Doctor Who/Recap/S3/E10 The War Machines

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"I dig your fab gear!"
—A nightclub owner likes the Doctor's clothes.

The TARDIS arrives in contemporary London, and the Doctor and Dodo visit the Post Office Tower, where they meet Professor Brett and his new super-computer WOTAN, which can think for itself and is about to be plugged into a worldwide computer network.

I think we can all see what's about to happen here, can't we?

WOTAN decides that machines are superior and should rule the world, and hypnotises humans into building the titular War Machines, which turn out to be more than a match for the army. The Doctor uses a magnetic field to capture one, which he then reprograms to destroy WOTAN.

Dodo decides to stay around, since she's made it back to her own time (in fact, she appears to simply wander off and not be seen again), but Professor Brett's secretary Polly and her sailor friend Ben sneak into the TARDIS just as it leaves...

Watch it here.

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