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  • Trunks and Goten from Dragonball Z are Heterosexual Life Partners that, as teenagers, spill over into Ho Yay (such as dancing close together without music or any other apparent reason).
    • To say nothing of "Go forth, my Goten, and fetch the candy!" ...or that time Trunks gets his face licked by a dog while asleep and he told Goten to stop it... Or... well, really, Trunks is subject to a lot of Ho Yay.
    • Don't forget that during the Buu Saga, when Trunks and Goten were asleep, Trunks accidentally put his foot on Goten's head. Goten's response? Take his foot and starts to lick it!! Trunks starts laughing.
    • Ahem... "dance"? Hoo boy...
      • According to the upcoming Dragon Ball Online, they're still together, teaching martial arts, well into their 30s.
      • In the second Dragonball GT ending, it begins with all the various couples being shown together: Goku and Chi-Chi, Gohan and Videl, Vegeta and Bulma, Krillin and Eighteen... and then cuts right to Trunks and Goten walking along, in the same style. Apparently the creators consider them "life partners" after one fashion or another.
        • Perhaps it's safe to assume they're officially a couple now?
          • Only if you consider GT canon (Which it isn't).
          • Though that doesn't affect Online...
  • If the published character bios are to be believed, Chaozu and Tenshinhan's respective favorite foods are...Tenshinhan and Chaozu. Yes folks, they like eating each other.
    • No. Tenshinhan's favorite food is jiaozi, and Chiaotzu's favorite food is tenshindon. They are the foods their names are puns of, but the names are quite different enough to be obvious that they refer to the foods, not each other.
    • It's still funny.
  • Goku and Vegeta's Fusion Dance. Does This Remind You of Anything?
    • The entire Fusion Reborn movie was loaded with this. The characters' lines didn't help the case.
    • To further that thought of fusion between Goku and Vegeta, it doesn't help that the Potaro Earrings they wear in the anime causes them to rise up and connect...at the crotch!
  • In the anime, during the Frieza fight, Goku starts having visions of Vegeta's spirit who is...for no explained reason either half-naked in boxers or totally naked. (Vegeta is totally naked in the uncut version but has boxers in the edited US broadcast version of the show.)
  • There's also the fact that most of the characters in the show are male and more importantly nearly all the fighters are male and the entire plot of the show (especially when you get to DBZ) revolves around guys with big muscles beating the crap out of each other while causing varying degrees of clothing damage.
  • In addition, there is a ridiculous amount of random crouch-shots in DBZ, especially of Vegeta.
  • Jeice and Burter got plenty of it. There's even a point when Burter says that Goku might look better than Jeice if the latter wasn't so red and short. So, apparently Jeice is Burter's type. The only response Jeice gives to this is a smile.