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  • Dr. Slump: N'cha! [1]
    • Hoyoyoyo/Ayayaya [2]
    • Arale's glasses have also become memetic to the point where "Arare Megane" refers to any pair of round glasses similar to the ones Arale wears.
    • pupipupipupipupi [4]

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  1. Explanation Arale's unique way of greeting someone; she had picked it up from her "father" Senbei Norimaki
  2. Explanation Arale says one of these whenever she's surprised. She often says the latter if she's really surprised.
  3. Explanation Japanese onomatopoeia for an airplane flying by. Whenever Arale runs to school or wherever she needs to go, she often imitates an airplane.
  4. Explanation "Gajira/Gadzilla", AKA: Gatchan, makes these noises because he/she/it can't actually talk.