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    Talk about being your own worst enemy.
    Lara Croft after she sends a mutant copy of herself into a lava pit

    Twin. Doppelgänger, with an umlaut and a majuscule, is the German word for a ghostly double of a living person or more commonly simply a word for someone looking exactly like someone else, i.e. an impostor or double. It means "double (walker)", in the original. It is often said that one who sees their own Doppelgänger will die soon.

    Traditionally, Doppelgängers have strange, supernatural origins, unlike twins which usually have more natural explanations. A Mirror Universe, Cloning, alien intervention, and magic are all possible sources of a Doppelgänger. For purposes of clarity, this index includes both mundane and supernatural impersonators of a character.

    For twins related by blood, see Twin Tropes. See also Disguise Tropes. If a good character has an evil Doppelgänger, the Doppelgänger is an Evil Twin.

    Not to be confused with the novel, the web video, the movie sometimes called Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, the gothic band from Russia, the Houston-based wedding and events band, the Philadelphia-based German/Irish oompah/rock band, or any other Doppelganger. Unless, of course, they happen to look just like them.

    Specific types of Doppelgängers include

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