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Original Soundtrack

Funimation Soundtrack

  • Regardless of what you think about the English dub of Dragonball Z, Faulconer Productions wrote some pretty epic music for it. This Troper's favorites include: Vegeta - Super Saiyan, which usually meant Vegeta was doing something totally awesome, Ginyu Transformation, generally played when a major villain died or during other particularly epic moments, and SSJ3 Power-Up... does that one really need explaining?
  • Pretty much everyone's "Power's Up" music is going to be crowning moment. Even Krillin, who unfortunately didn't get too many moments to shine as the series went on, gets an amazing one.
  • Also pretty much all of Cell's music, which goes from epic to creepy depending on the mood he's in, especially Perfect Cell Runs and Imperfect Cell Theme (which made the only scene it was used completely in, stalking the heroes in an abandoned airport hangar, complete awesome). And then there's the epic redoing of Perfect Cell Runs that plays after he comes back from blowing himself up, stronger than ever.
  • One of the numerous American bands utilized in the U.S. releases of the DBZ movies, in this case the first Cooler Movie
  • Buu's chaotically evil themes, Super Buu's theme, Evil Buu Theme, Buu Is Fighting. Even Fat Buu's theme could count, the way it mixes an unsettling air of ominousness behind whimsy.
  • Piccolo's theme sets the tone for pretty much every moment that Piccolo has, whether it be getting ready to go to a fight he's not sure he'll survive, to watching over the world as everything goes to hell. It's serious and determined, yet calm and serene. A perfect match for his character, and one of the most awesome songs in the show.
  • The Ginyu Force Theme. Just... The Ginyu Force Theme.
  • Filler characters having epic music? Check out Pikkon's Theme. You probably remember it as the awesome Otherworld Tournament fight music.
  • Dr. Gero, for being such a weak villain, had perhaps the creepiest and most sinister theme in the series.
  • Trunks has pretty epic music.
  • The page goes on for this long and no one mentions Rock the Dragon? For shame.
  • The licensed insert songs Funi put in the movies are pretty good. Try Eternal Sacrifice and The Invisibles by Tendril, Day After Day by Hajis Kitchen, The Game by Disturbed, and Deeper by ION.
    • Ironically these songs caused many crappy AMV's to be made.
  • I'm confused by the lack of Broly! They hyped him the hell up, and were even able to acquire the rights to a Pantera song just to use as in the movie. It's pretty much his theme. I present, 10's.
  • The intro used for the "Uncut Saiyan Saga" run in 2005. Fan reaction seems to think of it as just as good as, if not better than Rock the Dragon.
  • What about the music that plays when Gohan just unleashes on Frieza after he thinks his dad is dead? Behold!

Dragon Ball Kai

Dragon Ball GT

  • This Troper isn't even a fan of rap music, but Step Into The Grand Tour, AKA the rap opening to Dragon Ball GT has a Rock The Dragon-type of badassery to it. The original Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku by Field of View fits the first season's "quest for the dragon balls" premise, but as soon as they start fighting Baby(which, mind you, is when the show actually starts getting good), the rap/rock opening really sums up the epicness of the whole thing.
  • You can't tell me that the Super 17 theme isn't kick-ass. It's the only song in the soundtrack that doesn't sound the exact same -- no wonder it's so popular.

Video Games