Does Not Play Well With Others

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Michael Poe's (Exploitation Now, Errant Story) new gag-a-day webcomic, starring Francesca (a college age wizardess) and her roommate, Naga (a, er, Naga).

Started at the beginning of 2011. Signs so far point to it being closer in tone to the first rather than the second of his previous series. Can be found—surprisingly—at

Tropes used in Does Not Play Well With Others include:

Falchion: Seth, what's a OTP and why do these people think my girlfriend needs to die a gruesome death for the sake of it?

Craig: He and bunch of neighbor people went out to the woods to pretend to be monsters, wizards and crap.
Janis: You mean LARP.
Janis: ... Aren't they already all elves, monsters and wizards?
Craig: Yep, which means it's double nerdy.