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  • According to a one-off line in the FUNimation dub, Vegeta wears a size 9 boot.
  • Abridged Series: Easily one of the most popular. Even Little Kuriboh has made references to it, and he's the one everybody's supposed to be stealing jokes from.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Most notably Masako Nozawa as Goku, Gohan and Goten. And Pauline Newstone (and later Linda Young) as Freeza in the English dub.
  • Fan Nickname: 'Mystic Gohan' for his Buu Saga power-up, which was never given a name (although the recent videogames seem to be going with 'Ultimate Gohan').
    • Mirai Trunks to the future Trunks, just plain Mirai, "Mirai Briefs" in some fanfiction when he returns to the normal timeline and lives with the 'other' Trunks. Crosses with Gratuitous Japanese.
    • Kushami (Japanese for "sneeze") for Lunch blonde form, Ranchi (the Japanese approximation of "Lunch") for her blue-haired form. The first was coined in early manga summaries before the series was translated, and they are/were very, VERY common Fanon.
    • Majin Buu has several, depending on the people he's absorbed (the main ones being Buutenks/Super Buu 2, Buuccolo/Super Buu 1.5 and Buuhan/Super Buu 3.)
    • Frieza, his family, and his race as a whole, have been given the name "Icejins." They have also been called "Changelings."
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Where do we even begin?
    • The FUNimation dub was their first major import, using hometown voice actors - everything they've done since mostly draws from this same pool.
    • In France, Bulma and Chichi were given the recurring voice of Julia Roberts.
  • Fortuneteller Baba, Mr. Satan/Hercule, the Supreme Kai, Pan, Bra, and Uub are the only characters in the entire franchise who have never died.
    • Although Baba may have died when Majin Buu destroyed Earth. While Mr. Satan was explicitly shown to have survived (and Pan, Bra and Uub didn't exist yet), no word was given on whether or not Baba survived...
  • No Export for You: Manga UK tries, bless it, but Toei wants far, FAR too much money for Dragon Ball. Might also be tied to...
    • Bad Export for You: When Turner (The assumed previous holders of the license) saw fit to release the movies on DVD with an utterly atrocious dub produced in the armpit of the Netherlands.
  • Playing Against Type: Kenji Utsumi has it half and half when he plays Commander Red (no pun intended). Although Commander Red is nonetheless a military dictator, which fits one aspect of the roles Kenji Utsumi plays, he's also extraordinarily short, something that Kenji Utsumi isn't known to play as (he usually voices giant characters).
  • Word of God: Concerning DBGT's canonicity. Or lack thereof.
    • Even though it's "common knowledge" that Akira Toriyama intended to end the series with Freeza there is absolutely no proof for it in any interview he's ever had.
      • One of the companion volumes that came out with the Dragonball Kanzenban had an interview with him where he said he thought after the Piccolo Daimaoh would've been a good place to stop. I haven't seen any evidence for the Freeza thing either.
    • The key word here should be noted is "intended" which conflicts with the authors own word on his lack of planning for the series. Even though it's possible Freeza was at some point looked at as a possible end there was never any specific plan for that to be the case
    • Similarly while the notion that Gohan became the single most powerful character not born through a form of fusion or absorption is heavily expressed in the manga and guide books it was never specifically stated by Toriyama himself. There was a magazine that claimed to have such an interview but it was proven to be a hoax.