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For a series that was originally conceived as an Edutainment series for kids, Doctor Who, especially in the new series, has snuck a few past the TV code.

  • The Doctor Dances: the Doctor discusses "dancing" with Rose, a little miffed that she assumed he'd never "danced" before. He has, it's just been a while. Later, when the Doctor and Rose are dancing [1] in front of Jack, Rose assumes that Jack wants to cut in and dance with her. As it turns out, he'd rather "dance" with the Doctor.
  • "New Earth":

Cassandra: She's back! Oh, that little blonde bi-
(Cut to the Doctor and Rose talking)
Rose: Bit rich, coming from you.
And later:
Cassandra: That portion of skin came from the front of my body. This... came from the back.
Rose: Right, so you're literally talking out of your ar-
Cassandra: Ask not.
And in the (in)famous body-switching scene:
Cassandra/Doctor: I'm a man! So many parts... and hardly used. (humid look at Rose)

    • And some of it's not even that subtle. In a family show, a line like this was bound to have children blinking in confusion.
  • At some point in "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit" two-parter, several characters are crawling through a duct. Someone remarks upon the "bad position" they're in, to which the bloke immediately behind Rose, and staring directly at her arse, replies that it's not that bad a position.
  • In "Love and Monsters", Ursula gets reduced to a face in a pavingstone. Elton remarks that they "still have a bit of a love life".
  • And who could forget Captain Jack's not-so-subtle response to being in a room with TWO gorgeous Tenth Doctors in Journey's End: "I can't tell you what I'm thinking!" You don't have to, Captain. Trust me, we were all thinking the same thing...
  • Then there's this from the 2007 episode The Lazarus Experiment.
  • Okay, who here actually believes that Amy shows up to parties in skimpy outfits to kiss people?
    • That's actually what a kissogram does; give a message and a kiss. Not very common, but they do exist as small and independent things. Mostly replaced by stripograms, but still there if you look around. Think of a version of a stripogram you could send to someone that won't end up getting cancelled due to something like nearby minors.
  • "The Eleventh Hour" has The Doctor run into a man he met earlier to use his laptop. When he snatches the computer away and looks at it he says "Blimey! Get a girlfriend!"—and later on: "Delete your internet history". Bravo Moff.
  • And continuing Moff's perversion, the blatant references to "dancing".
  • And in Flesh and Stone there was the scene in Amy's bedroom, how the hell did they get away with that?!
  • There was a hilarious example in "Vampires of Venice," in which Rory pulls out a tiny light to ward off the vampires with. In response, the Doctor immediately pulls out a massive ultraviolet bar. Cue:

Rory: Yours is bigger than mine.
Doctor: Let's not go there.

  • "Oooh, Doctor, you sonicked her..."
  • And in "Vincent and the Doctor" the monster seems to rather enjoy one of the sonic settings.
    • The monster even returns the favor by repeatedly bumping a door that Eleven is leaning against. Eleven has a visible reaction.
  • In A Christmas Carol Amy and Rory are wearing their policewoman and Roman costume throughout the whole episode (having just had their honeymoon interrupted), and always change the subject when someone brings their clothes up.

Rory: You know, history lesson, a bit of fun every now and then, a bit of nostalgia!

  • Some not so subtle exchanges from the 2011 Comic Relief special:

Amy: He's just jealous because I passed my test first time.
Rory: You cheated, you wore a skirt. ... Did you ever see Amy drive, Doctor?
Doctor: No.
Rory: Neither did her driving instructor.

    • Rory then, while working under the glass floor of the TARDIS, manages to mess up the systems pretty badly from not concentrating. Amy explains why it was her fault:
    • And later on, when a second Amy appears:

Amy 1: Do I really look like that?

Amy 2: Yeah. Yeah, you do.

Amy 1: Mmm... I'd give you a driving licence.

Amy 2: I'll bet you would.

The Doctor: Oh, this is how it all ends. Pond, flirting with herself. True love at last. [remembering that Amy's husband is also present] Oh, sorry Rory.

Rory: [nearly catatonic] Absolutely no problem at all...

  • In "The Impossible Astronaut":

Doctor: Shout if you get in trouble.
River: Don't worry, I'm quite the screamer. Now there's a spoiler for you...

    • HER MOM AND DAD ARE IN THE ROOM. Even more crap past the radar.
  • In Curse Of the Black Spot, the Doctor thinks the pirates are compensating for something with their guns.
  • The not-so-subtle exchange between Madame Vastra and Jenny in "A Good Man Goes To War":

Vastra: Was I being insensitive again, dear?
Jenny: [gives her a look]
Vastra: [shoots out long, prehensile tongue] I don't know why you put up with me.

  • In the 2011 Christmas Special "The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe," there is a scene where, in order to save a planet full of sentient alien trees, the titular widow, Madge, takes the collective "souls" of the trees inside herself. During this process, she seems to be having an orgasm.
  • Doctor Who is classified as a children's/family show. "The Time Monster" has the Master on Earth making a teleporter that pushes matter through time and space called "Transmission of Matter Through Insterstitial Time". They even use the abbreviation TOMTIT. One investor gets mad at the expense and that the machine doesn't seem to work properly. "Even the name is offensive! tomTIT", with an emphasis on the last three letters. And STILL nobody in the censor board noticed.
  • The Series 6 trailer had a naked River, though anything cleavage-based wasn't seen. Spoilers, indeed... They lied to us. It never shows up.
  • Handcuffs! Why do you always have handcuffs?
    • Followed by "Why must it always end this way? You. Me. Handcuffs..."
  • There is plenty to be scandalized by in the classic serials, too. I mean, come on!
    • For those of you who can't play the video, Four is pressing his face up against an alien's junk.
  • From Underworld:

The Doctor: What is blown can be sucked.

  1. the literal kind of dancing