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  1. An in-verse meme, from a line in the Doctor's messages he hid on some DVDs and popular amongst the people attempting to understand them.
  2. The Doctor's warning to two people about to be attacked by the Weeping Angels. Used by fans as a summary of both the unrelenting horror and sheer awesome that was that episode.
  3. The Master just smiles and gives two thumbs up to his most recent murder victim that declares him insane.
  4. The drum beats that constantly plague the Master, used as part of his global hypnotism network and a sign of his control of the planet.
  5. The Wire says this before eating people and leaving them as The Faceless.
  6. What the Daleks have shouted before they kill people since 1963. An iconic aspect of both them and the series as a whole, and its single most well-known meme.
  7. Davros yells this at the end of his explanation for his plans to end the entire multiverse.
  8. Seasons 2 and 3 of the new series ended on a cliffhanger of something seemingly impossible happening and the Doctor having this reaction.
  9. It was (and is) a meme for decades that Doctor Who was so terrifying children could only watch it while hiding behind the sofa.
  10. The Ninth Doctor's Catch Phrase.
  11. The repeated line the Monster of the Week in "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances" says. Began as pure terror, ended as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  12. The reaction whenever Harriet Jones introduces herself as "Harriet Jones, Prime Minister". Began as a joke, ended as a Tear Jerker.
  13. When the Tenth Doctor becomes John Smith in "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood", he cries. A lot.
  14. David Tennant's standard exclamation toward John Barrowman one-upping him at something. Accompanied by Skyward Scream.
  15. Said precisely once by the Third Doctor (and again in an anniversary reunion special specifically for the joke of him saying it), adopted by the fans as the standard line of Techno Babble the Doctor uses.
  16. Nearly every piece of Time Lord equipment was named "The X of Rassilon".
  17. A frequent fan demand is that the Doctor and/or the series have gravitas.
  18. The Fourth Doctor always carried a bag of jelly babies with him and had a tendency to offer them to everyone, even if they were trying to kill him.
  19. The most famous instance of Narm in the entire series. The actor simply could not say the line without the bizarre pronunciation.
  20. The Doctor decides that with the Time Lords gone the laws of Time are his now, and he doesn't have to obey the concept of "fixed points in time".
  21. The Master possesses every person on the planet, superimposing his own image on theirs'. Cue scenes with dozens of John Simm.
  22. A scene from "The End of Time", where Wilfred and the Doctor are rescued by green, prickly-faced aliens.
  23. The Doctor is still stuck in the bondage chair as the "cactuses" rescue him.
  24. The Arc Words for season 1 of the new series. Used again in the end of season 4.
  25. A background detail in many episodes of season 3 of the new series, becomes vital when it is revealed Harold Saxon is the Master's pseudonym.
  26. The Doctor mentions several times in "The Empty Child" about the benefits of bananas. Used again in "The Girl in the Fireplace".
  27. A line from the Cold Open of "Rise of the Cybermen". Popular for Narm.
  28. During his post-regeneration confusion, the Eleventh Doctor tries to find what food he likes, fish fingers in custard being one of his experiments.
  29. The Eleventh Doctor again, this time dispelling any confusion about whether he is a madman.
  30. A repeated line said by one of the people killed by the Vashta Nerada in "Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead", caught in a loop in a communication device. Like "Don't Blink" above, used as a summary for the episode.
  31. Mocking the hysterical new designs of the Daleks as shown in "Victory of the Daleks", not helped by the scene desperately attempting to portray the reveal as dramatic and terrifying.
  32. The Eleventh Doctor defends his choice of apparel.
  33. The Doctor wears a fez due to Timey-Wimey Ball reasons, then decides he likes it. Then River and Amy join forces to destroy it.
  34. The Tenth Doctor says this to the Fifth Doctor in "Time Crash".
  35. The Doctor says this and variations to many people. Also a fairly comprehensive summary of the entire new series.
  36. River's response to the Doctor asking questions about his future.
  37. River's usual greeting to the Doctor.
  38. A popular misreading of an image macro reading "Lord of time up in this bitch" caused by ambiguous word placements leading people to think the words are meant to be read as three rows instead of two columns.
  39. The Master comes prepared when he releases toxic gas into a room of politicians.
  40. The Master has an affection for Scissor Sisters songs.
  41. The Beeb's tendency to archive bonus Doctor Who material (Confidential, etc.) online several years after the opportune stories aired.
  42. Steve is the Fan Nickname of the Silent who unknowingly told the human race in post-hypnotic suggestion to kill the Silence.
  43. Comments on clips of the above scene reference the fact that humans don't see "Steve" but only remember the hypnotic suggestion. So why is the clip so popular?
  44. Rory has already been killed 5 times in the space of 11 episodes, none of the instances was permanent.
  45. From Rory's confrontation with the Cybermen in "A Good Man Goes To War".
  46. It's become a rather popular meme around This Very Wiki's Wild Mass Guessing sections to make the guess that a certain character with potentially qualifying traits is a Time Lord. Some guesses become as specific as this guy is The Doctor and/or that guy is The Master.
  47. The Black Guardian's threat to his unwilling agent Turlough, who he recruited to kill the Doctor.
  48. "Steve" has become a Fan Nickname for the Master Clone wearing the pink dress.