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Yes, this series goes into Hentai territory after the first 3 volumes of manga, but even before it did that, it still had quite a bit that it did and got away with, especially considering the first 3 manga were officially translated and released out west.

  • For starters, the villain organization's actual name is "Blowjob". Yes. That's it's ACTUAL NAME.
  • One of the first agents of Blowjob we see is a villain known as "the Reflection/Reflex" whose ability is to infiltrate shadows. Except that to do so, he has to be naked, and yes, there's a panel with a side (half-obscured) shot of his penis.
    • Also, during his infiltration to spy on Athena, he watches her go through a normal day around the house, then he watches her undress and bathe, and then he watches her pull out a vibrator and then he watches her...
  • There's a plant monster that attacks and ingests a number of women, it then spits them out covered with buds that control the women and emanate pheromones which cause soldiers sent to apprehend and stop the monster to have sex with the women. You don't see their genitals, but it is confirmed that that's what they're doing.
  • As a matter of fact, there's numerous sex scenes shown in the first 3 manga, with the only thing they DON'T do (which is to say, the only reason it doesn't cross into Hentai territory, is that the sexual organs of males AND females are censored or not shown at all). Nipples however are fair game apparently.
  • Clara and Athena's costume. In fact, numerous others actually wear it at a couple points. The main point where this comes into play is the back. It's basically a thong in the back. Which in some panels, makes the characters seem like you'd hardly even know they were wearing anything in the back.
  • When Athena is subjected to being brainwashed by Blowjob, her villain alias is "DeepThroat" and the means they use to control her? A special set of vibrators in both holes that turn any sensation she experiences in any manner into sexual pleasure.
    • How do they break the brainwashing effects on Athena? Point Blank strips to his underwear (he has an odd choice of underwear already) to tempt Athena. She strips him and starts giving him a blowjob. His penis is seen in white silhouette form, and then after removing the dildos, they start having sex, and while it IS censored, it still shows shows them almost entirely, minus just their actual sexual organs.
      • In the sequel stories, we find out that this sex they were having was the point when Athena gets impregnated with her 2nd child.