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  • Vetinari's luxury dungeon cell blows my mind every time I read it.
    • Not just the cell itself, the rats. OMG, the rats.
  • Carrot arresting a dragon.
    • At the conclusion, when told to throw the book at Lupine Wonse, he obliges. As it happened, the aforementioned book weighed several pounds, and caused the head clerk to tumble backwards, and fall several stories to his death.
    • Another, earlier one, besides beating an entire bar, including a bunch of trolls, is when he was told to 'charge these men', meaning arrest them. He promptly backs away, and the reader has enough time to remember he takes everything literally... when Carrot runs, screaming, at the men, two axes in each hand, throws the axes, barely missing, and then runs at the armed men bare-handed. This is only the establishing moment of awesome, however.
    • We get an early evidence of Carrot's charisma when his speech to an entire bar's worth of drunken and fighty dwarves cause them all to realise the error of their ways, weep in shame and decide to write back home to their mums.
  • Pratchett is fond of characters paraphrasing the "Do you feel lucky?" speech from Dirty Harry. It gives Vimes one of his earliest awesome moments, in Guards! Guards!.
    • Guards! Guards! has FABRICATI DIEM, PVNC engraved over the door of the Watch House, for more Dirty Harry-based fun.
  • Although the Dragon was a villain (sort-of), the Dragon becoming King (or rather, Queen) of Ankh-Morpork.
  • Vetinari's speech to Vimes about the nature of men's souls and the sea of evil. That is all.

Vetinari: "A person like you thinks that there are good men and bad men... There are, always and only, bad men - but some of them are on different sides."

    • Vimes' counter to the speech.