Dimension Heroes

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Five teens. Four Dark Overlords. Hundreds of monsters. One huge adventure.

Dimension Heroes is an original Web fiction serial by "PC-200X", originally released in 2006. It tells the story of five teens who stumble across futuristic battle suits and subsequently fall under attack by monsters from the parallel world of Creturia. As the story progresses, the teens come to realize that these battle suits belong to a group of interdimensional police known as the Dimensional Guardians, who protect the multiverse from beings who overstep their boundaries and travel to other worlds to cause chaos. They also learn that due to these powers crossing dimensions, a tear has formed in the space/time continuum, and if they don't find a way to repair it, each world will destroy the other. Adding to their problem is the threat of the Dark Overlords, strange humanoid monsters who want nothing more than to exploit this dimensional rip for their own nefarious purposes.

It can be found at the author's FictionPress page.

While Dimension Heroes is written in prose, the author treated it like a Saturday morning cartoon, laying out each "chapter" as an "episode" and each "book" as a "season." While he was actively writing he updated the story with a new "chapter piece" every Saturday morning. In August 2008 he began a second season, entitled "Angel Mountain", but abandoned it after two chapters. He has written nothing since, and has not updated his profile page since 2012.

Tropes used in Dimension Heroes include: