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  • I think people were too busy spazzing over the Shizaya Ho Yay in Durarara!! to actually list it on this page. Erika is a fan, if only to be refuted by everyone else's horror. There's also Mikado/Kida (Heterosexual Life Partners if we remember the point that Kida was practically begging for Mikado to come and save stay with him), Shizuo/Tom (Tom is the only one who can keep Shizuo calm), Shizuo/Kasuka, Izaya/Kida (more Foe Yay, though to Izaya, Kida is merely a sacrificial piece that he thinks of as a little brother), Izaya/Mikado (Izaya mainly likes getting too close to the guy's space, though anything with Izaya usually develops into Foe Yay), Shizuo/Dotachin, etc... There's also Mairu, one of Izaya's younger twin sisters, who's willing to take a girl if she applies (since the spot for a guy in the sisters' heart is taken up by one Heiwajima Kasuka, in a Fan Girl kind of way. Celty also tends to have girls who (apparently) believe her to be a man and crush over her.
    • In regards to Izaya/Kida: Kanra and Bakyura spend the majority of their time flaming each other on the chat boards, which Kanra jokes is because Bakyura's just totally Tsundere for her. Now add in the fact that Kanra is Izaya and Bakyura is Kida, and that they both know it...
  • Ho Yay between Shizuo and Tom, while not prominent in the anime, gets increasingly apparent the more their relationship gets focused on in the light novels. Tom, for example, is the only person allowed to ask about Shizuo's sex life without getting punched in the face (and the first person to ever tell Shizuo that he's pretty).
  • Mikado and Aoba. As soon as Aoba is introduced in the novel, he instantly latches onto Mikado. Then you realize he's the leader of Blue Squares and simply wants to control Mikado. When it seems like he'll get his wish, Mikado retaliates by stabbing him with a ballpoint pen (thus earning his title as Memetic Badass and telling him that he stabbed him for involving Anri in his little game. Now the two are working together in the merged Dollars/Blue Squares group and Aoba seems to have taken Masomi's place in Mikado's life...almost completely. Add to the fact that Aoba admitting to Izaya that he's a masochist who is still looking for a special someone to be his sadist. Looks like he's found the person.
  • There is a bit between Anri and Mika, and Anri's feelings towards Celty are very crush-like.
  • Izaya and Shinra seems to have something going on in middle school. I mean Shinra took a knife for Izaya and Izaya's reaction is to extract revenge on the person that stabbed him, Nakura, and continue to to torment him well after they graduate. This is one of the few times that Izaya shows human behavior.
  • Now we also have Mairu and Kururi, Izaya's younger twin sisters, who randomly share an intimate kiss after beating up some thugs in DVD-only episode 25.
    • There's also Mairu's crush on Vorona
  • Then there's this...
  • Kida has No Sense of Personal Space around Mikado and Mikado is psychotically devoted to Kida.
    • In the manga, the first thing Mikado does when he's reunited with Kida is to grab both of his hands and blush while happily squealing "It's really you Masaomi!". And he does this twice.