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He makes you wonder.

He's fearless, scareless, a little too careless. Dynomutt: He's a go-go dog person!

Dynomutt is a friendly "Robot Dog", voiced by Frank Welker, with special robotic superpowers — but his "carelessness" is only slightly better than that of Inspector Gadget (whom he predated by 7 years; 6 if one counts the 1982 pilot). He and his straight-arrow Superhero master, the Blue Falcon (no relation), fought crime and patrolled their city in the Falconcar, which usually flew but sometimes hovered closer to the ground.

Like Batman, the Blue Falcon had a variety of tools in his Utility Belt. He addressed Dynomutt as "Dog Wonder" or "Dog Blunder" as circumstances warranted. Circumstances could warrant either, frequently. Dynomutt was usually the one to fix the messes and catch the villains, but he always managed to make things worse first.

This dynamic duo debuted in 1976 on ABC as part of The Scooby Doo/Dynomutt Hour. They were Scooby's teammates in the Laff-A-Lympics.

This series provides examples of:

"Blue Falcon...(and Dog Wonder) AWAAAAAAAAYY!!!"