Dual Survival/YMMV

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  • Squick: As with any good survival show, bugs are the main delicacy, especially for Cody. Dave is the voice of (un)reason, and will usually opt to go hunt for "somethin' furry" while Cody makes like a bear and uproots rotten trees and drinks larva-infested water. They thankfully leave out most of the more unnecessarily gross-for-the-sake-of-gross things that Bear Grylles does, however, not making the gross-out their main spectacle as much as their survival methods themselves-- in which case sucking it up and eating grubs will probably ensure your survival more than attempting to go at it mano-e-mano with a gator.
    • Selective Squick: Dave wants nothing to do with Cody peeing on his hat as a way to keep cool in the salt flats of Baja Mexico, but has no problem wearing his hat after a skunk has sprayed its scent on it while in the backwoods of Kentucky.