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  • What sort of person could this “Jolene” be that she could steal a man from Dolly Parton—a blond bombshell with huge splazoinkas who was at the height of her desirability when this song was released?
    • Maybe the heroine isn't Dolly Parton? And perhaps she is just being paranoid. There was an artist (can't remember her name) who made a response song to 'Jolene' in which Jolene urges Dolly's heroine to leave her husband.
    • I speak for myself when I say no matter how hot a woman is, her man will eventually get tired of her. In the song, she points out that Jolene is better-looking than she is.
    • Dolly Parton has spoken about this many times. Jolene was a tall, voluptuous, red-headed bank teller who constantly flirted with Dolly's husband, and this happened way back in the early days of Dolly Parton's marriage. If you've ever seen a picture of Dolly from back in those days, you know she was a cute, small-breasted brunette. Personally, I think she looked perfectly adorable (and her husband must've because he married her!), but she wasn't the Dolly Parton we know and love today. And, I mean, I guess her husband's a very patient man because not only did Jolene not succeed, no one else did and 45 years later, they're still together. (Aww.) The bank teller's name wasn't actually Jolene though; the name came from a redheaded girl who asked her for an autograph, and Dolly popped the name in a song because she liked the way it sounded.