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    Doctor Doom is a Marvel Comics villain wh- ARGH!

    SILENCE, Troper! You are not worthy to describe the glory of DOOM! This task can be achieved only by DOOM himself! That is why Doom honored this useless wiki with his presence. Sit and enjoy the tale of the greatest Evil Overlord and Mad Scientist that ever lived, as well as the greatest Badass who could easily Take Over the World if not for that Blasted...(seethes) Reed. Richards. (deep breath) RRRRRRICHAAAAARRRRRDDDSS!!!

    I, Victor Von Doom, was introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as the Arch Enemy of the Fantastic Four, and one of the smartest, the unquestioned smartest man on Earth. I was born in a Romani family in the Fictional Country of Latveria, as the son of a witch and a herbalist. When my beloved mother Cynthia was killed by the demons she had summoned to fight Latverian soldiers, I swore revenge, and the death of my father because of a Latverian tyrant only fueled my desire.

    I began to master both magic and technology, and when my fame reached the United States, I gained the opportunity to study in America. There I met Reed Richards, one of the few men on the planet whose intelligence can even approach my own (and then not by much, I can assure you). Wishing to resurrect my dead mother, I manipulated the fool into helping me construct a portal to hell; however, whether due to Reed's incompetence or intentional sabotage on his part out of jealousy for my genius (perhaps both), the device exploded and damaged my face.[1] I rightfully blamed Richards for the accident and withdrew from society for some time.

    I then joined a mysterious order which taught me secret knowledge, including metallurgy. I used it to create a suit of Power Armor I have used (with some modifications) since that day. From that moment, and forever more, I have been known as Doctor Doom. I overthrew the previous ruler of Latveria and claimed it as my own, becoming the new dicta- ruler of my country. Quickly my path crossed with the Fantastic Four, who became my sworn enemies. However, I have also fought with almost every superhero in the Marvel Universe - The Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Mighty Thor, Luke Cage - all have contested me, and some have even succeeded in temporarily arresting my plans[2][3] Due to that, I am considered Marvel's most iconic villain. TROPERS DON'T NEED TO ALWAYS MENTION SQUIRRELGIRL IN THE SAME BREATH AS DOOM. Doom is more than just that one trifling incident.

    On that account, I have had more serious setbacks such as when that cursed Richards enabled me to be deposed in favor of Prince Zorba. However, I eventually regained the throne with the help of Richards and his compatriots when I showed them that Zorba was laying waste to Latveria in his murderous madness. True, in their eyes they were participating in my retaking of the throne entirely for the sake of the oppressed people of Latveria, and that was good enough for me.

    I also partook in several of the electronic entertainment devices that you call video games. I even starred in many as the main "villain." However Doom was greatly disappointed by Richards and his ilk not appearing in fighting games made by Capcom (so that Doom could best them yet again) and the indignity of being second fiddle to the deluded Titan Thanos. Bah! Even with the third game, they used the Super Skrull (along with Doom, naturally) because Richards was too cowardly to participate. Doom is greatly disappointed, but rest assured that Doom WILL strike down Ryu and his Capcom ilk in Richards' stead. Doom also looks forward to working with Albert Wesker, and hopes that Mr. Wesker does not disappoint or foolishy attempt to betray Doom. And yes, that is a Doombot in any video in which Doom loses. Doom would never put himself in that much harm on purpose.

    Rumor even has it that the film-maker, George Lucas, took inspiration from myself to create that cultural icon, Darth Vader. How fortunate for him that Doom has better things to do than indulge in petty litigation or more direct means with him.

    Tropes that have been wrought by the mighty hands of Doctor Doom

    • Actually a Doombot: Whenever a puny mortal thinks they have bested the mighty Doom, they will eventually discover it was simply one of my Doombots distracting them from what Doom was really doing.[4]

    Tropes that have been deemed worthy of Doctor Doom

    • Affably Evil: Doom is not a cruel despot! He is respectful, friendly, and genuinely nice
    • Alternate Counterpart: Doom has some of the most formidable counterparts in The Multiverse:
      • Doom 2099, who took over the United States;
      • Marvel 1602 Doom who assassinated the queen and was generally the Big Bad of the entire first series. Later, he kidnapped William Shakespeare because he wanted him to write about his travel to the end of the world.
      • Peter David's X-Factor Doom from The Summers Rebellion future - despite being somewhat weakened by age and circumstance, tied to a wheelchair and not completely in possession of my faculties, I still was more dangerous than the story's actual villains.
      • A version of myself in the Age of Apocalypse happened to be director of Eurasian Security, fighting alongside that world's versions of Anthony Stark,Donald Blake and Gwen Stacy.
      • In an old What If story the experiment to rescue my mother from Hell goes without a hitch, resulting in a universe where Doom becomes Earth's greatest hero and marries the love of his life. However, because of my actions, Doom earns the ire of Mephisto who imposes on him a... stringent Sadistic Choice...
      • A more recent What If shows what would have happened if Doom had managed to keep the Beyonder's power, which results in him winning the Secret Wars, acquiring Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet, and dominating the cosmos. This attracts the attention of the Celestials whom Doom eventually defeats in a war that destroys the planet. Using the last of my power, Doom recreates Earth and humanity with it before becoming mortal myself in order to lead them to greatness.
      • Master Menace from the original Squadron Supreme is a Captain Ersatz of Doom. Some would suggest that the archenemy of Superman counterpart Hyperion would more accurately be regarded as a counterpart of Lex Luthor, but Menace at least at had the good sartorial sense to ape Doom's style. Of course, Doom may some day destroy him for that presumption.
      • In Marvel Zombies Doom, alone of everyone in the entire universe without exception, was able to resist the zombie infection by sheer willpower alone. Doom has more Heroic Willpower than CAPTAIN AMERICA.
        • Unfortunately that had its limits upon reaching the Marvel Apes universe where Doom learned that my counterpart was a baboon. A BABOON?! That universe deserves extinction. Doom has spoken.
    • A Father to His Men: It is a Tyrant's Duty to love his subjects as a father would love his children and, so long as they are loyal and obedient, be willing to lay down his life to protect them. For them I would even gladly forego my vengeance against that accursed Richards, if only momentarily.
      • Of course every Latverian is literate, healthy, educated and financially secure! How can Doom be worthy of a Tyrant's throne if he cannot even look after the basic welfare of his people, much less build a strong country!
    • Always Second Best: To Reed Richards and Doctor Strange in the fields of science and magic, respectively. That is, they are always second best to Doom. If you hear otherwise, it is because they have persuaded feeble-minded tropers that their jealousy-clouded account is the true one. Be wiser than they.
    • Awesome McCoolname: Victor Von Doom. Ultimate Marvel's Victor Van Damme was less well-received.
    • Badass
    • Badass Bookworm: Doom's intelligence is without question, and even without the Power Armor Doom is still a formidable (albeit completely human) combatant; Doom has even killed a lion with his bare hands on one occasion (when stranded in the wild on an alternate Earth). While completely naked. And then Doom skinned it for meat and for sinew to make weapons. Then Doom wore its carcass as clothing and used its face to make a new mask.
    • Bad Boss: Right after returning from Hell Doom murdered his prime minister, because he was annoying, and just ordered the rest of my puppet government to find a replacement. Simple effective leadership, of course, but the lily-livered standards prevalent in the west would no doubt view it differently.
    • Big Bad: What Richards and his family often insist Doom is.
    • Beauty to Beast: Doom was once a handsome man, until that meddling Reed Richards disfigured Doom's marvelous visage into a hideous shape that is hidden behind a steel mask. But Doom's will is steel! No mere scratch will tarnish Doom's resolve!
    • Bond Villain Stupidity: BAH! Fools may mistake Doom's unpredictable strategies in this way - but only fools. Any oaf could destroy Richards with sufficient force: that is not Doom's goal. Only when Richards is shamed and humiliated, after Doom has brought his whole world down around him, when he recognizes his defeat as total - then and only then will Doom grant him the mercy of death.
    • Byronic Hero
    • Curb Stomp Battle: My last fight with Black Panther, when Doom easily Out-Gambitted and crippled T'Challa. Though T'Challa paid Doom back for that in "Doomwar", I will not let that lie, I assure you.
    • Deal with the Devil: Mephisto and I had a specific deal that allowed me to attempt to rescue my mother from Hell once a year, but each time I failed, the people of Latveria would hate me more and more. I eventually succeeded with some slight assistance from Doctor Strange. Though admittedly, with a very heavy price.
    • Depending on the Writer: Doom has been forced to suffer fools often in this regard.
    • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: During the Secret Wars II, that idiotic upstart Thanos dared order me to kneel before him, reminding me he once held the unfathomable power of the Infinity Gauntlet. I told him I saw no reason to do so, as I saw no Gauntlet on him now, and he said his name should be reason enough. He regretted his folly when I ripped his skull and spine out of his body.
    • Disproportionate Retribution: Some claim that Reed didn't do what Doom has sworn vengeance on him for. In fact, retcons suggest that Reed was wrong and Doom's device actually worked perfectly well—the problem was that Doom used it to look into Hell itself! Bah! No punishment is too great for that accursed Richards. Doom is greatly displeased by these ludicrous and patently false charges.
    • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Pity? PITY?! Only the weak are pitied, and Doom is never weak! DO YOU DARE TO IMPLY SUCH THINGS ABOUT DOOM?!?
    • Doomy Dooms of Doom: It is Doom's name, and it is what Doom shall bring to those that oppose him. Why should Doom not be allowed the psychological advantage frequent use of his name enables?
    • Driven by Envy: For Reed Richards, who is and has always been slightly better than Doom at everythi- LIES!!!! NO ONE IS GREATER THAN DOOM! Richards is an arrogant and envious dolt whose feeble excuse for a mind cannot fathom that of DOOM! It is HIS jealousy that has driven him to these insidious acts of gross slander!! HE IS NOTHING BESIDE THE AWESOME MAGNIFICENCE OF DOOM!!! NOTHING I TELL YOU!!!! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS, RICHARDS!!!!
    • Emperor Scientist
    • Enemy Mine: So often have the accursed Fantastic Four had to call on Doom's aid that it is a wonder that the insipid masses still regard them and not Doom as heroes.
    • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: While Doom may appear "bad" by your inadequate and uninformed system of labels, Doom's willingness to do whatever is necessary to free Doom's mother from the clutches of Mephisto was a fundamental life-defining trait for decades, until Doom was finally victorious.
    • Even Evil Has Standards: You have your pathetic system of morality, and Doom has his. Doom will react to things against his own, well-informed and perfect system of justice and right like any other would, were they as wise as Doom.
    • Everyone Went to School Together: Doom attended the same university as Reed Richards and Ben Grimm, both of whom would become members of the Fantastic Four.
    • Evil Overlord: Doom is overlord of Latveria, and will some day be overlord of all the Earth. And fools will call him evil, then as now.
    • Evil Plan: Doom has brilliant schemes to rescue his mother and conquer Earth, but time and time again they are foiled by Richards.....or some other misled hero.
    • Foe Yay: With Storm. Though it might have been a Doombot. Such is Doom's charisma that even a mechanical facsimile has charms beyond those of normal men.
    • Future Me Scares Me: Doom fears nothing, of course, but in various encounters with my future selves I have found them lacking. They shall not come to be.
    • A God Am I: Many times Doom will seek (and occasionally win) god-like powers in order to further his schemes. However, even when he is not empowered, his pride sets him above gods - even they should show him the respect he deserves.

    Doom: No one rivals Doom! There is no power on Earth, no intellect in all creation, to equal mine!


    "As Doom will defeat all enemies, even age itself."


    "My years already feel like eons. I fear the eons themselves cannot be endured."

    • Inferiority Superiority Compl-- LIES! No doubt spawned by that accursed RICHARDS! Doom is of course superior, DEMONSTRATIVELY SO, and does not overcompensate.
    • Jerkass: At times, malfunctioning Doombots or bruised egos of lesser beings may give the ill-informed an impression of this. For example, one once called The Leader to gloat that Stark and Richards sent The Hulk into space, thus cheating him of the chance to finally defeat Banner.
    • Joker Immunity: Partly justified in that Doom has diplomatic immunity due to being ruler of a country. However, there have been numerous instances where Doom has seemingly been Killed Off for Real only to return later. Once subject to Lampshade Hanging during a time when I was trapped in Hell: Richards knew it was only a matter of time before I ended up running the place, and plotted to transport me to a prison of his own making before I inevitably escaped on my own (which I did, of course; no prison can confound the might of Doom).
    • Know When to Fold'Em: Doom is no fool. To quote an old maxim, "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day."
    • Large Ham: Doom not only refers to himself in the third person, he can also speak IN CAPITALS when necessary. Doom can also speak with BOLD STYLIZED ITALICS when the situation warrants it. Which is to say, whenever Doom pleases to do so. TREMBLE IN FEAR BEFORE DOOM'S TITANIC MONOLOGUES!
    • Like a Badass Out of Hell: I fought my way out once.

    "There is Doom enough for everyone!"

    • Mad Scientist: A greater one than that pitiful, prideful accursed Richards whom you impudent fools worship as the epitome of men of super-science!
    • Magitek/Magic Knight: Doom is one of the few residents of the Marvel Universe who possesses the skill and genius required to combine sorcery and super-science.
    • Marvel vs. Capcom: I have graced Capcom games as a fighter in Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. And now, I return at the third game. Sadly, neither the accursed team nor family of Richards have ever appeared in these games, denying Doom the opportunity to demonstrate his superiority in yet another arena. They had to ask Super Skrull, of all people, to represent them in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. HA!
    • Minor Injury Overreaction: It is alleged in one Fantastic Four comic that the disfigurement that Doom received in trying to rescue his mother from Hell was actually a relatively minor scar, but he saw it as horribly devastating due to his vanity. What really messed up Doom's face was when he had his original suit of armor forged and impatiently decided to put the still red-hot metal mask on. Bah! Lies and insolence! The reports of Doom's disfigurement were not at all exaggerated; this is obviously a petty attempt at misinformation on Richard's part.
    • Morally-Ambiguous Doctorate: Doom is definitely a nemesis, branded as a "villain," and considered to be evil, although there are people who would debate such claims (and Doom cares little for your opinion, which is of no consequence at all). However, I will concede that I have never completed an academic doctorate, but awarded my self the title once I took over Latveria. As the smartest man on the planet, of course, I deserve it.
    • My Greatest Failure: When attempting to activate a machine that would hopefully allow me to communicate with my dead mother, it instead exploded and horribly burnt my face. Doom quickly and accurately pinned the blame on Reed Richards, who undoubtedly had sabotaged Doom's machine through his spite (or incompetence).
      • Retconned so that the exploding machine just gave Doom a medium scar on his cheek, which he saw as a huge blemish. When he later had the mystic monks forge a suit of armor for him, he was too impatient to wait for the faceplate to cool before putting it on, and the red-hot metal against his face caused its disfigura- LIES! Where are you feeble-minded poltroons getting your information?! Is it Richards?! It is, isn't it! DAMN YOU, RICHAAAAAAAARDS!
      • Retconned again to say that the machine worked fine, and that what happened was the demon Mephisto (who held his mother's soul) lashed out at Doom, then blew up the machine. Doom could always feel the demon's claws on his face as was constantly plagued by taunting nightmares, and was eager/impatient to put on the armor because he had it enchanted to block those feel- WHERE ARE YOU TROPERS COMING UP WITH THESE?! A still rather fanciful, but more accurate account of events. But Doom was not so weak-willed as to succumb to impatience in a matter as great as that.
    • Names to Run Away From Really Fast
    • Narcissist: If you must use such a loaded term. Doom would say he merely has a healthy and realistic awareness of his own value.
    • Never My Fault: Of course. 'Fault' implies wrongdoing, and Doom is never wrong.
    • Noble Demon: Doom is a man of his word, and keeps his promises, even to his enemies.
      • Doom talking with Spider-Man after the latter has...assisted Doom in dealing with an assassination attempt:

    Spidey: ...'cause you are a tyrant, and I can't wait until I turn on my TV and see you trying to defend yourself in the Hague.
    Doom: It is well that I owe you a debt, for I would kill any other man who spoke those words to me.

      • With so many taking advantage of Doom's sense of honor, is it surprising that I make few promises, or that I very carefully word those promises which I do make?
    • No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dine: I have been known to show mercy to my... guests.
    • Not So Different:
      • Richards and I occasionally have moments such as this, especially since, being the two most intelligent people on earth (though Richards shall always come second to Doom's vastly superior intellect), we are the only ones we can talk to without having to descend our discourse to the plebeian depths at which the bulk of humanity festers.
      • Doom's last confrontation with Iron Man revealed an interesting fact—our armors use the same (or almost identical) software. Stark is not the only one who can achieve such feats of technological innovation, though Doom will grant him the honor of having done so in a cave, with a box of scraps.
      • And Black Panther as well, the two of us being monarch scientist. We also have no problem working together if the need arises.
    • Obviously Evil: While Doom is not a villain, I can see where the confusion arises - my surname is "Doom", after all.
    • Opening A Can Of Doombots: Doom's time is precious, so he sends out Doombots to do his bidding. Because of the superior Latverian handiwork that goes into their construction, many foolish heroes think that when they defeat a Doombot it is actually Doom they've beaten. Preposterous! Doom never loses!
    • Papa Wolf: Doom was vital in helping Susan Storm give birth to her and Richards's daughter, the condition being that I be able to name her. Doom christened her Valeria, and announced that anyone who tried to hurt her would have to answer to him. Nobody dares. I am like this to my adoptive son too.
    • Pet the Dog: Master artist Jack Kirby (the only artist Doom deemed worthy to paint his royal portrait) once painted a poster depicting Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor giving toys to impoverished children. However, it has recently surfaced that the original sketch for the poster depicted Doom himself, dispensing toys alongside the others. To no surprise. Doom is, above all, a kind and generous man of the people and I will carve out the tongue of any who say otherwise.
    • Power Fantasy: In Dark Reign, right after the first meeting of The Cabal, Doom imagines how he will inevitably kill or enslave all his new allies in the near future. That fool Osborn is not fit to rule.
      • The fantasy also includes some Fetish Fuel: enslaved Emma Frost and Female Loki.
    • Power Parasite: Steals Beyonders' ability is Secret Wars.
    • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: I wholeheartedly agree. I once rescued Sue Storm from this fate at the hands of a vile duplicate of myself from another world.
    • Rasputinian Death: The Marquis of Death burned Doom, delivered a serious Mind Screw to break his will, turned his blood into acid & his heart to stone, and sent him back in time, right into the jaws of a giant, prehistoric shark. Doom survived. I have suffered worse.
    • The Rival: Reed Richards. Sometimes Iron Man, sometimes Black Panther.
    • Robot Master: While the Doombots may be the most elaborate and complex robotic creations of Doom, but I have made others over the years, including entire robotic armies. Far more reliable and easier to replace than human soldiers (who are often craven cowards when facing enemies of the superhuman variety). Doom has also made robotic duplicates of others, including a super-strong android in the shape of Ben Grimm; this one followed Doom's commands.
    • Roma: Doom is of the Roma people. Persecution of Doom's kinsmen was one of the key forces in shaping Doom's destiny.
    • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Indeed. Royals who do nothing are fools who do not face their responsibilities! King Vladimir Fortunov was such a fool... Killing him in order to seize the throne of Latveria was not only a simple deed but a benevolent one that has given security, comfort and a new sense of significance to Latveria.
    • Rule of Three: For almost as long as I can remember, three goals have defined Doom's career: One, utterly defeat my rival Reed Richards; two, conquer the entire world; and three, rescue my mother's soul from Mephisto. Doom has completed the third goal after gaining aid in the mystic arts from Doctor Strange. Vengeance against Mephisto is still pending - the demon is... problematic.
    • Ruritania: Latveria, though far more technologically advanced than most examples, definitely looks the trope.
    • Screw the Rules, I Make Them:

    The Law of Latveria is Doom.

    • Skyward Scream: RICHAAAAARDS!!!
      • And more recently, BAAANNNNERR!
    • Slouch of Villainy: The image on the top of this page is just one such example of Doom portrayed this way. There have been many others throughout the years.
    • Superhero Packing Heat: While Doom is extremely powerful, I do carry a regular gun. I only use it if my opponent is not worth using much effort.
    • Surrounded by Idiots: It is inevitable, when my intelligence eclipses that of everyone around me.
    • Steven Ulysses Perhero: I am called Victor Von Doom. It has been said in jest that I never had a chance of journeying down a different path in life due this. Foolishness; Doom could easily alter history to make it so if he wished. Reality itself shall bend before the will of Doom!
      • According to Benjamin Grimm, the film version of me changed his name to Doom in order to intimidate people. We do not speak of this, either.
    • Take Over the World: I will, in time. I have in fact succeeded at least twice. To say nothing of the time I essentially took over the universe during Secret Wars.
    • There Was a Door: Bah! Doors are for peasants, not the most intelligent being on the planet... nay, the universe!
    • Thinking Out Loud: Of course! How else could the recording device in Doom's armor capture the fullness of Doom's greatness for posterity?
    • Third Person Person: Doom does have a habit of indulging in this. However, as ruler of a sovereign country, in addition to the other aspects of Doom's greatness, it is completely justified. Doom has little doubt you too would do so, if you had a moniker such as mine.
    • Tin Tyrant: Doom does indeed encase himself within armor, and Doom is indeed the ultimate master of Latveria, and the world. Nevertheless, it is an insult to Doom and all that Doom stands for to call Doom a Tyrant, and Doom is much too intelligent to make his raiment out of anything so crude as tin. The alliteration is pleasing, nonetheless.
    • Unreliable Narrator: In the Books of Doom story, due to it being one of my many Doombots. For some reason, I myself have been accused of being this. None of the accusers ever do so a second time.
    • Utopia Justifies the Means: It is a blatant falsehood spurned on by the ignorance of his enemies that Doom wishes for the world out of petty selfish ambition. Doom has a moral imperative to Take Over the World; who else but Doom can solve all of humanities self-made problems? War, famine, pestilence, entropy - these will all be things of the past, once Doom is recognised as the sole sovereign ruler who alone has the wisdom to create such a paradise.
    • Villainous Rescue: Although Doom has vastly superior standards of good and evil, I will indulge your inferior intellects by recounting instances when my actions might fall under this trope.
      • When Shadowcat, a member of the X-Men, was very grievously injured and on the verge of death after a battle with the villainous Marauders, the X-Men foolishly asked Reed Richards to heal her. When Richards displayed his utter incompetence in failing to do so, in my infinite kindness I used my own far superior talents to restore Shadowcat to life. Although Doom does not care whether such a meager being as Shadowcat lived or died, it was indeed worthwhile to demonstrate Richards' chronic inferiority.
      • On another occasion, an alternate universe Doom rescued a Fantastic Four formed of Ghost Rider, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine and Spider-Man from being slain by their enemies. Once again, although Doom does not care as to whether these individuals lived or died, the principle remains that Doom --and Doom alone-- has the right to destroy the Fantastic Four. I should point out that the aforementioned incident drove this "version" of the Fantastic Four to disband immediately.
    • Victory Is Boring: At least twice has Doom suffered this, both in the Emperor Doom graphic novel with the Purple Man, where Doom finds that ruling the entire world involves too much paperwork, and upon seizing control of the false Earth created by Nathaniel Richards (by using Doom's unmatched willpower to override the world-computer at its heart) did Doom willingly return to simply his native Latveria after conquering an entire planet.
    • Villain Protagonist: Occasionally, Doom has been thrust into such a role, most notably dealing with that repellent Johann Schmidt aka The Red Skull, such as his unfortunately short-lived feature in in what you would call a Comicbook, which in this case, bore the name of Astonishing Tales, and his grand exploits—which sadly, in all likelihood, few people have ever actually read—were published in the early 1970s. Perhaps Doom could have taken such a prominent role more often, if weren't for that blasted... Reed Richards... RRRRRRICHAAAAARRRRRDDDSS!!!
    • Villain Team-Up: Doom has made countless alliances with lesser intellects who thought themselves Doom's equal. Of course, they were only ever mere pawns, to be discarded at Doom's whim.
    • The Von Trope Family
    • Wanting Is Better Than Having: Occurs in the Emperor Doom graphic novel, where I, Doom, conquered the world, only to relinquished it back to the petty-minded jackanapes who would waste my valuable time with mundane details.
    • Worthy Opponent: Doom will not compliment his enemies! However, there are a few whose skills are sufficiently dangerous that dealing with them is not a complete waste of Doom's time.
    • You Fool!: I do call fools for what they are, especially that foolish Richards.

    Wait, what is this? Richards has a trope named in his honor?! Why has Doom not been bestowed this privilege? Do you fools mock Doom with this disgrace? Are you really so blind as to not see his greatness? You dare refuse Doom his rightful acknowledgment in favor of that fool?!


    ...upon further consideration, that is a quite accurate and appropriate description of Richards. You Tropers are perhaps more insightful than I first supposed. This other trope, however... Doom will not tolerate any Richards, no matter how great you think he is!

    As I was saying, Doctor Doom is a Marvel Comics villain... wait, the article's over already? Imagine that.

    1. Due to source bias, it should be noted that not only did Reed not have anything to do with the portal's explosion, he actually warned Doom that it would- ACK!.
    2. Doom's charity is so great, he condescends to mention Squirrel Girl in a foot note for managing to best a Doombot. She most certainly never defeated Doom, as many fools (including that accursed Richards no doubt) claim.
    3. Tippy-Toe Says: Squirrel Girl totally pwned Doc Doom in a story written by Steve-freaking-Ditko! That's so in continuity!
    4. Except for... that woman... shudder