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There are lots of memes in Dragon Ball. Some examples:

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  1. Like this.
  2. One of Vegeta's lines from the first dub of Dragonball Z, refering to Goku's Power Level after his first return from the dead. Popular for its Narm, and used to describe any situation in which something is unexpectedly large, though it wavers between popularity and Discredited Meme every few years.
  3. The various dubs are absolutely filled to the brim with Accidental Innuendo, and fans love to mock them and/or put them in YouTube Poops.
  4. Dub!Vegeta is a Fountain of Memes even by the standards of such a memetic series, "Over 9000" only the most popular. Here, he makes a comment about a certain pink shirt.
  5. Like "Over 9000", anytime Vegeta inexplicably draws out his vowels (to better match the lip flaps) is about five times more likely to become a meme.
  6. Hell, just go here.
  7. A picture of Cell with terribly photoshopped blackface using a Breath Weapon added. Subject to endless copies and parodies.
  8. A lovely piece of Gratuitous English and Obligatory Swearing that the German dub added.
  9. The Namek/Frieza arc was dragged out even by DBZ standards. Used to mock any Story Arc that has long worn out its welcome.
  10. Piccolo destroyed the moon to prevent Gohan's Oozaru rampage. The Abridged Series noted that such a thing would utterly devastate the planet in ways we can't even imagine.
  11. More Piccolo goodness, this time a Running Gag in which he attempts to train Gohan to dodge while beating the crap out of him.
  12. Even more Piccolo goodness, this time mocking Gohan's level of intelligence and habit for Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.
  13. Nappa became a massive Ensemble Darkhorse, so a method was devised to ensure future appearances. GHOST NAPPA!
  14. Gohan becomes the victim of some not-so-Innocent Innuendo.
  15. "Home For Infinite Losers", from the Bowdlerization of the dub. Used as an Unusual Euphemism for Hell, such as "What the HFIL?".
  16. The Bowdlerised dub was firmly in Never Say "Die" territory, and its abuse of this phrase and variants similarly led to a lot of jokes at its expense.
  17. From the Latin American dub, when people cheer for Mr. Satan, they say this. It's no wonder Funimation changed his name to Hercule.
  18. Muten Roushi says this to the readers at the end of 23rd Tenka'ichi Budokai in the manga. Which then went to run for six more years.
  19. The pose Yamcha ends in after dying to a Saibaiman (note Saibaimen are nothing more than weak, personality-less mooks). It was basically Yamcha's Character Defining Moment (defining how weak he was), because Krillin went to kill three of these Saibaimen right after that, in a single attack. Used to mock anyone that is considered pathetically weak.
  20. The line Krillin says after Piccolo is killed by Nappa. Because that was basically he (or anyone else) was all good for at this point: Stalling for time until Goku comes.
  21. Trunks' hilariously Narmy response to Androids 17 and 18 attempting to release 16.
  22. "You're not that good. You're a loser." A random, odd line from the Brazilian dub.
  23. The pose consists of Ginyu sticking his rear out, bent over showing his head between his legs, caused attention like from Team Four Star.
  24. One particular Moral Guardian's psychoanalysis of Dragon Ball, combining Freud with plenty of Insane Troll Logic. Except he thought it was Tarzan.
  25. The melodramatic voiceover for the "On the Next..." segment in the English dub gets lampooned a lot.
  26. Cell's final words before dying to Gohan's Kamehameha. He's actually shouting "I am perfect!", but it ends up sounding like he's shouting his love of cornbread instead.
  27. GT, the anime-only sequel to the series, is generally agreed to be of very poor quality compared to the rest of the series, so fans like to simply pretend it never happened at all. It helps that Toriyama himself seems to agree.
  28. A line from Funimation's Perfect Cell, wherein he accepts a Senzu Bean (which heals all wounds) from Goku. Usually written without punctuation.
  29. Krillin's reaction to Goku's healing process in the Saiyan medical machines on Namek.
  30. What Majin Buu chants while dancing towards Dabura with intent of eating him. As silly as it sounds, it's actually quite disturbing.