Drawn to Life

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Drawn to Life is a video game developed by 5th Cell about a village inhabited by "Raposa," small furry creatures supposedly meant to be foxes. The Raposa village you name later has been under attack by Wilfre, who covers the village in shadow (feel familiar, anyone?). Mari then asks the Creator for help. You're the Creator, and you draw a hero to help. This hero... well, you can draw it and it moves. Pretty cool gimmick. The hero must travel across the world, through the four gates in the village, defeating the shadow, returning the lost Raposa to the village, and collecting the missing pages of the Book of Life to restore the village to its former glory.

The main gimmick of the game is that you get to draw a ton of stuff, including a whale-copter. Despite looking as if it would become a lame gimmick game, it's actually very well designed, and has one of the best stories ever found in a platformer game.

A sequel called Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter has been made. The version for the Wii happens directly after Drawn to Life, but before Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter on the DS. The Next Chapter features a much darker storyline, incredibly improved drawing functions, better platforming, no arbitrary outlines where you can only color things in... In addition, it's much harder and faster-paced. What happens in it? Color is drained from the world and then... well.

There is also a Compilation Rerelease of the two DS games called Drawn to Life Collection. If you haven't played the game and plan to, get that.

5th Cell, the games' developer, went on to make Scribblenauts, which does to words what Drawn to Life did for images.

Tropes used in Drawn to Life include:

The Hero: Jowee, and Mari until she disappears
The Lancer: Pirate Beard
The Smart Guy: Isaac
The Big Guy: Crazy Barks
The Chick: Mike
Sixth Ranger: Sock (Sixth Ranger Traitor, actually)
Supporting Leader: The Hero


Mari: Hey Jowee... How do you think the Creator sees us?
Jowee: Erm... What if we lived in a white box with two windows... and the box had buttons... and a magic wand! And the Creator used that to examine our lives... And control what we do! What do you think?
Mari: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard...
Jowee: Yeah, I guess so...