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  • Verence and Magrat order a book on sex from Ankh-Morpork. When Shawn Ogg unwraps it, he and the wizards look over it in awe... and it turns out that Verence had ordered a book on Martial, not Marital, Arts by mistake.

Shawn: He's doing it with his feet! I didn't know you could do it with your feet!
And, look, here's one where both chaps are doing it with sticks...

  • Hodgesaargh the royal falconer. He's named like that because a man's name is what he says when he introduces himself.
  • Casanunda and Nanny's dinner... or any other activity they engage in (which is never the obvious one).
  • Let's not forget the lead-up to Nanny Ogg's bath, which causes the locals to barricade themselves in their homes.
  • The elf giving Lady Jane the falcon one order: "Kill". Which she carries out with gusto... on the elf. Hodgesaargh casually notes that yeah, that's what happens when he tries it too.