Dude, She's Like, in a Coma

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But really, can you blame him? She is the fairest one of all.

"Wanna know the best thing about unconscious chicks? They can't say no."
"What?! Oh yeah, like I'm the only one thinking it."

This is a kissing trope most common in anime and manga; the setting is a bedroom, or simply a place to rest, and two characters, one often harboring unrequited feelings for the other.

The premise is that one character is unconscious, whether previously knocked out, feverish, comatose, or simply asleep; the other falls for 'their attractive sleeping face', and unable to resist, leans in to lock lips...

This situation will progress differently depending on the genre of the series, and the status of the characters. They may or may not pull it off, resulting in an Indirect Kiss, First Kiss, etc., or they may be interrupted by another character bursting in, usually including a guilty start.

It is not unknown for the other person to be feigning sleep when they realize that the character might kiss them.

Frequently used in Shojo series and Shonen love comedies, where the girl's vulnerability seems irresistible to the male character. This trope is fairly gender-equitable, though, as girls are also prone to this urge. In Real Life, it is known as somnophilia.

Sister Trope to Converse with the Unconscious.

Contrast Kiss of Life, which is often mistaken for this.

No real life examples, please; this is a rape trope, and All The Tropes does not care to squick its readers.

Examples of Dude, She's Like, in a Coma include:

Anime and Manga

  • Hot Gimmick: On one occasion, Hatsumi passes out drunk next to Ryoki. He takes this as an invitation to start groping and stripping her.
  • In Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask finds a drunken, passed out Usagi (who took booze by mistake while infiltrating a ball). Knowing exactly what to do with a Drunken Sailor, he kisses her. A later episode in the series seems to acknowledge it as well when Usagi asks Mamoru if he remembers their first kiss. Mamoru suddenly acts very awkward and pretends he can't remember. (Given that he had died once or twice between these events, he may really not remember.)
    • Also, in the S movie, Luna (while still in cat form) kisses Kakeru when he is asleep, and it's perfectly okay. Goes to show the Double Standard...
    • In the most recent[when?] adaptation, Sailor Moon Crystal, the scene is maintained, but sightly changed changed to Usagi still transformed being asleep for her exertion in the battle when Tuxedo Mask kiss her. It also adds Luna appearing and confronting Tuxedo Mask for this, albeit it a mix of "why are you taking advantage of a passed out girl?" and "What side are you with?"
  • Parodied in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, during the student film episode "The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru". The star is Mikuru as the battle waitress from the future, who faints at one point and is carried to the home of Itsuki Koizumi, her in-movie love-interest. After putting her to bed, he silently deliberates over this, and gets very close to kissing her. She is acting, though, and uncomfortably aware of it. He is belatedly interrupted by Yuki Nagato's character, although there was a good chance of our completely disgruntled cameraman (and in-series narrator) Kyon disrupting the scene. And that's not the only creepy part... As Kyon points out, after she is knocked unconscious, Koizumi took her to his house instead of calling an ambulance, undressed her, bathed her, and then redressed her before trying to kiss her.
    • Only in Kyon's narration of the student film. In the actual production, they all went to Tsuruya's house, and it was the other girls who got Mikuru's clothes changed and put liquor in her juice to get her dizzy.
    • In the novels and the rerun added episodes, this scene is slightly less humorous: Tsuruya and Haruhi spiked Mikuru's drink in order to 'improve her acting', which Kyon realizes from Mikuru's lack of resistance; he refuses to keep filming, and it's the only scene in the series where he becomes seriously angry with Haruhi, to the point of almost socking her in the face without realizing it before Koizumi stops him.
    • In the Gag Sub The Adventures of Yuki Nagato, "the narrator" directly references this trope.

Narrator: The hell?!? DUDE! That's creepy! She's, like, in a coma or something!

      • Or, in the words of Yuki Nagato (sort of) herself: "You weren't going to kiss her, were you? 'Cuz she's unconscious. That would be really weird."
    • Mikuru actually invokes this trope on herself in Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody. After she and Kyon travel back to three years ago, she falls unconscious. Her own future self appears and tells Kyon what to do. As a reward she says that he can kiss her (still unconscious) younger self if he wants to. I'm sure a lawyer, a philosopher, and a quantum physicist could have great fun getting drunk and discussing the ethical implications of this scenario.
  • Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun: Shungo nearly does this to Reika, thinking it necessary to revive her. When she wakes up in his arms minutes later: "What are you doing, Ninomiya Shungo?! Don't tell me you've been doing This and That while I was unconscious? ...Actually, do it while I can remember!"
    • She herself attempts to do this to Shungo, and possibly other things. Except he defends himself against her while he's sleeping.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew: Happens more than once, and always with an explanation. However, even without said explanations, they're treated as some of the most romantic moments in the entire series .
  • In Blade of the Immortal, Rin is harboring a reverse Bodyguard Crush for her bodyguard Manji, so when he passes out after a particularly exhausting adventure she takes the opportunity to plant one of these on him.
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
  • Subverted in Naruto Shippuden 68 as Fuka gave Naruto a "Kiss of Death" while he was unconscious. Then he woke up and was observing that blood in her hair was still there and then Naruto pulled her hair later which lead to her defeat. (Her age is unknown so I assumed that she lived for a long time).
  • "Slayers Next": Zelgadis, due to being 1/3rd Golem (he's also 1/3rd Demon and 1/3rd Human) is forced to become a ship's 'anchor' in order for Lina to catch a lake dragon. This, however, does not go very well the first few times, and Zelgadis ends up unconscious and seemingly drowned. However, at Amelia's suggestion of administering CPR, we see that Zelgadis is in fact, awake, or had just awakened, due to him blushing at the scenario of Amelia planting her lips on his, even if it's to save his life... however, when he cracks his eyes open, instead of Amelia, it's the elderly Chef who is about to administer the 'kiss of life', and he lays one right on poor Zelgadis.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji deliberates on kissing Asuka when she sleepwalks into his bed. He eventually changes his mind when she calls out for her mother but that doesn't stop Asuka from accusing him of doing it.
    • She did not "accuse" him of doing it. She told she was joking, and when his answer implied he had kissed her, she was shocked and appaled.
    • Reversed (and a common cry by the audience) in End of Evangelion when Shinji doesn't kiss her but instead masturbates over Asuka's comatose body. Even he points out that he is "The lowest of the low". The dubbed version has Shinji say, "I am so fucked up." It's sometimes implied that he used HER hand to 'do the deed'.
  • In My-HiME, Shizuru gives in to her repressed feelings for Natsuki and kisses her while she sleeps off her injuries. A few seconds later, Haruka and Yukino pop out from the nearby bushes to call her out for it.
    • Considering the silhouette flashbacks of Shizuru undressing, the implication is that she did a bit more than kissing.
      • It is under heavy debate whether that was a flashback or a visualization of the worst possible case. The writers have refused to elaborate.
  • Marmalade Boy subverts this a bit. Miki is actually not unconscious when Yuu kisses her in the infirmary; she actually pretended to be unconscious to not have her Deadpan Snarker of a future step-sibling asking anything uncomfortable or mocking her for getting a basketball to the face in PE class. It didn't work, of course.
    • Subverted further still when later on Yuu confesses that he knew she wasn't really unconscious.
  • Love Hina did all the examples; Naru was angry Keitaro tried it, later became angry he didn't try it, then almost did it herself. The Unwanted Harem provide commentary.
  • Occurred in one episode of the second Patlabor OVA in a rather touching scene with Captains Gotoh and Nagumo sharing a motel room.
  • The Mahou Sensei Negima manga uses this a fair number of times, mostly at the expense of poor little Negi. Twice straight, as a person considers or attempts making a Pactio with him (which involves kissing), and a couple of straight reversions, in which a person gets kissed by the sleeper.
  • Played for laughs in the Excel Saga intro, when Watanabe almost does this to Hyatt, but she slams him into a wall.
  • In Kannazuki no Miko Chikane kisses an unconscious Himeko as a "birthday gift".
    • Of course Himeko fades into conciousness just when this occurs, but fades back out more or less right away.
    • Happy birthday...
  • Subverted beautifully by Hayate the Combat Butler anime: Nagi attempts to have her (presumably) First Kiss with Hayate while he's asleep. Naturally, he suddenly opens his eyes at the last moment and completely misinterprets the situation. Cue violent off screen pummeling by irate Nagi.
    • In Ch. 360 of the manga, Hayate himself appears to be doing this to Hinagiku after she falls asleep in his room. Thankfully it wasn't Nagi who walked in so he was probably able to explain that he was simply moving her someplace more appropriate for her to sleep.
  • Angel Sanctuary: Setsuna kisses Sara in her sleep. It's bonus points, as they happen to be blood siblings. And their mother catches him in the act.
    • This is also a subversion, in that Sara was really awake but pretended to be asleep because she wanted Setsuna to kiss her.
  • In Yu Yu Hakusho's first arc, during the time in which Yuusuke was technically dead (although his inert body was given pseudo-life in order to preserve it), Keiko has to kiss him in order to revive him in a kind of spiritual CPR.
    • Before that, Keiko almost kisses his unconscious body while he invisibly and fervently protests, but is interrupted by an announcement from the Neighborhood Watch Committee that kicks her back to her senses.
  • In Ai Yori Aoshi, Tina and Kaoru are forced to spend a night in a love hotel (chaste, since they're only friends), on account of rain and having missed the homebound trains. While Kaoru is asleep, Tina silently debates with herself about kissing him. Judging from her thoughts the next day, she went through with it several times (and seemed alternately happy, but regretful at taking advantage of him). Kaoru didn't notice.
    • Tina and Aoi have each kissed a sleeping Kaoru on several occasions, starting when Aoi and Kaoru were toddlers. Aoi usually told Kaoru about it afterward. Tina, for whatever reason, didn't.
    • Also, those Bedmate Reveals indicate that the girls living in the manor have no qualms about entering Kaoru's room, climbing into his bed, and cuddling up with him - all while he's fast asleep.
  • When Souichi in The Tyrant Falls in Love becomes so drunk that he forgets to lock the door to his bedroom before going to sleep, Morinaga decides that this is the perfect opportunity to steal a few kisses from him. Souichi's murmuring of Morinaga's name in his sleep only stimulates Morinaga into performing increasingly more explicit actions...until Souichi wakes up. Cue Armor-Piercing Slap.
  • In the manga Happy Hustle High Yasuaki kisses Hanabi when she's passed out drunk, thinking "She looks so innocent... guess she feels safe around me. Her mistake!" She actually told him she loved him while sleeptalking. On the other hand, the 'waking up naked under the same blanket' bit was just a prank played on them by a friend who didn't approve of them skipping school to play video games.
  • In FAKE, Dee insists on keeping an eye on Ryo when the latter falls ill. When Dee finds that Ryo has fallen asleep, he takes a moment to thank the Lord for this opportunity, and leans in. Ryo wakes up when their lips meet (Dee has his eyes closed, so he doesn't realize that Ryo awoke), is ticked off at first, but then decides that being kissed by Dee isn't so bad after all, and even closes his eyes again.
  • Ayane in Gate Keepers 21 is kissed while comatose by Big Bad Stalker with a Crush Yuurei Shoujo, while the former's boss and partner watch helplessly. Made more disturbing by the fact that, as her name implies, she was a ghost, and at the same time, appeared much younger than the person she was molesting.
  • Gender-flipped in Mazinger Z. Kouji Kabuto is seriously injured after he has an actually serious fight with his partner Sayaka (they usually have Slap Slap Kiss fights, but this one gets worse) and she refuses to back him up in battle. A grief-stricken Sayaka takes care of him in the hospital and later kisses him in his comatose sleep.
    • Played straight in the manga version penned by Gosaku Ota, when Boss kissed an unconscious Sayaka before leaving for battle, thinking he was going to die.
  • After their second kiss in Fruits Basket, Kyo admits to Tohru that he first kissed her while she was unconscious. To be fair, Tohru actually did regain consciousness and say some comforting words to him when she noticed he was crying. He simply didn't realize that she'd once again fainted before he kissed her.
  • Koizumi in Lovely Complex falls asleep while attempting to memorize a menu for her waiting job. Completely taken in by her less-than-graceful face, Kohori can't help but lean in for a kiss. Doesn't help that Otani just so happens to catch him in the act, either.
  • Boys Love example: Narrowly averted in the beginning of Okane ga Nai, Kanou almost kisses Ayase, who is unconscious and drugged at the time. After deciding against it he ends up opting for forcing himself on Ayase as a way to express his affection.
  • In School Rumble, in a flashback, Harima almost does this to Tenma after he rescues her from some lecherous thugs, but he can't quite muster the courage. However, she does wake up while he's hovering over her, leading her to assume the worst, smack him, and leave with a very obligatory "Thank you." This results in Harima growing a beard and wearing sunglasses so that she won't recognize him, thus explaining his current appearance.
  • In Chrono Crusade, Chrono comes down with a fever, and Rosette is told by a fortune teller that the way to cure a fever is to kiss the ill person. Rosette finally gets the courage to try it on Chrono while he's sleeping.
  • Near the end of Macross Frontier, Luca kisses the comatose Nanase before leaving to fight the final battle. He gets back just in time to see her wake up.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia has England being almost molested by his Sitcom Arch Enemy France, when he's bedridden because of a really bad cold. However, America walks on them and France has to back off.
  • Subverted in Detective Conan. Takagi looked like he was passed out during file 637, a bit before Sato kissed him. He was perfectly conscious afterward. The Shonen Tantei Dan had used the excuse that Takagi had just taken medication before, so Sato and Takagi actually got to kiss, instead of the usual issue where they almost kiss, but always fail.
  • In the Manhwa Threads of Time, Sali Tayi doesn't really kiss the coma-induced Sa-Lum so much as he just out-and-out rapes her. Even his own soldiers pretty much have a "Dude, she's like, in a coma!" moment. And he wonders why Atan Hadas doesn't like him...
  • In Hidamari Sketch, Yoshinoya-sensei can be stopped just barely before she kisses Hiro, who is unconscious after she severely bumped her head. Of course, given Sae is present...
  • Happens in White Album when Touya falls asleep during his tutoring gig. His student almost kisses him when he's asleep (in a cute little attendance to detail she actually pulls back her pigtails to keep them from brushing his face).
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Kaname almost kisses Sousuke after he fell asleep when she finished cutting his hair. She restrains herself, however, because she felt embarrassed that she would want to take advantage of him in his sleep. So instead, she stops herself by dunking his head in water.
    • Tessa, on the other hand, has no qualms about trying to take advantage of Sousuke while he's sleeping. The first time, she actually does manage to sneak into his bed. The second time, however, she's shown to quietly try to sneak to him, only to be caught by Mao (who proceeds to handcuff herself to her, so as to make sure she doesn't try anything funny with Sousuke while he's unconscious).
    • Tessa also tries to kiss him in Fumoffu when he was dragged unconscious out of the school pool after belly-flopping in to try and save her. She loudly and dramatically declares that he needs CPR and as she leans in to put her mouth to his, Kaname pulls her back by the hair and angrily points out that he doesn't need it.
    • While in The Second Raid OVA ("The Battlegroup Commander's Sort of Boring Day") Mao is seen groping Tessa's breasts after she'd passed out from drinking too much. Imagine for a moment if this were Kurz instead of Mao...
  • In Girl Friends, Mari first kisses Akko after Akko unexpectedly falls asleep.
    • This happens again near the end of the series.
  • Lampshaded and averted in Eureka Seven: Talho jokingly accused Renton of wanting to "do lewd things" to the sleeping Eureka.
  • In Rozen Maiden, Shinku kisses Jun on the cheek before leaving to battle Suigintou.
  • In Hana Kimi, after Sano rescues Mizuki from being raped, they fall off a cliff and Mizuki sprains her ankle. Later, she develops a bad fever and passes out. Sano kisses her while she's unconscious and takes care of her until help arrives.
  • In Ichigo Mashimaro, when Miu convinces the group to dress up and sneak into Matsuri's house on Christmas Eve to "preserve her innocence", Nobue finds Matsuri's sleeping face irresistible ands moves in for a kiss, only to be slapped out of it by Chika.
  • In Please Teacher!, it took until episode 7 for the main couple to have a conscious kiss. Their technical kiss was in episode 4, but given Kei's condition of routinely falling comatose, well...
    • Mizuho kisses Kei for the first time while he's in a standstill and therefore unconscious.
  • In Please Twins!, both girls kissed the main character while he was asleep after they both admitted to each other that they both loved him. This was during the time before they figured out which one was his twin.
  • In D.N.Angel (manga only) Dark tries kissing Risa who's in bed with a fever only to get caught by Riku. To be fair he was probably using healing magic.
  • Hayate from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Sound Stages shamelessly takes advantage of Signum's breasts while the latter is asleep, to save Signum from being embarrassed if she asked her.
  • Happens in Bleach, when Orihime visits a sleeping Ichigo before departing to Hueco Mundo. She confesses her feelings, leans in to kiss him, but in the end is unable to do it.
  • Kozue in Revolutionary Girl Utena leans over Miki (who has fallen asleep at the piano) and kisses him, presumably on the side of his face due to his position. She's interrupted by Anthy. Bonus: later in the episode, she tries to kiss a conscious Miki, who jumps back repulsed. Maybe because, you know, they're twins.
  • In episode 6 of Seikon no Qwaser a Russian soldier was willing to rape an unconscious Sasha when he thought he was a girl and even after finding out he's a guy he says while smirking "That's alright." Thankfully he didn't get the chance to do so.
  • Ironically, Sango from Inuyasha does this to her dying fiancé Miroku. While he lies unconscious after being poisoned and his Wind Tunnel threatens to kill him, a grief-stricken Sango kisses him and asks him not to die before leaving to fight the Big Bad since killing him is the only way to save Miroku's life.
  • One of the first things to drive a wedge into the Litchi Hikari Club is not simply the fact that Dafu intends to free their captive Kanon, but the addition of masturbating over her comatose body.
  • Female on male version in Nodame Cantabile Finale. Tanya steals a kiss from Kuroki while he's sleeping.
  • A near female to male version happens in Clannad. During the One year before story, Kyou spots Tomoya taking a nap, and before she does anything, Sunohara catches her and immediatly realizes what she's thinking. When he calls Kyou out on it, well poor Sunohara.
  • Gunslinger Girl (manga). Hilshire is shot during an operation and his cyborg Triela has to remove the bullet. Triela has just discovered the details of her tragic past; realising she's a Morality Chain to her handler Triela decides to walk out on Hilshire after he passes out from the shock. She's unable to do so, rushing back inside the room and kissing Hilshire whilst making an Anguished Declaration of Love.
  • Dengeki Daisy: Kurosaki plants one of the on-the-cheek variety on Teru while she's in bed ill. She's only half unconcious, but she's woozy and feverish enough to not recognize him, and it's implied she may have fallen asleep again anyway right after she finishes speaking to him and before he kisses her.
  • In Fractale, Phryne kisses Clain in his sleep in Episode 9... right before she leaves to return to the temple in an attempt to stop the conflict between the temple and Lost Millennium.
  • The second episode of Oh My Goddess!'s OVA has Keiichi vehemently trying to fight one of Urd's love potions when it makes him fall in love with Sayoko, instead of Belldandy. He passes out in a crag by the beach, and Belldandy manages to wake him up with a kiss.
  • Played for Squick in Berserk when the King of Midland begins molesting his daughter, Princess Charlotte, as she lay sleeping. He then proceeds to undress and tries to rape her. She woke up to this part, fought him off, and ran away home.
    • Later on in the manga, this almost happens to Casca post-Eclipse due to Guts succumbing to his Super-Powered Evil Side.
    • And again when Guts saves Casca from a nasty fall: as she lays unconscious in their makeshift shelter, he briefly thinks about nailing her and blames himself for it right after.
  • In one episode of Tokko, Sakura kisses an unconcious Ranmaru before joining him in his Battle in the Center of the Mind.
  • Happens more than once in Mawaru Penguindrum. First Kaba kisses Himari on the lips when she's asleep after having been revived. Later, Shoma ends up taking Ringo's first kiss while giving her CPR. And later it's used quite more darkly when Ringo drugs and almost rapes Tabuki to have him impregnate her, with Shoma barely managing to stop her.
  • In one chapter of Rosario + Vampire, Kurumu, through a complicated set of circumstances, ends up with an unconscious Tsukune on her bed. She considers stealing a kiss from him, but her conscience keeps her from doing so.
  • Ranma ½: When Ranma gets knocked unconcious by poisonous plants, Shampoo sees this as an opportunity to try and steal a kiss. Akane doesn't approve.
    • Also, Kodachi. She has tried to kiss (and do more than kiss) him while he's unconcious and while he's immobile. All instances due to paralysis powder or some other potion of hers.
    • Kuno once attempted to kiss Akane while she was unconcious and kiss "the pig-tailed girl" after she passed out.

Comic Books

  • In the Alan Moore Miracleman, Dr. Gargunza repeatedly rapes the unconscious form of Miraclewoman to show just what a Complete Monster he is. Later, she wakes up thinks it's utterly laughable just how petty a man Gargunza was.
  • In the Buffy season 8 comics, Buffy is put into a magical sleep that she can only be roused from by the kiss of true love. She and the kisser (Satsu) later end up having a one-night-stand... And then another one.
  • In Cable & Deadpool #12 Deadpool and The Fixer enter Cable's house and find that the members of the mercenary team Six Pack are there, standing like statues and trapped in a telepathic conference with Cable. Fixer proposes taking advantage of the situation by looking down Domino's shirt, but Deadpool wonders why he would bother when there are fake images of her on the internet. Fixer than wonders which of them is more pathetic, himself for wanting to grope an unconscious woman, or Deadpool for not wanting to. Deadpool gleefully claims it's himself.
  • A rare male example: Tom Strong gets this done to him twice, by a female Nazi super soldier and a hive queen of moon bat creatures. Both times, a child is produced, though only the son of the former ever reappears.
  • Sara Pezzini from the Witchblade comics was knocked up by Jackie Estacado while in a coma. Then again, he wasn't in control of his body either..
  • Rose Walker is the result of this in The Sandman series. The imprisonment of Dream causes several people across the world to fall asleep indefinitely. One of these is a woman who is a Vortex (like a Black Hole of dreams). Dream's sibling Desire fathers a daughter by this unconscious Vortex, and her daughter takes her Grandmother's place as the new Vortex.
  • This was an actual story arc in the beginning stages of Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol. A villain named Red Jack, who may or may not be both God and Jack the Ripper, kidnapped comatose Rhea Jones and planned to marry her.

Robotman: What? This is insane! You can't marry her. She... she's in a coma, for God's sake!
Red Jack: Admittedly, her conversation is a little dull. But then again, love conquers all.

Fan Works

  • In The Second Try, a Neon Genesis Evangelion Peggy Sue fanfic, after the defeat of the Seventeeth Angel, Shinji visits a sleeping Asuka in the hospital, and unlike what he did in the original timeline, he kisses her. Asuka wakes up during the kiss and jokingly tells maybe he should have tried that the last time instead.
  • In a Glee fanfic, there is a case of a lesbian comatose kiss. There is also a first declaration of love involved.
  • In this totally EPIC Alternate Universe Phantom of the Opera fic, Erik is in the hospital, unconscious. Christine feels guilty that he was injured protecting her, so she kisses him, thinking he'll never know. When he wakes up, he tastes something sweet and cherry-flavored on his lips. He later finds out what kind of lip gloss Christine wears...
  • Rumors fly around the Gorillaz Slash Fic writers about what could have happened during the year 2D was in a coma. Murdoc probably is canonically enough of an outright bastard to at least consider it.
  • Happens in the extremely popular Star Trek fanfic "Atlas", a rare non-squicky example of this trope.
  • In this Axis Powers Hetalia fancomic, Japan takes advantage of a sedated China (if you want to view it, you need to log on to Pixiv and enable R-18 images)
    • In a less disturbing example, more than one fanfic has Japan kissing a sleeping Greece and Greece either turning out to have been awake the whole time or waking up halfway through and enthusiastically reciprocating the kiss.
  • In more than a couple of That Guy With The Glasses Kink Meme fills, The Nostalgia Chick chloroforms The Nostalgia Critic so she can have a little fun with him.
  • In Naruto Veangance Revelaitons, Ronan has sex with Sakura while she's in a coma that's slated to last for five chapters. Earlier on, he has sex with her while she's unconscious and she regains consciousnesse while he's doing it, asks if he's having fun and they continue having sex.


  • Perhaps the earliest instance of this in film is in Erich von Stroheim's Greed (1924), after McTeague (a dentist) puts Trina under the Gas, his rough beastial nature gets the better of him and he Frenches her while she's out. It's pretty squicky.
    • That was in the novel (McTeague, by Frank Norris, 1899) too.
    • Horrible Bosses has a similar situation, though it's gender-flipped. The dentist in question takes photos of the experience, and threatens to show them to the patient's fiancee unless he agrees to have sex with her while awake.
  • Western example: Kevin and Perry Go Large.
  • An extreme version of this trope is also seen in Kill Bill when the Bride wakes up from her four-year coma, traumatized to see her missing pregnant belly only to discover that she was raped repeatedly while unconscious by her hospital orderly who was also in the middle of pimping her out and finding out in that conversation that she can no longer have any babies. She proceeds to take vengeance on both the guy's latest "customer" and then the orderly himself when he comes back to check on his buddy.
    • "If she's dry, just lube up with this."
    • "Your name is Buck...right? And you came here to fuck...RIGHT?!"
  • In The Fifth Element, Korben kisses an unconscious Leeloo, who interrupts it by putting a gun to his temple. Apparently, she's not that much like in a coma. "Okay, okay, that was a mistake..."

"What does 'ecto gammet' mean?"
"Uh- 'never without my permission!'"

  • Averted in The Holiday: Amanda wakes up to a hangover and Graham making her breakfast, and asks if anything happened last night. Graham says no, and Amanda wonders why, thinking she might have made a fool of herself. Graham tells her, "Call me old-fashioned, but one does not have sex with women who are unconscious."
  • A particularly creepy example occurs in Terminator 2, when an asylum guard licks Sarah Conner's face while she is (he thinks) catatonic. He pays for it later.
    • Allegedly, he really did pay for it. She (Linda Hamiliton the actress, not her character) supposedly really nailed the guy, in a show of distaste because she'd wanted him to really hit her and he wouldn't do it. Creepy doesn't being to cover it.
      • They had to reshoot the scene a number of times, because of his uneasiness about hitting her with his nightstick. It was a physically demanding scene, and that was her revenge for his screwing it up and making her do it over and over.
        • And the tragedy was they wound up cutting the scene in question where the guy hit her unless you count the director's cut.
  • The Spanish-language film Hable con ella (Talk to Her) involves this. A man whose girlfriend was recently injured and fell into a coma meets a male nurse who works at the clinic whose own girlfriend is also in a coma. The nurse never actually met her before her injury - he's a Stalker with a Crush, and things get Squicky.
  • Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. "Your breasts shifted out of whack when you fainted. I was adjusting them."
  • Weekend at Bernie's. Only here they have a gender role-reversal, and the guy is freaking dead.
  • Not a kiss, per se, but in The Boondock Saints, Rocco can't resist the opportunity to cop a feel of the breast of a stripper who fainted when the brothers break into a private dance room to kill a sleazy mid-level crime lord (played by Ron Jeremy, no less).

Connor: What the fuck are you doing?!
Rocco: ...I'll tip her!

  • The trope is quoted almost verbatim in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when Elijah Wood's character tells his associate that he stole a pair of a girl's panties while she was unconscious during one of their memory-erasing house calls. There's an awkward silence, after which they both laugh hysterically.
  • In Rosemary's Baby, Rosemary dreams she is being raped by the devil (unfortunately, as it later turns out, this is not a dream). When she wakes up, she discovers that her husband, with whom she had planned to try to conceive that night, has had sex with her while she slept. His justification? "I didn't want to miss 'baby night'."
  • Played with twice in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Harmony fals asleep at a party and Harry stumbles upon her as a man is feeling up her thigh. Harry challenges the man to a fight, only to get beaten up and learn that the man was Harmony's date. Later on, she faints and Harry notices a spider crawling around her cleavage. Harry tries to swat the spider away, but wakes up Harmony in the process, causing her to think that he was groping her.
  • In French Kiss (1995), the French thief/smuggler tries to search Kate while she is asleep on a train. He kinda sorta accidentally kisses her while she is dreaming of her boyfriend. She wakes up refreshed and in a positive mood. This is a romantic comedy, so the scene isn't meant to be squick.
    • Well it helps that she grabbed him in her sleep. And he tried to escaped for a second. And the scene is hot...
  • Happens at a party in Dead Poets Society between one of the boys and a girl he's been pining after. I don't recall how the girl felt, but her Jerk Jock boyfriend was pissed.
    • Note that in the book, all three were awake during this.
  • Almost happens in Animal House, but Pinto's shoulder angel talks him out of it (much to the disgust of his shoulder devil).
  • See the "Sleeping Beauty" example in Literature, though the circumstances are a lot less squicky in the Disney version.
  • "Shrek", being a Disney parody at heart, sets up the awakening scene from "Sleeping Beauty", but then he shakes her awake instead. Bonus points for her pretending to be asleep merely wanting a True Loves Kiss to break her spell.
  • WALL-E. Don't look at me like that. EVE is in hibernate mode, and WALL-E takes her on dates and tries to hold her retracted hand. Though Wall-E didn't do anything more than this and he may just have been trying to wake her up and later on, EVE pretty much does the same thing in return. Of course, they're both robots so they're not really in "comas" anyway, more like "stand-by".
    • Then again, in one of the DVD extras it was stated that 'holding hands' to WALL-E. is akin to getting married.
  • In Kids, a girl passed out drunk at a wild party gets raped by another teen party-goer.
    • This scene was referenced in the Eminem song "Guilty Conscience" during the second scenario.
    • Some possible karmic justice as the victim is HIV positive.
  • The ending of Nicolas Roeg's Bad Timing.
  • Neither a kiss nor a coma, but in The Bone Collector, Angelina Jolie's character runs her fingers over the face, neck, and hands of Denzel Washington's paralyzed character after he has had an attack and is unconscious. He wakes up with "There's laws against molesting the handicapped, you know."
  • In Sucker Punch, Blue plans to rape Baby Doll after her lobotomy as revenge, but he's put off by how Uncanny Valley she is after the procedure.
  • In The Matrix, Trinity does this to Neo.
  • The title character is conceived this way in The World According To Garp.
  • In slasher spoof Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, this is how the teen Butt Monkey Boner (...yes) ultimately decides to lose his virginity. He's killed before he gets a chance to rape the girl. The fact that his actual first time turns out to be with a transsexual is probably a case of Sexual Karma.
  • The made-for-TV movie She Woke Up Pregnant is about a sleazy dentist who rapes his patients when they're under heavy sedatives after performing dental surgery on them, and the main character is a woman who winds up pregnant because of this and decides to fight back.


  • Done when Eragon looks upon Arya in the first book of The Inheritance Cycle while she is passed out. Sure, he never does anything (nor is it hinted that he'd do anything) it's still disturbing how he looks at someone who has been poisoned and can only think "Wow, she still looks pretty hot for a torture victim!"
    • And lampshaded because he feels embarrassed to catch himself thinking that. Combine this with an Intimate Healing scene and remind yourself Eragon is a teenager.
  • This is what Prince Charming did to Snow White...when he thought she was dead. Fortunately, this magically (?) revived her so they could live Happily Ever After and not ask what he was doing in the first place.
    • The reviving kiss is pretty much only in Disney—in the Grimm version he just decided to take her away, glass coffin and all—and his servants stumble as they're carrying the coffin, jolting a piece of the poison apple out of her throat, which for some reason revives her.
      • In the original version of the story, she actually was dead, and stayed that way. However, because the king (not prince) is the king, he's magical and manages to get her pregnant. But she stayed dead.
    • And of course, again in Sleeping Beauty, where the above reviving kiss was ripped off from. Although some interpretations make it even worse than poor Shinji... as it isn't so much a kiss as much as a rape and forced pregnancy, and it is one of her twin babies suckling at her thumb that removes a splinter and awakens her. Also, he's already married..
      • To an Ogre. That wants to eat Beauty and her children.
      • I believe that version is usually called Sun, Moon, and Talia
    • The whole thing was much more messy in Neil Gaiman's "Snow, Glass and Apples". Much more messy.
    • Seriously though, if every curse needs a loophole (and apparently they do), isn't this a brilliant one? How many Necro Princes can there actually be?
      • Judging from these stories, way too many. And lets not forget that in the original Grimm telling Snow White was preteen when she went to live with the dwarves, and while it wasn't clearly stated just how long she stayed with them, it didn't seem like several years. Not just a necro prince, but a necro pedo prince!
        • The preteen part falls into Values Dissonance. In the days of the original stories, it was the common practice for girls to be wed early and usually to a man in his 30s or older. This was for many reasons including life expectancy, virginity, and providing as many heirs as possible.
  • A sleeping Leia almost gets kissed in the Star Wars Expanded Universe novel Splinter of the Minds Eye Fortunately for her (and the readers, and his own later peace of mind), Luke resists the impulse, vowing instead to protect her from everything, including himself. In Alan Dean Foster's defense, the book was published before they were revealed to be siblings.
  • In The Halfling's Gem, Drizzt Do'Urden kisses Catti-brie after she has been knocked semi-conscious by a long fall—and she's already involved with someone, no less.
  • Happens in the Wicked sequel Son of a Witch, when Candle has sex with the unconscious Liir and becomes pregnant. In the end she returns, long enough to dump their green-skinned daughter on him.
  • Romeo and Juliet. In one of the most famous scenes in all of literature, Juliet kisses a dead Romeo, who has taken poison due to thinking Juliet herself was dead. The kiss was both out of love and out of hope that a remnant of the poison would still be on his lips, thus killing Juliet. She has to use Romeo's dagger in order to finally end it.
    • Romeo also kisses Juliet when she's unconscious/seemingly dead as his final act before committing suicide.
  • In Lolita, Humbert attempts to invoke this trope by giving Lolita some sleeping pills so that he can fondle her without her knowing it. However, the pills turn out to not have as strong an effect as advertised, leaving Lolita just conscious enough for Humbert to decide not to take the risk. (They still do it in the morning, with her allegedly being the one who initiated it.)
  • Happens in McTeague after the titular character gives Trina anesthetic. It's implied that this is his compromise between doing nothing and raping her.
  • In the novel Olympos by Dan Simmons, a man must have sex with a woman in a technology-induced slumber in order to awaken her. He's creeped out by the idea, but manages to perform by thinking about his girlfriend.
    • The woman refers to him as a rapist for the rest of their time together, but doesn't seem to hold it against him.
  • Take a Girl Like You by Kingsley Amis. Jenny Bunn's would-be boyfriend date-rapes her while she is drunk and passed out.
  • Ryel Mirai can't resist kissing his unconscious theoretically-love interest in Carolyn Kephart's Wysard. (Resisting any woman isn't his strong point, but most of the others are actively trying to seduce him.)
  • Carolyn Chute's Merry Men has a disturbing version of this. The main character's wife has to have surgery to remove a brain tumor, but she comes out of it brain-damaged and functioning at about the level of a two-year-old and has to be taken care of by her family. Over the course of the book, the husband repeatedly sneaks into his mother-in-law's house and has sex with his wife. It's broadly hinted that the Writer is On Board with this, as one of the few times his wife manages coherent speech is calling out his name during sex.
  • In the first book of the Amelia Peabody series Crocodile on a Sandbank Amelia comes out of a swoon to feel herself being tenderly held and kissed by her not yet husband Emerson with whom she has a Slap Slap Kiss relationship going. Not only is she totally fine with it, she shams unconsciousness for a few more minutes to prolong the moment!
  • In the Dragonriders of Pern novel Dragonsdawn, most of Sallah Telgar's children were conceived by her seducing her husband while he was half-asleep and unable to do anything but go along. The exception was their first child (Which was the reason they got married in the first place), which was conceived by her getting them alone and serving him a meal liberally spiked with aphrodisiacs.
  • In Christopher Moore's vampire novels, vampires become nonconscious (possibly completely dead) from dawn to sunset. The protagonist once complained to her boyfriend about the time she woke up, sticky, dressed like a cheerleader.
  • In true A Song of Ice and Fire style, this is taken to an extremely Squick Squicky level and even genderswapped. Lysa Tully has sex with Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish when he was on the brink of death and in a hallucinating, semi-conscious state from a feverish wound. Oh and the time before that, he was passed out from having drunk too much after being rejected by Catelyn.
  • In the third Anita Blake novel the main vampire character Jean-Claude has to mark the main character before she dies of a monster snake bite. From what one character says it looked like Jean-Claude was struggling with the temptation of having 'his way' with her when she was topless and out cold.
  • Russlan and Lyudmilla by Alexander Pushkin contains a part that the hero rescues his love, and takes her home while she is in an enchanted sleep. Pushkin lampshades the trope by stating that the narrator insisted Ruslan behaved honorably, and he believes that. Later, she is snatched by another guy who brings her home... not so clear about him, but considering he was in a hurry, it is entirely possible he averted the trope as well.

Live-Action TV

  • In Battlestar Galactica, Sam finds an unconscious Kara and kisses her several times; this was actually a fairly heartwarming instance considering Sam had spent the last four months not knowing if she was even alive. Later when Sam is actually in a coma Kara kisses him and even crawls into bed with him; it is still heartwarming but also a major tearjerker since earlier in the episode the doctor flat out told her he was unlikely to ever wake up.
  • In the Firefly episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds," when Inara found Mal unconscious from Saffron's poisoned kiss, she kissed him on the lips - mostly in a panic - resulting in paralysis at a most inconvenient time, since some of the lipstick was still on his lips.
    • This trope is further played for laughs as the paralysis causes Inara to realize the depths of Mal's stupidity and curse him for it as she falls unconscious. Inara's denial of said unconscious kiss after everything is "fixed" is further played for laughs due to Mal's cluelessness in general when it comes to women.
    • "That's why I never kiss 'em on the mouth."
  • In an episode of Saturday Night Live, one man mentions to his friends that he's having a sexual relationship with one of his patients that he feels conflicted about. Since you're on this page, you can figure out the punchline to this story on your own.
  • In United States of Tara the gay son, Marshall, has the friend he's been crushing on over to his house to watch a movie that was assigned for English class. The friend falls asleep and Marshall works up the nerve to kiss him. His friend wakes up, and kisses him back.
  • Carly of iCarly kisses one of her crushes of the week, after he fell down an elevator shaft.
  • Ideal: Judith, being a recovering necrophiliac, takes advantage of Moz when he passes out during a party (he doesn't mind), and kisses Jenny during her coma.
  • An episode of Law & Order deals with a woman who becomes pregnant... years after being put into a coma by a car accident. It's later revealed that her mother paid an orderly to rape her in order to produce a grandchild. The case gets... ugly.
    • A similar episode of Law and Order Special Victims Unit had a woman in a coma pregnant. At first they thought it was this trope, but it turned out much worse. A dying man is having multiple women impregnated to harvest stem cells. Then he sues for custody.
    • Another L&O episode had these couples using drugs for sex. The wife would take something, which would knock her out, and then her husband would have sex with her unconscious form.
  • Torchwood's Jack does this to Ianto in a very unprofessional "Kiss of Life" fashion. He then threatens to kill him and then shoots his girlfriend.
    • Played with in "End of Days" when Gwen kisses Jack's dead-for-days body to say goodbye. (Though he then proceeds to revive).
  • Subverted in an episode of Cheers. Sam is alone with a passed-out Rebecca and whispers to himself, "do it!". He proceeds to... dress her up in a bandito costume and draw a moustache on her face.
  • Sue White impregnates herself with Mac's sperm when he's in a coma in Green Wing. Caroline is also seen kissing him and trying to lie next to him.
  • Monica and Phoebe in Friends faun over a guy they both like who is in a coma.
    • Another episode of Friends had Chandler reveal he kissed a drunk Rachel at a party to get back at Ross for going out with a girl he liked. Ross then reveals that the night of the party was when he first kissed Rachel, while she was unconscious underneath a pile of coats. Subverted in the revelation that he didn't kiss Rachel, he kissed Monica
      • Which leads Chandler to exclaim 'This is what I married into?!'
  • In the Japanese drama Shokojo Sera (a remake of A Little Princess), this was done by both Sera and Kaito but both weren't on the lips. Kaito did it first to Sera on the forehead, while he and a sleeping Sera were waiting for a bus. Sera would do it to a sleeping Kaito on the cheek when she was forced to leave the academy.
  • The titular character from Nodame Cantabile sneaks a kiss to the sleeping Chiaki's cheek, pointing out this was her chance. Of course, Chiaki was awake the whole time and he knew Nodame wouldn't have resisted the temptation to kiss him. He let her because he wanted to thank her for everything she had done for him.
  • Referenced in the "Very Special Drew" episode of the The Drew Carey Show. Drew is marrying Kate, who's in a coma. She manages to wake up just in time to say "I do". Oswald notes that the honeymoon will be a lot less creepy now.
  • In Call Me Fitz, Fitz gets Babs devon to marry him while she suffers from Locked-in Syndrome. It gets a lot more fun when she suddenly wakes up to say I do.


  • The Smiths' "Girlfriend in a Coma".


  • A male version is the myth of Endymion, who is placed in an eternal sleep by the goddess Selene in order to preserve his beauty, and then apparently raped by her, producing fifty (!) daughters.
    • Referenced in Sailor Moon, where the character of Endymion/Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask is Sailor Moon's love interest and the father of their daughter that comes from the future.
  • In Mesopotamian Mythology, Ishtar/Inanna/whatever you want to call her falls asleep under a poplar tree, and a young man by the name of Shukaletuda is taken with her beauty and has his way with her. When she wakes up and realizes she has been violated, she sends plagues upon the Earth until she finds Shukaletuda (who had gone into hiding). He begs her for forgiveness, but she will have none of that and kills him.

Newspaper Comics

  • Krazy Kat has kissed Ignatz in his sleep a few times.

Video Games

  • Quest for Glory IV. You are given the opportunity to kiss or even "cop a feel" of a certain vampiress while she's asleep in her coffin. She's not too incredibly amused if you do.
    • Ironically she's angry because she thinks you were trying to kill her in her sleep. Maybe its better to let her think that.
      • Even worse, if you take the obvious action and kill her, you end up dead. So fondling her is the best thing to do. Huh. Way to go, Sierra.
      • There "is* an option to shake her awake, which actually makes sense under the circumstances, since you've just found out that she's not the Big Bad, but rather the person keeping the Big Bad from going kill crazy on the entire area. So it's not so Family Unfriendly after all.
  • The Fan Remake of King's Quest II has this as a possibility but you'll need a different tactic to wake Valanice.
  • The 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game comes to mind, with Princess Elise's necrobestial kiss with Sonic's dead body. In a Narmful inversion of the Sleeping Beauty archetype, her kiss brings him back to life so he can prevent the god of light from destroying all of space and time.
  • Gender flipped in Sam and Max Hit the Road. Trixie the giraffe-necked girl falls in love with Bruno the Frozen Bigfoot (they're circus attractions). She reads him bedtime stories and bakes cakes for him while he's sealed in a block of ice. However, Bruno is eventually thawed and the two run away together.
  • In Yosuga no Sora, Sora does this to Haruka, oh and by the way Haruka is her twin brother.
  • Shining Force II for the Sega Genesis presented this, naturally, as the only way to awaken the otherwise comatose Princess of the Granseal Kingdom after the Big Bad was beaten once and for all.

Visual Novels

  • In Kirakira, the protagonist is overwhelmed with tender feelings for a childhood friend when he spots her sleeping, and bends over to kiss her, angrily stating that it's her fault, she's making him do this - and then accidentally drops his ice cream on her.
  • In Night Shift Nurses Ryuji knocks Ako out with a drug, ties her up and... does things with her body until she wakes up - and then continues.
  • Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! has a more extreme version of this. Having run out of ideas, Yamato's last desperate gamble to keep Chris in Japan is this. She wakes up partway through, and they end up going all night long. Surprisingly, it works!

Web Comics

  • Used in the manga webcomic, Misfile, between a heavily sleeping Ash, a boy transformed semi-permanently into a girl, and his/her best friend, Emily, who thinks she's straight but definitely likes the guy-who's-biologically-a-girl... no interruptions occur, though afterwards, Ash reflects on his/her 'odd dream', while Emily silently rages that it didn't help clear up her feelings at ALL...
  • Is also used in the webcomic Something*Positive, where Davan is lying in bad after release from the hospital, sedated and semiconscious. Cue Kim, who, visiting to take care of him, is overcome by feelings of lust, and proceeds to have sex with the comatose Davan. Instead of complaining about the rape itself, he whines about not having been awake to enjoy it.
    • Notably, the incident is very clearly indicated as rape, and is referred to as such for the rest of the series, even though it was non-violent and both parties probably would have been willing participants in different circumstances.
      • The definition of rape is non-consensual sex. Whether he would have agreed or not is immaterial, as is whether or not it's violent.
    • That spoiler up there is an Alternative Character Interpretation; read the whole arc, if you dare!
    • Given a continuity nod later on when Kim pulls Davan into a supply closet:

Kim: "Davan, you're doing something different this time. What is it?"
Davan: "Consenting."

    • From the same site, we have this little reinterpetation of Sleeping Beauty.

Prince: I was told by an old hag that you were alone here, in a coma. I climbed your palace wall and snuck in here to wake you with the magic of physical affection. If I'd known you weren't in a coma, I'd never have laid a hand on you. [[[Beat]]] Wow, that... that sounds really bad. Can we pretend I said that in a less rapey fashion?

Dora: I was thinking more of buying you a vibrator.
Faye: Aw, you're no fun.

Western Animation

  • In Metalocalypse, Nathan Explosion's girlfriend falls down a very large flight of stairs and winds up in a coma. He still dates her, calling her "the perfect girlfriend."
    • She then breaks up with him for another man. While still in the coma.
  • Carl in Aqua Teen Hunger Force remembering a Foreigner concert he attended:

Carl: "I totally copped a feel on this passed-out broad. Now, whenever I hear "Urgent," I think of her boobs all covered in my vomit."


  • This SMBC theater have God explaining his plan to impregnate Mary while she's asleep.
  • In "Ask That Guy VIOLATES Ma-Ti", Ask That Guy plans to violate Ma-Ti while he's unconscious. It gets turned around on him rather quickly.
  • While much, much lighter than the fanfic example with them above, The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic did this to each other in her "Bratz-Transformers" arc. First, she strokes the back of his neck creepily while giggling after she chloroforms him. Later, when she's unconscious and he's close behind, he pinches her ass. No wonder the shippers were delighted.
  • Implied to be imminent for a very drunk teenager who's last seen stumbling up the stairs from a party, with a drunken horny-looking guy in pursuit, from an anti-drinking PSA.