romantic Plot Tumour are mercifully Averted and the characters and relationships feel believable and natural, developing in an organic fashion rather than relying on formula like so many other romance stories and the insanely hilarious comedy moments ensure that the reader is never bored.

The plot is fast paced and engaging with frequent twists and hooks that grip the readers interest. The author has a talent for creating immersive and evocative scenes and please oh please dont get me started on the fight scenes.