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    These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fan Fics, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be Zapped (wiki). Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

    Do warn when a fanfic may head into homosexual or non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

    Authors, and Websites

    sadistic lunatic

    • Recommended by Alexlayer
    • Focus: Strongly focused on Squall and Lightning so far.
    • Warning: Heavy violence at times.
    • With five stories, one of them ongoing and some of them connected, this writer shows an amazing work on portrayal and exploration of characters, plus a narration that can get brutally descriptive when it must to deliver impact into the reader.

    General Fics

    Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

    A Clash of Heroes by Mengde

    • Recommended by OK'Ssuka?
    • Synopsis: Cosmos and Chaos fight a war eternal, but the face of the conflict will be forever changed when the Goddess of Order calls for aid from two proven warriors. Before Tidus, there was Auron… and before Cloud, there was Sephiroth. This is their story.
    • Comments: This could be seen as a prequel fic to the events that occur in the main story of the game. Characterization is well done and shines within the dialogue between Auron and Sephiroth. Mechanics of the game itself are also given a rather interesting explanation and the action is well illustrated and face-paced. Currently this fan fiction is in progress.

    Half of the Cosmos Warriors in a Hole? by celticskyedancer

    • Recommended By: The Tambourine Man
    • Synopsis: Half of the Cosmos Warriors get stuck in a hole. For lack of a better word, hilarity ensues.
    • Comments: A little strange and very funny. Highlights include Warrior of Light's pet Behemoth and Terra's Onion Knight Sense.

    Shine Like the Sun by Wi REP

    • Recommended By: Hobgoblin
    • Synopsis: The other nine characters of the original Dissidia get to know Tidus on a personal level. Each chapter takes place from a different P.O.V.
    • Comments: A well written piece that really shows off the characters that people have grown to love over the course of these several years.

    CuchiCuchiCoo by Red Sky Night

    • Recommended By: Hobgoblin
    • Synopsis: The cast meets Laguna.
    • Comments: Hilarity ensues.

    Jobs, Money, and Chaos by sin2cos21

    • Recommended By: Forced Dj
    • Synopsis: After Chaos loses all of his money due to gambling, the warriors of Chaos has to help by getting a job. Not a lot of good things happen to them.
    • Comments: Ceasefire is one of the worst things that happens to the Chaos warriors, but this is one funny crack fic/humor fic. Namely, it involves cars being destroyed for breaking a simple law, or running a red light, or their jobs ending in being fired. Also, the warriors of Cosmos are there, but they don't fight each other(ceasefire).

    Mateus is Mr Wonderful by Negetive2digit

    • Recommended by The Magician Type 0
    • Synopsis: A story set in the daily lives of the Dissidia cast, mainly featuring The Emperor and his cronies as they face the difficulty of their lives and causing chaos in general. Better Than It Sounds. The first Story Arc, the Base Saga is complete, with the Puppeteer's Wheel Saga currently up and running.
    • Comments: Simply hilarious, and the battle scenes, while shamelessly (and admitted by the author) ripping off similar scenes from Dragon Ball Z, don't fail to deliver, and you need only a basic knowledge of Dissidia battle mechanics to understand several of the terms used in the story. A good read, and you will get a laugh of the wacky story.

    Dissidia: A Taste of Life by megasean3000

    • Recommended by RitiTroll
    • Synopsis:To stop the cycle of conflict, Cosmos takes her eleven warriors to a world resembling Earth, in order to live happy and peaceful normal lives. But will the warriors cope with regular life, and will the forces of Chaos find them?
    • Comments: YMMV on many things with this fic, but two things I have trouble denying even when I'm frustrated is that the characters are all in character, and the actual story is good, even if I disagree with megasean about its classifictaion as humor, as it can be quite dark more often than funny.

    Dissidialand by Himichu

    • Recommended by RitiTroll
    • Synopsis: The Cast of Dissidia are various characters from Fairy Tales. With Snow Light, Firion the Wild Rose, and Cecilrella among others. About 95% Crack, seeing as how the actual plots of the original games got caught up in What-Seems-To-Be-Rapunzel and The Little Mermaid. Ships Firion/Everyone Who Is A "Princess" and Luneth/Terra, among many others.
    • "Warning": Huge amounts of the male cast in Drag. (WoL, Cecil, Cloud, and Squall most obviously, with the Emperor, Kuja, and Tidus having some "Fun" as well.)

    Silkscreen Requiem by greyrondo

    • Recommended by Lockea
    • Synopsis: As the Warriors of Cosmos and the Warriors of Chaos come head to head, Kuja and Zidane dance around the lies they've been telling themselves, each other, and their allies.
    • Comments: The story is told in first person narrative, which can sometimes be confusing and disorienting, made worse by the fact that both Kuja and Zidane are unreliable, and will frequently lie to themselves and everyone around them. Part of what makes the story so good is the way this all builds up, leaving the reader wondering what it is they don't want to confront. Later on, the plot shifts from being about the secrets Kuja and Zidane are hiding, to focusing instead on Cosmos and Chaos's secrets, and how it affects them. It soon turns into a massive crossover featuring Kingdom Hearts characters. The story is complete.
    • Warning: While Silkscreen is rated T, it does deal with mature issues (and does so decently, if not well) such body image issues, rape of the male on male kind, and character death.

    Allure of Honey by Sinnatious

    • Recommended by Bellec
    • Synopsis: Thanks to Bartz, Clouds has to dress in an outfit that he swore to never use again.
    • Comments: Anyone remembers the dress?

    Fatherhood by RinoaTifa

    • Recommended By: Illumipel
    • Synopsis: Two unlikely characters contemplate the nature of being a parent.
    • Comments: An incredibly well written one-shot about Jecht and Cecil setting the war aside for a few hours and somehow bonding over, well, fatherhood and a beer. Both men are wonderfully in character and the story feels more like it's a deleted scene from the first game than a fan fic.

    Shards of Memory by Drake Clawfang. Now has its own page.

    • Recommended by OK'Ssuka?
    • Pairing(s): Cloud Strife and Terra Branford
    • Synopsis: A man losing his most cherished memories to darkness. A woman struggling to control powers no other human has ever had. They stand together against two Warriors of Chaos who would see them kill each other. So begins the battle for the future.

    The ReportersSeries by Doctor Burrito

    • Recommended By: Ala Alba
    • Synopsis: The story of a man called "The Scholar" who doesn't quite trust the Gods. He sets out to oppose them, and from there begins a chain of events related to the Endless Cycle, the battle between Cids, Mids, and the women who loved them.

    The Door of Souls by Poisonberries

    • Recommended By: starstuff99
    • Synopsis: Lost in the Rift, the warriors of 012 are on the run from gods old and new. As they stumble over delirious landscapes and desolate truths, the door of souls is their only chance to find home. But what will it cost to open? Post 012.
    • Comments: Honestly one of the most beautifully written stories I have ever read. As the summary states, the warriors of 012 find themselves trapped and heavily injured in the Rift after they've closed it and search for a way out, all while running from some unseen forces, as well as their own forgotten memories. The sheer emotion in the descriptions is stunning, and despite this being an "angst-ridden adventure", as the author put it and which it is, everyone is perfectly in-character and even given some depth that wasn't seen in Duodecim. An absolutely amazing must-read.

    The Dissidia Project

    • Recommended by Shadic The Hedgehog
    • Synopsis: A unique Machinima of Dissidia with a strange storyline. The Warriors of Cosmos (so far not including the 012 Warriors) start out mostly playing around, but when the Warriors of Chaos decide to send out clones to attack them, they band together to fight. With a few hilarious misadventures along the way.

    Shipping Fics

    Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

    Tag by Blau

    • Recommended by RitiTroll
    • Pairing(s): Zidane/Tidus
    • Synopsis: After being robbed by Zidane, it seemed as though Tidus would always chasing after the other blond.
    • Comments: Short and sweet one-shot in which involves three times the two cross paths. It seems kind of gen until the last couple hundred words, and is most definitely requited. It also inspired a picture from me.

    011 by LazerBeemz

    • Recommended by Trollbez
    • Pairing(s): Zidane/Terra/Prishe
    • Warning: Sexual Content. Also Prishe is a Hermaphrodite.
    • Synopsis: Exhausted from the constant battles of the war, three warriors spend some quality time together at at moogle village.
    • Comments: Pretty good for a shameless smut fic. The author does their best to keep them in character, and also adds a few funny scenes and references to other Final Fantasy games.

    Fete by smilebot

    • Recommended by Alexlayer
    • Pairing(s): Lightning/Squall/Cloud
    • Synopsis: Collection of small drabbles focused around Lightning and Cloud fighting over Squall.
    • Comments: As funny as it sounds ridiculous. It's short and totally worth checking out.

    I Never by Tam Is My Father

    • Recommended by Pink Hat Kid
    • Pairing(s): Cosmos/Warrior of Light
    • Synopsis: Cosmos, tired of the Warrior of Light's failing to recieve her hints, engages the warriors into a drinking game.
    • Comments: While Cosmos is somewhat out-of-character, it's a great fic that can be read for a good laugh.