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A Police Box that's
Far bigger on the inside
Goes through time and space


The Doctor
Incidental saviour
Who bypasses history


He's our first Doctor,
A Technical Pacifist.
He's a grandfather.


Many companions
Adric annoyed everyone
The rest were okay


This is the one show
Where the Wild Mass Guess is true
He is a Time Lord


We're very sorry

we lost the middle.
Wolf Moon Rising

Hartnell: Grandfather;
Proper gentleman who stole
Time and space machine.

Troughton: Most is lost
Due to wiping tapes. (What shame!)
His best friend: Jamie.

Pertwee: in color!
Stuck on earth for far too long;
Oft fought The Master.

Tom: Bohemian;
Longest lasting on telly;
Melancholy end.

Davison: Cricket;
Polite, reserved, but boring?
"Caves" was best but last.

Colin: The colors!
Caustic, antisocial, but
Axed too soon by Beeb.

McCoy: Rrrrrrolled his Rrrrrrr's.
Clown, then darker/edgier;
Had nice final speech.

McGann: Half-human
On his mother's side (Or not!);
Should have had more time.

Eccleston: Did not
Want typecasting; bailed quickly;
Nice while it lasted.

Tennant: fan of Fifth;
"Brilliant!" but vengeful; went mad
At end; repented.

Fantastic, Moffat
But when you explain all this
Our minds will explode.


Poor, Sad, Lonely Bob.
He was killed by an Angel.
Now he is pissed off.


Peter Davison
Tennant is a huge fanboy
He wears celery


When Demon's Run,
The Pond child is lost.
The Doctor will fall.


They stole each other,
The boy and box of space-time
They were mad enough

—Completely Different



Let's Go Kill Hitler
Or lock him in the cupboard
Forgotten Quickly

—Dont Kill Bugs

The Weeping Angels
Move just when you're not looking
No. Really. Don't blink.


The Doctor will fall
On the fields of Trenzalore
Question: Doctor Who?


Tom Baker was Fourth
D'you want a jelly baby?
Always wore his scarf.